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Barcelona are now unbeaten in 19 straight La Liga games. The longest active unbeaten streak in Europe’s top five leagues 🔥

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Jewish Voice for Peace
Jewish Voice for Peace ()

Today in 1948, Zionist groups ethnically cleansed the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, massacring 110+ civilians, burning their bodies, and looting their possessions. A Jewish observer noted it was like a the Cossacks burst into Jewish neighborhoods in Europe.

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Eugene Farrell
Eugene Farrell ()

It is fossil fuels with floating offshore #renewable #wind energy off our west coast! Unlimited potential. We can be the Saudi Arabia of Europe!

kuni_ 7800°F
Kuni_ 7800°F ()

OUT OF THIS WORLD の本編はもちろん良いのだけれども、Live From The Heat も良すぎて久びさにEUROPEのOut Of This Worldを聴きたくなりました♪😁😆🤘 (これはピクチャーCD仕様だった)🤗

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
bek²⁸🥀 smau era
Bek²⁸🥀 smau era ()

anyway i cried for like an hour last night because it’s looking more and more unlikely i’ll get vaccinated this year and most of my friends live in the us/europe and i want to hug them so badly :(

emmanuel keurtis
Emmanuel keurtis ()

Hier à pareil heure nous decouvrâmes avec stupéfaction que l’Angleterre n’étais pas en Europe nous fûmes surpris

Ancient Origins
Ancient Origins ()

The Pax Mongolica: When the Mongols Brought Peace to Europe and Asia

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Emilie Mazoyer
Emilie Mazoyer ()

LA HONTE @FabienLecoeuvre, quel odieux discours, bête et méchant. Et en plus vous vous croyez malin. Hâte de vous croiser dans les couloirs d’Europe 1 pour que vous me disiez en face si vous me trouvez assez bandante pour passer à la radio. Évidemment soutien à @HoshiOfficial.

G-William Goldnadel
G-William Goldnadel ()

C’est l’Europe qui s’agenouille et qui baise la pantoufle du sultan .

Carole Cadwalladr
Carole Cadwalladr ()

Facebook has a positive obligation to inform users under GDPR. Failure to do so risks fine of 4% of global turnover. Irish Data Protection Commission - FB’s regulator in Europe - says statement imminent. 533 million people affected. Were you?


i did the europe thing , the unlabeled ones r the ones i dont know

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
pluto !²³
Pluto !²³ ()

anyways heres me trying to name all the countries in europe 🧍

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Barcelona are now unbeaten in 19 straight La Liga games. The longest active unbeaten streak in Europe’s top five leagues 🔥

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton ()

This collection was made sustainably with pieces from @thepangaia. They were manufactured in Europe using natural and inherently biodegradable organic cotton, environmentally friendly dyes, and a recycled water system. Few products left 👀

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
François Asselineau
François Asselineau ()

La Commission🇪🇺(33 000 fonctionnaires) a payé 462M€ entre 2016 et 2019 à des cabinets de conseil🇺🇸 (dont certains sont notoirement proches de la CIA). 💰COÛT POUR LES FRANÇAIS ~90M€ ⤵️ Opacité, gaspillage, inefficacité, comme McKinsey en🇫🇷 avec Macron.

The Associated Press
The Associated Press ()

Polish hospitals have struggled over the Easter weekend with a massive number of people infected with COVID-19 following a surge in infections across Central and Eastern Europe in recent weeks.

Olga Lautman
Olga Lautman ()

Now US and Europe need to formulate a plan to stop Russia from their lawlessness in Ukraine and other countries. The Kremlin has been allowed to act w impunity for way too long and feel as if they are invincible

PlanB ()

@CaitlinLong_ Btw I love discussions like this! And I should disclose that it is dinner time in Europe and I just finished the first bottle of (white) wine, and into the second (red)

The Independent
The Independent ()

Muslim women fear they could be attacked after Switzerland votes to ban burqa in public

Ancient Origins
Ancient Origins ()

What accounts for the fact that more than 200 figurines have been found with the same unique physical attributes, separated by thousands of years and found across more than a dozen countries?

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
RFI ()

Covid-19: une bulle touristique à Malte pour les Britanniques vaccinés

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Dr David Frawley
Dr David Frawley ()

Some say India has never been a united country and has no integrated or continuous culture. India has 600 million people more than Europe, which is divided into 50 small countries. India has a greater cultural continuity of temples, sacred sites, festivals and ancient mantras.

DreamHack Fortnite
DreamHack Fortnite ()

We are going the 💫 EXTRA 💫 mile in April! Introducing Cash Cup Extra featuring Fortnite presented by DreamHack! 🕹️ Trios 🌎 NAE & Europe 🗓️ April 7 & 15 ℹ️ More info on 2021 coming soon 👀

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Robert Mackey
Robert Mackey ()

@jayrosen_nyu @saletan Which is when he brought in Scott Atlas to help him tell an even bigger about the US mortality rate:

Michel Barnier
Michel Barnier ()

Last day at @EU_Commission where I worked with so many dedicated and talented colleagues. Thanks to all 🙏. Without nostalgia, also a good moment to reflect on this experience at the Churchill Europe Symposium @UZH_en 👇

Eric Feigl-Ding
Eric Feigl-Ding ()

BREAKING—France 🇫🇷 schools to close for at least 3 weeks (remote) under 3rd lockdown. Cases surging. Variants now dominant, especially #B117 variant that has higher infection in kids versus the old strain (higher %increase than adults vs old common).

Europe תמונה ,Europe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Hano⛅ ()

思い出の春 2019の春 Europe来日 久しぶりのLIVE Europeのメンバーの姿を見られたこと 2019の春 牧ちゃんと会えたこと 2019の春は忘れられない🌸 #ヤママキ

Bonnford ()

@24hrcallcentre Really wildly different impression of the character between the versions! Europe Flutter seems like an innocently oblivious goofball accidentally causing mistakes with no malice, American version just seems like a chaotic Loki type who likes to fuck with everyone for no reason.

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama ()

Even during a difficult year, the young people in the @ObamaFoundation’s Leaders: Europe program found ways to connect with one another and inspire change in their communities. I’m so proud of each and every one of them and look forward to seeing all that they achieve!

Senator Rand Paul
Senator Rand Paul ()

Sweden had more deaths in 2020 than its average for the preceding four years. Countries that opted for several periods of strict lockdowns, such as Spain and Belgium, had so-called excess mortality of and respectively.

Jason Hickel
Jason Hickel ()

It is impossible to separate the history of capitalism from colonialism and the European slave trade. They are co-extensive. Colonialism was the mechanism by which most of the world was roped into the Europe-centered capitalist economy. We need to face up to this fact.

☚ hailey #BestMusicVideo ☛
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