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Loving this: Israeli and Egyptian soldiers have a cross-border dance-off 🇮🇱🇪🇬🕺💃

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MG ()

The Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity launched an anti drug campaign not 2 days ago. 2 videos, under 1 minute each, delivering the message with a bang. Simple yet powerful. A must watch Credit to Director Ahmed Hussein and Creative Team: Ahmed Hussein - Amr El Hadad 1/2

Ayk✋手を洗う🤚 ()

@egyptian_goose_ それ絶対おいしいやつですね🤤チーズが安いから危険なピザめっちゃ作れますよね🍕

Socialmiedya ()

meine beine sind 10 kilo pro stück schwerer geworden über nacht und meine bänder haben sich um 25% verkürzt i walk like an egyptian aber die mumifizierten

CNN بالعربية
CNN بالعربية ()

بعد العثور على قدم صغيرة في معدتها.. علماء يكتشفون أن مومياء مصرية لكاهن ذكر هي في الواقع امرأة حامل

Sumerian and Hittite Language (Hasan Türk)
Sumerian and Hittite Language (Hasan Türk) ()

Egyptian hieroglyphs : mdt (medet) “word”

Egyptian תמונה ,Egyptian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖒 ()

its so funny how all the people who are offended at @cryindivaa tweet about the egyptian and israeli soldiers dancing together seem to be north african once the weakest

Archaeology & Art
Archaeology & Art ()

Relief from the Temple of Horus at Edfu. (Photo: Grand Egyptian Museum via Flickr)

Egyptian תמונה ,Egyptian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
čori čaje
čori čaje ()

@Adork_able88 @nesklapnu mám spoustu Černých přátel, ne jen z USA, kteří mi toto vyloženě specifikovali, buď máme použít jejich reálnou národnost, jako například Egyptian, Nigerian, nebo jednoduše Black people

Sean Michael’s
Sean Michael’s ()

The only solution to the denial of manslaughter by both, Local and Egyptian dogs. Mercedes means a trunculated/trunkered translations of denials by dogs for murders of human beings. I am a translator or its later. I am done.

Ahmed El Sayed.☥
Ahmed El Sayed.☥ ()

@Manarr40082201 الصورة صحيحة وفيه زيها كتير: وعلى فكره صاحب المقال مش بيهاجم الثقافة المصرية القديمة، واكيد طبعا احنا مش هنحاسب حد لان مافيش حد عنده معيار اخلاقي ثابت من الاساس..

M Lonergan
M Lonergan ()

@AveTeresa @Jlonergan Betting this phenomenon is one of the reasons why cats got to be so central to ancient Egyptian culture for 3,000 years.

Egyptian תמונה ,Egyptian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
MAV ()

Colors. 1. Mulberry 2. Egyptian Blue 3. Garnet 4. Pewter 5. Brunette

𝐌 𓂀
𝐌 𓂀 ()

@Haz_Fahmy LITERALLY like if u AINT Egyptian or Palestinian I don’t want to hear it

Kade⁸🥟 ()

@imgrootcb @linobunny_ OMG YAYY MY FRIEND IS EGYPTIAN 😭😭 so like you can talk درجة right ??

Hassan Hassan
Hassan Hassan ()

Which track of talks will work out faster, the Egyptian/Saudi-Turkish one or the the Iranian-Saudi one? The latter started after Iran’s attack of the saudi oil facilities in 2019, but the former (which started recently) looks a lot more imminent than the latter.

ندى إدريس
ندى إدريس ()

Notice the resemblance in appearance, hairstyle, and accessories between this contemporary Ethiopian and the ancient people of a Kmt (old black Egyptian)nation

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🇳🇱豚骨系ママ ()

@egyptian_goose_ 全く同じ境遇です😂明日になったら忘れそうなので今のうちに終わらせたいです💦教えていただきありがとうございました🙏

Michael Shurkin
Michael Shurkin ()

Israeli and Egyptian soldiers exchanging salutes. This is the way.

anu // black lives matter
Anu // black lives matter ()

HOLD UP does anyone else remember that tweet during quarantine of that ancient egyptian mummy’s vocal chords & it was just some dude screaming

Emily Schrader - אמילי שריידר
Emily Schrader - אמילי שריידר ()

IDF soldiers on the #Egypt border take a break to dance with their Egyptian counterparts across the border 😂 Middle East peace!

Avi Mayer
Avi Mayer ()

Loving this: Israeli and Egyptian soldiers have a cross-border dance-off 🇮🇱🇪🇬🕺💃

Eylon Levy
Eylon Levy ()

The Tik-Tok generation of Israeli and Egyptian soldiers dance at each other over the border fence. 🇮🇱💖🇪🇬 #NewMiddleEast

nicholas snow
Nicholas snow ()

@BryceDHoward @xiyebastida And for you to become one with egyptian goddess bastet bbe i can see it in your eyes x x x x x

MUhmd ☥🇪🇬
MUhmd ☥🇪🇬 ()

@Malicorian @daliaziada When a turkish-egyptian deal comes out ! You’ll see your troops out !!!

DNE Buzz
DNE Buzz ()

An #Egyptian archaeological mission working on excavations at the Kom Al-Khaljan site in Daqahleya governorate have discovered 110 ancient tombs dating to three different civilisations.

AIC: African Art (Bot)
AIC: African Art (Bot) ()

Ancient Egyptian, Amulet of a Frog, -2134 #artinstituteofchicago #museumarchive

Egyptian תמונה ,Egyptian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Derek ()

Kinda nuts to still have name ID that low when every conservative outlet in the country spent a year giving him the ancient Egyptian king treatment, complete with carrying his throne and waving leaf fans in his face.

naya saba fanpage
Naya saba fanpage ()

@yasminmurtadaa yasmin murtada with an egyptian accent>>>>>>>> world ending

SPORTbible ()

This sculptor made an incredible tribute to the Egyptian 👑🇪🇬 📹 IG: taocixiansheng

The Associated Press
The Associated Press ()

Egyptian archeologists unearthed 110 burial tombs at an ancient site in a Nile Delta province, the Tourism and Antiquities Ministry said. The graves, some of which have human remains inside, were found at the Koum el-Khulgan archeological site near Cairo.

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