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Updated: November 28th, 2021 04:39 PM IST

A psychopath with years of Black Hebrew Israelite and anti-white social media posts was just arrested for plowing through a Christmas parade hitting over 60 people but the media wants to talk about Kyle Rittenhouse making a hand gesture one time

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Imagine, nasa 60s na nun si Brother Eli pero inaaral nya yung Spanish at Portuguese, at may Greek at Hebrew pa. PURIHIN ANG DIOS sa kaloob Nya kay Brother Eli!!! #GloryToGodForADD41Years #ADD41YearsOfTruthAndGoodWorks Happy 41st Anniversary Ang Dating Daan

How can the supposedly heavenly beings is Greek and Hebrew Names? How come the supposed Creator of the the universal created a garden and gave it an Hebrew Name?

@talschneider זה לא חדש. זה קורה כל יום בשבכ/צהל

Journos frantically brushing up on the Armenian alphabet. Can they master it before the non-problematic letters of the Greek, Cyrillic & Hebrew alphabets are used up?

Watch Hebrew roots on Cosmopolitan TV. They are discussing an important topic

My least favorite interactions is with Hebrew Israelites…like some of you have the exact energy of a pharisee & why are some of you so angry and flat out disrespectful? Idkay man I don’t think YESHUAH would like what y’all be doing. But Satan loves it for sure smh

Hebrew + Occult + Bible + Time = Key to Understanding more. Psalm 63 King James Verison

Hebrew תמונה ,Hebrew : Most Popular Tweets

More than 500 deluge legends are known around the world and, 86 of these (20 Asiatic, 3 European, 7 African, 46 American and 10 from Australia & the Pacific), specialist researcher Dr Richard Andree concluded that 62 were entirely independent of Mesopotamian & Hebrew accounts.

@Otto_English I think mathematicians then moved on to the Cyrillic alphabet, then the Hebrew alphabet

לא הכל קורונה, ואפילו לא הווריאנט הדרום אפריקאי. על המחלה הזו, סרטן, שמעתם? לפי אתר התחקירים שומרים, בישראל מכשיר PET-CT אחד לחצי מיליון איש, הרבה מתחת לממוצע של מדינות הOECD. המסקנה: או שתשלם פרטי, או שתמות

The man charged with murdering six at the #WaukeshaMassacre shared a meme saying “Hitler knew who the real Jews were!” He’s reportedly a Black Hebrew Israelite — the same extremist group who murdered 4 people in a Kosher supermarket in New Jersey.

Every indication is that Darryl Brooks was a Black Hebrew Israelite who intentionally targeted and killed white people because of their race. Legacy media is garbage and evil for their malpractice in lack of reporting.

Fun fact: the Hebrew word for 🍊 is tapuz, a portmanteau of tapuach and zahav, which together means golden apple.

A psychopath with years of Black Hebrew Israelite and anti-white social media posts was just arrested for plowing through a Christmas parade hitting over 60 people but the media wants to talk about Kyle Rittenhouse making a hand gesture one time

Ancient silver #coin (14 gms). One side features cup and inscription “Israeli shekel” and “second year” referring to 2nd year of revolt (67-68 CE). Other side reads “Holy #Jerusalem” in ancient Hebrew accompanied by another word refering to headquarters of High Priest in Temple.

Hebrew תמונה ,Hebrew : Most Popular Tweets

For those who want the actual Most of these names have been translated from Hebrew=>Arabic=>Greek=>Latin to finally English. So it would make sense for them so sound like that

They aren’t English names, they are hebrew names genius lmao

@QuarantinedCoof Looks like our boi was a black hebrew israelite.

Hebrew תמונה ,Hebrew : Most Popular Tweets

khazar milkers comin in hot n heavy Benny the big bomb hebrew booba Garrison has delivered us a magnum opus

Hebrew תמונה ,Hebrew : Most Popular Tweets

Kan Hebrew channel: 14 firefighting crews are working to put out a fire that broke out in the production hall of the Milotel factory located in the industrial area north of Nahariya. Firefighters are working to prevent the fire from reaching the ammonia tanks

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry In her article “Gluttony and Drunkenness in Ancient Israel” Rebekah Welton of the University of Exeter examines excessive eating and drinking in ancient Israel.

Hebrew תמונה ,Hebrew : Most Popular Tweets

✅Black nationalist (likely Hebrew Israelite adjacent) ✅Domestic abuser ✅Sex Offender ✅Manlet (5’8”) ✅Aspiring SoundCloud rapper ✅Possible Premeditation Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Oh and forgot to highlight the ritual purification aspect. Large body of Hebrew teachings around this mainly intended to set up boundaries of clean and unclean, who is safe to be near? This aspect of esoteric circles is one I’ll watch for as I explore Fleck.

In Boston MA this weekend visiting my 92 yo mom, Jean Hotez, Hebrew Senior Life in Roslindale/Brookline. My brother/sister in the Boston area, it has been tough to visit during the pandemic

Hebrew תמונה ,Hebrew : Most Popular Tweets

This Hebrew announcement will be followed by an English one: @EA_DICE אמא שלכם זונה Imma Shelachem Zona

מה קורה כאשר עובד במשרד ממשלתי מחטט בתיקים האישיים של החברים של בתו מהצופים? בדיקת שומרים מעלה כי בחמש השנים האחרונות הורשעו 41 עובדי מדינה בביצוע בדיקות פיראטיות במאגרים ממשלתיים. האם המספר משקף את ההיקף האמיתי של הבעיה? כנראה שלא. @danieldolev

Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Tübingen in Germany have achieved a breakthrough that could provide a device for secure and reliable quantum computing.

Did you know that the number four (arba in Hebrew & Arabic) is a cardinal number that occurs frequently in the Old Testament and the New Testament? In the Holy #Quran we also find its use.

 Why should Yoweri (Hebrew) begrudge/ ridicule a Ugandan with Arab name! Is it Xenophobia or Islamophobia? Joel is a male given name derived from יוֹאֵל Standard Hebrew, Yoʾel, Tiberian Hebrew, or Yôʾēl, meaning Yahu is god, or the modern translation Yahweh is God.

Misspelling my Hebrew name (GAD) is a form of white supremacy. Join the club with @kaepernick, another white supremacist who was raised by white parents.

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