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Babar Azam: Cricketer of the year! 👉 Failed in World cup 👉 Failed in Asia cup 👉 Whitewashed by England at home in tests 👉 Lost ODI series vs New Zealand at home 👉 Lost test series vs Australia at home Swept Netherlands, Bangladesh, West Indies. Wah kya stat padder hai 👏.

🇬🇧 #Bitcoin is up 34% since Bank of England Governor said Be prepared to lose all your money in BTC and crypto..

Ben Hunte
Ben Hunte

“Sometimes it feels like we’re being hunted” Exclusive: Trans people in England have told me that they are packing their bags and leaving the country because of the constant transphobia they face online, on the streets and at work..

Four years ago, the UK recognised Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s president. He’s now gone, but the Bank of England is still holding onto $2bn of Venezuelan gold. My latest piece in @declassifiedUK explains why this case sets such a dangerous precedent:.

Bet #1 of £10=>£100 🚂💰 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England 🕰️ 20:00 💰 £ => £ These odds are available on William Hill. The rest of the train will be on bet365..

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@Noor_Marriii BTW Congratulations Noor For Winning Against England By 3-0 In Test And 4-3 In t20I . Also Won A ODI Series Against NZ In WC Year . 👏.

“The BBC reports those videos were shared by Payton Gendron, also 19, who has pleaded guilty to charges related to the shooting deaths of 10 Black customers at a Buffalo, New York grocery store in May. Anderson Lee Aldrich [also viewed them].”.

🎶 @Riverdance is back on the #REHStage for another great performance tonight! Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. Join us before the show in the England Family Music Garden* for happy hour 6-7pm + live music! *The Garden is available to ticket holders. Weather permitting..

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serious question, has Gove ever met anyone from the North of England?.

This is a big loss, should be eye opening one. So basically India lost when their girls won the match in U19 WC and England girls in U19 pulled out of a hiest and their men got on the other side of the heist 💀.

@Robbanw95 Tänker också att tajmingen är perfekt. Han får en halv säsong att komma in i England sen en försäsong in nnan PL.

The politician in charge of policing in West Yorkshire says she would not judge someone for stealing food to feed their family..


@adzmk2 right and Haaland kept quiet by the worst defender in England gets u through to the next round.


National Health Service nurses take second round of national strike action across England.

Region-by-region look at upcoming variable conditions with southern New England.

Michael Akpovie Olise (born 12 December 2001) is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Premier League club Crystal Palace. Born in England, he represents France at youth international level. Most importantly broken the United hearts tonight 🤣🤣🤣🤪💯🫶🏽.

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How is this guy 22 he plays like a 28 year old veteran, needs to be in the England squad.

Darlington, England 🕒 22h | Current weather Wind: mph N Gust: mph Temperature: °C Humidity: 82 % Pressure: hPa Rain: mm Solar radiation: 0 W/m² UV index: 0 #Weathercloud.

@GinPhillips17 These are still very very common in New England, not for security but as an extra insulating layer in cold weather - same idea as storm windows..

New England Patriots have signed former #Rutgers star Olakunle Fatukasi. #JerseySports.

Those poxy shite officials in England yet again costing teams. How the fuck was that not a penalty? Fucking brain dead they are.

@txiron58 @DavidKotiw It’s in England. Not just America anymore it’s all across the west.

This is all very well but, will this see the end of: 1. Scratched new vinyl. 2. Exorbitant prices. Middlesbrough vinyl plant to double capacity.

@Dominik19953 @Ser0ven JKR hat halt schon viel mit dem Franchise zu tun und sie setzt sich auch stark dafür ein dass ihre private Meinung andere Menschen betrifft. Zum Beispiel in Form von Gesetzen in England..

Manchester United wameipoteza nafasi ya kusogea hadi nafasi ya pili katika msimamo wa Ligi Kuu England baada ya kulazimishwa ugenini kwa Crystal Palace. #ThamaniYaMtaa #Fasihi.

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#England: Eugenik während »#Pandemie«? Keine Reanimation für Senioren und Menschen mit Behinderung. Offenbar entschied medizinisches Personal bei einigen Menschen eigenmächtig, jeden Versuch einer Wiederbelebung im med. Notfall zu unterlassen..

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@joncoopertweets Canada is a super cool country… just all that snow. So England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 or.

@Michele24729158 No climate change trajectory looks scientifically sound. I do have doubts about extrapolation the central England temperature record as the initial conditions for forecast models..

@last_of_england @WhitelocksLeeds I don’t get involved, my family are all Yorkshire but my parents escaped across the border to Lincolnshire before I was born. I lived in Bolton for nearly 30 years and my kids are proud Lancastrians. As I said, dangerous ground indeed. Enjoy your pint!.


@PerthMUSC As a united fan who also loves the cricket I feel your pain. Many nights, up all night watching England get dismantled by the Aussies haha. #MUFC.

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