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Updated: December 4th, 2021 10:38 PM IST


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80 ONG demandent à l’Europe d’interdire l’utilisation du logiciel espion Pegasus. NSO Group, qui vend ce puissant logiciel espion, a été sanctionné début novembre par les Etats-Unis via @lemondefr

@BehdinEran There is still debate about wether Serbians and Croatians are Iranian plateau migrations into Eastern Europe.

Tokyo Godfathers by Satoshi Kon is now available on Netflix in many countries (Europe, South America, New-Zeland, Japan, ). A perfect movie for christmas time.

Europe תמונה ,Europe : Most Popular Tweets

@VitoTheGuido I feel like trying to stop it would be more work than it’s worth lol. Also very funny that the Pope is one of the last absolute monarchs in the world and THE last in Europe.

@willmenaker Americans watched Invictus (2009) and googled “weird football in europe?” instead of getting involved in activism

नाटो ने रूस को चेताया, कहा-यूक्रेन को अस्थिर करने की कोई भी कोशिश महंगी गलती होगी

Champions Of Europe 🏆 & The Best Club In The World 💙 @ChelseaFC

Europe תמונה ,Europe : Most Popular Tweets

While the Austrian government busied itself with its Islamophobic agenda, its intelligence services missed vital intelligence about a real terrorist attack

In Germany infections are doubling every 12 days. One reason is that, even now, only 8% have received a third dose, compared with 23% in Britain. The Economist | Winter wave via @TheEconomist

どこかで見たカラーリングですね… Explore this Fascinating Map of Medieval Europe

Biden just banned flights from Africa over this strain. Will he ban flights from Europe now too?

@TeslaStars @Tesla The problem with a factory in Switzerland would mainly be the price for the land to build it. Otherwise super central in Europe. Long working week of between 40 and 44 hours. Plus, we are not as much in bed with big oil or gas.

Europe energy crisis. Wholesale day ahead power prices in France reach €587/MWh. Remember when €200/MWh was outrageous?

Europe תמונה ,Europe : Most Popular Tweets

The girl from midsommar is literally a victim😭 she only got one good ending and now she’s stuck in Europe with a cult 🧍🏾‍♀️😭

Nature Exploration Action for Youth in Asia and Europe: Searching for the Beauty of Nature

H-hewwo?? Kuwdish woman named Mawyam, 24, is fiwst victim of mass dwowning in Channew to be identified, as hew fathew in Iwaq tewws BBC of his gwief ^-^

@stacy_ellen_ One way or another I’m finding my way to Europe this summer - even if hang means kidnapping someone and forcing them along with me

South African Health Minister saying no evidence it’s more deadly or more transmissible yet .. he says Europe’s Governments actions are unjustified.

Europe תמונה ,Europe : Most Popular Tweets

جهش بالقوه خطرناک کرونا در آفریقای جنوبی شناسایی شد. برخی کشورها پروازهای از مقصد این کشور و مناطقی از آفریقا را قطع کردند. گونه جدید نام دارد و نسبت به گونه‌های قبلی، بیشترین تعداد جهش را داراست از جمله در پروتئین اسپایک.


Europe תמונה ,Europe : Most Popular Tweets

Btw, you know those at-home COVID tests you just paid $25 for? You can get them for a few bucks in Europe. They’re so $$ here bc the FDA basically gave two companies a duopoly. An FDA scientist told us he was so frustrated by review process he quit.

@alexisaidoo His outmost best for us…we’ve sent a warning to the rest of Europe tonight

Been a Chelsea fan right now feels like I’ve just won the lottery argggggg Champion of Europe you know who we are 💙

Nearly 17% of all food produced is wasted. Here’s how food tech company LMK Group gets to less than 1% food waste in their own production:

Europe תמונה ,Europe : Most Popular Tweets

Fully vaccinated French PM contracts Covid as cases surge 80% in France. Which of course has no correlation with the country’s huge mandatory vaccination campaign.

@T4ngx0nFCB Perso bien sûr que j’y croit parce que quand on est le barca on est obligé d’aller la bas pour gagner mais il faut être aussi réaliste et se dire que ça va être très compliqué étant donné que le Bayern c’est l’une des meilleures équipes d’Europe et qu’ils ont une équipe costaude

@nicewoods @Avokayon Certes mais si ce sont des plateformes hors de Europe vous croyez qu ils craignent les sanctions RGPP ?

@Finn_AFC @afcleonn He might provided you get Europa but not for conference or no Europe. Can’t imagine him settling for anything less than UCL clubs though - I’m sure Dortmund will go for him if they lose Haaland this summer

Yo confío en el Barcelona, creo que esta temporada puede ganar la Europe Ligue #BarcelonaBenfica

@emaxstatman We have a lot of players out that is the problem and Chelsea are of the best team in Europe right now.

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