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Harry Kane Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

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Tweet247 | Updated: Sun, 22 Apr 2018, 02:04 AM IST

Harry Kane Top Tweets On Twitter

  • BREAKING: Harry Kane has withdrew himself for the Spurs squad today after being reminded that goals in the FA Cup won’t count towards his Golden Boot chances..

  • Most PL goal involvements this season: 39 – Mohamed Salah (30 goals/9 assists) 28 – Harry Kane (26/2) 27 – Sergio Aguero (21/6) 25 – Raheem Sterling (17/8) 23 – Romelu Lukaku (16/7) @WBA v @LFC, live Saturday on Sky Sports PL from #PL #WBALIV.

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  • Harry Kane picks up his award after the game..

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  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that Harry Kane dropped a 2/10 today?.

  • @notnick58 Ongoing spurs/Kane joke:.

  • @ediological did harry Kane play today ?.

  • @NLisewsky @Bruun6eren De skulle have vundet noget i år. Det er et problem at det kun har været ligeved og næsten. Alderverild, Eriksen, Harry Kane kan sagtens spille et andet sted næste år. Måske også Delle Alli..

  • Honest question did Harry Kane touch the ball in the 2nd half?.

  • Paul Pirlo Pogba. take a bow son. Also, has anyone seen Harry Kane?.

  • @SpursInTheBlood Sonny and Harry were both awful today. We seem to have lost the ability Tom play with any pace since Kane came back at Stoke..

  • Who needs trophies when you have Sir Harry of Kane and Beef Deli so you never get criticised.

  • @DarrenArsenal1 3 put the pressure on trophys and harry Kane 3 golden boots get ur facts right 😂.

  • MISSING : Harry Kane Last seen: Entering Wembly stadium.

  • LOL, but please tell me more about Harry Kane the winner..

  • @CarefreeDailyFC Hatrick for harry Kane though.

  • Harry Kane has been shit since claiming that goal.

  • Even the official Fa Cup twitter handle is trolling Harry Kane😂😂😂.

  • Somethings will never change, Harry Kane against UTD.

  • @PIeaseSir Lol harry kane has been shite even before this match.

  • Full time Manchester United -2 Tottenham hotspur - 1 Harry Kane with 3 world class goal and 3 assist.

  • @KanvarK @EmiratesFACup Yeah yeah 😂 people are killing Harry Kane lately 😂 first the goal claim now this.

  • Harry kane and Son had an horrible performance !.

  • @AdamMcKola @ManUtd To think Harry Kane scored a hattrick and still lost!!.

  • I bet Poch regrets resting Harry Kane today now!! Lovely stuff.

  • 🎶@FA and Harry Kane sitting in a tree, B-I-A-S-E and D.🎶.

  • Harry Kane Full Club & International Career Statistics after 1-2 FA Cup Semi-Final defeat to Manchester United at Wembley Stadium #COYS #MUFC #FACup.

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  • #FACupSemiFinals riddle from Gollum: What has it got in its filthy little pocketses? Smalling: “Harry Kane” Pogba: “Dembele” Mourinho: “Pochettino” All answers are #MUFC.

  • The only thing Harry Kane did all day was pick his nose. 👃🏻😂.

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  • How Harry Kane speaks.

  • @sluggahjells Big games are when it really I want more from Harry Kane. Until then, for me, 🤷‍♂️ (But it won’t be Kane that hurts England come June. I’m sure Gareth Southgate will have plenty of help with that).

  • @Nigerianscamsss @jawnbrown Harry mouth breather kane.

  • @rioferdy5 Harry Kane will claim it 😂😂👊🔴.

  • @wembleystadium Harry Kane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Did “the best striker in the world” Harry Kane play today? Lol.

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