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Updated: October 14th, 2021 11:39 PM IST

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No one should lose their job because of COVID shots. @HealthyFla fined Leon County more than $ million for violating Florida law after the county fired 14 employees for not complying with the county’s forced vaccination policy.

Florida Twitter

like i really think it’ll happen in a state no one even think about like north or south dakota but florida the first state that comes to mind

Rep. Val Demings pulled in more than $8 million over the last three months for her Senate bid in Florida, outdoing her Republican rival, Sen. Marco Rubio, for a second quarter in a row.

@maryxwetzel @TTCbabyTromley_ Yes!! & I saw a video yesterday of someone pulling up the blueprints for a underground bunker in 🏃🏼‍♀️

I may be the only Democrat to win Florida since 2012, but I won’t be the only win in 2022. Let’s do this!!

No one should lose their job because of COVID shots. @HealthyFla fined Leon County more than $ million for violating Florida law after the county fired 14 employees for not complying with the county’s forced vaccination policy.

@RedistrictGirl any state where a quarter of the adult black population is barred from voting does not have free and fair elections, but Florida particularly had some funny tricks afoot that year like polling places in gated communities and the Broward County ballots

@Lito2Swift @midrangejumpr2 Now that shit look good I’m coming to Florida to visit just for that real talk don’t believe me just watch !!!

Stop thinking about going to bed. We both know you are getting drained tonight 🤍sph joi oppai feet fetish Goddess Findom Florida paypig femdom 🤍

As the search for Brian Laundrie continues, officials in Florida confirmed that they had him under surveillance before he disappeared.

One man just happened to spot this in his backyard. In Florida, of course

@CEGVwdqCiXLJjbj tsai must be trembling now. hope she has her green card and bank transfer all done up. maybe she will retire as neighbor to Ghani the afghan puppet in some posh home off florida

Folks, let’s help @notfestivemaya get to 1k! She’s doing the important, on the ground work in Florida and represents the next generation of activists and organizers!

@D_TWiiCE Florida, brunch on Monday, and now a chapelle show nah u got money @NAMELESS you see this guy

How many more times do you think we will get baited before George actually comes to Florida? — like 10 more times LLL

@hrrysbetty @bellyontour idk anything about florida so🤪 i go by the poster‼️‼️

If anyone else sends me that Italy and Florida swap meme they’re getting blocked from my life

@besttflossie le reclaman por q si y porq no, si no llegara a florida rapido le reclamarian q es una responsabilidad su concierto etcetc. me da rabia además ni ven que ellas tmb aportan a la contaminación asi q no se q tanto se quejan

@GeorgeNootFound you need to stop hinting you’re in Florida but then you aren’t 🙄 anyways i’m guessing you’re there.

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Florida תמונה ,Florida Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Fans really saying trask wasn’t a generational player at Florida? The guy was our best quarterback since Tebow. A defense away from playing in the playoff. Y’all on it today.


@UnkleSilk 🎯 Exactly. When you leave the state of Florida with the best statistical passing season of all time, with the offenses we’ve had around here over the years, clearly you’ve done some shit.

The FHP trooper who narrowly avoided getting hit by a truck when he stopped to help a woman on the side of the road said he had a split-second decision to make: my life or get hit.”

@girlygirlsguide I was thinking of your story when you said you were using it. It was to the point with me that I couldn’t keep going on in life like I have been. Too difficult/impersonal of a process just to get delayed approval in this Florida for CBD.

guys istg if they say george isn’t in florida we’re gonna look like the goddamn circus.

Imagine George was just trying to coming out with that tweet and we all took it as a sign to become Florida truthers again

Welcome to Florida where the Governor runs the Department of Health as a political operation. The DOH refuses all requests for covid data, and then criticizes the Ag Department and @NikkiFriedFL for releasing incomplete data about masks reducing viral transmission in schools.

The @nytimes asked Floridians with felony convictions to sit for photographs with name tags listing the amount of fines and fees they must pay before their right to vote is restored

Florida תמונה ,Florida Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

florida voters authorized a massive expansion of voting rights and florida’s republican lawmakers promptly introduced new poll taxes to nullify it

Florida data shows masking kids made no difference at all to the spread of covid. No kids anywhere in America should be wearing masks. It’s anti-science madness.

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