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Claiming you didn’t know, until just now, that the Holocaust was *that* bad isn’t really the kind of heartfelt apology one might think it is. 🤨

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

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robin BEEDUO
Robin BEEDUO ()

i love how everyone forget jewish peoples when they talk about minorities but then tell me antisemitic ended when holocaust did 🤩

Lok לוק Shen
Lok לוק Shen ()

@Rajeev_OneWorld It appears your trying to draw some equivalence between the Shoah and Palestine which is actually a form of Holocaust denial by way of minimisation. It doesn’t get more Vile than that.

Bishop Talbert Swan
Bishop Talbert Swan ()

AZ, AR, FL, KY, MI, NH, RI, TX, and WI, require Holocaust education in schools but have either banned or introduced bills to ban Critical Race Theory. They want children to learn how Jews were murdered in Germany but not how Black people were enslaved and dehumanized in America.

Mohammed El-Kurd
Mohammed El-Kurd ()

The IOF just gassed INSIDE the Qasem family living room in Sheikh Jarrah, settlers are throwing Molotovs at our homes…. Holocaust survivors…

Sheera Frenkel
Sheera Frenkel ()

Things not on my bingo card: a member of Congress holding a press conference to declare that the Holocaust was, indeed, very bad.

Mimi Rocah
Mimi Rocah ()

Claiming you didn’t know, until just now, that the Holocaust was *that* bad isn’t really the kind of heartfelt apology one might think it is. 🤨

Jemele Hill
Jemele Hill ()

This woman is an elected official who just figured out the Holocaust was awful. Also: Politicians are lining up to propagandize kids about American history. The Holocaust didn’t happen in here, but the point is if you teach kids true history they won’t grow up to be this idiot.

Scott Dworkin
Scott Dworkin ()

Marge Greene’s fake apology is useless. She meant what she said about the Holocaust. And she must resign.

Eric Feigl-Ding
Eric Feigl-Ding ()

JUST IN—A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Houston Methodist Hospital by employees who opposed a #COVID19 vaccine mandate as a condition of employment. Judge rejected analogy that it’s akin to forced medical experimentation during the Holocaust”. 🧵

Blanker_hohn ()

Rhetorik-Tipp: Streuen Sie nicht Holocaust und Juden in eine Aufzählung oder Vergleich ein. Es wird nahezu immer die Angemessenheit verletzen, wenn es sich nicht explizit um diese Thematik handelt. Auch nicht, wenn Sie #Emcke heißen.

Esha K.
Esha K. ()

Kersti Kaljulaid went the holocaust sucked and you still called her inspirational. And there is the albright thing at the same event. It seems like a huge pattern with you.

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
JNLIVETweets ()

So Crichton puts war, the Holocaust, and feminism on the same level? That’s telling. #MeTVBuckRogers

kath ☼
Kath ☼ ()

tw cw // antisemitism , holocaust , death . . . . please block this person. most of my mutuals already unf or were tagged but in case someone hasn’t seen it yet. unfollow maria or unfollow me because this is inexcusable /srs

Brad Meltzer
Brad Meltzer ()

Today is Anne Frank’s birthday — and here’s the Storytime of me reading I am Anne Frank with Holocaust survivor Saul Dreier: We teamed with the @musoftolerance . #TellHerStory

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Embrace the Void Pod
Embrace the Void Pod ()

How do you teach an undistorted history of the Holocaust and also teach that America was largely founded on universalist principles, when the Nazis cribbed a significant portion of their ideology from us?

Peter Darker
Peter Darker ()

And this serves as a great reminder that america didn’t enter WWII to stop the Holocaust. It was strictly business.

Jupiter ()

i’m actually enraged this is supposed to be a safe space or community or whatever i never want to see holocaust posts like that ever again i already hear shit irl

## SCAB ★!?
## SCAB ★!? ()

TW // HOLOCAUST ur watching genocide as inspiration. you are watching genocide as inspiration. you are using victims of genocide as inspiration. have i mentioned you are CONSUMING AND ENJOYING GENOCIDE FOR INSPO. get offline completely

Sari Beth Rosenberg
Sari Beth Rosenberg ()

Anne Frank would have turned 92 years old today. In a recent survey, 41% of American adults didn’t know about Auschwitz. 1/3 of Americans don’t believe that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. With antisemitism on the rise, let’s stay vigilant in teaching this history.

Eva Ich bin sehr müde Horn
Eva Ich bin sehr müde Horn ()

Tatsächlich vergleicht Emcke ja keineswegs die Judenverfolgung oder den virulenten Antisemitismus mit Kritik an Klimaforschern. Sie stellt dar, dass Fehlinformation gerade im Wahlkampf jeden treffen werde.

Renate Künast
Renate Künast ()

„Es wird keine Rolle spielen, welche Personen oder welche Parteien es trifft.« Denn treffen werde es »alle in unserer Demokratie«. „ @C_Emcke hat Recht! Shitstorm nach Bericht über angeblichen Holocaust-Vergleich - DER SPIEGEL

Mario Sixtus 🇭🇰
Mario Sixtus 🇭🇰 ()

.@c_emcke warnt vor professioneller Desinformation, vor Verkürzungen und Verdrehungen, vor Hetzjagden in den sozialen Medien, woraufhin die professionellen Desinformatoren #Bild, #Welt & Co mit Verkürzungen und Verdrehungen eine Hetzjagd auf sie initiieren

Hend F Q
Hend F Q ()

Palestine received the German Jews with milk and bread and opened their country allowing them to even avail Palestinian passports. Today, sadly, Palestinian refugees have no recognized passports to properly apply for any rights. History repeats itself. #Holocaust #MuslimHolocaust

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Skew Spew Barmy Hairdo Curmudgeon Bigot and Smug💙
Skew Spew Barmy Hairdo Curmudgeon Bigot and Smug💙 ()

Schrodingers freedom: Being locked up for 23 hours a day is a holiday camp because they have TVs And Wearing a bit of cloth over your Wetherspoons breakfast hole is akin to slavery and the holocaust.

mr. biscuits
Mr. biscuits ()

In many places in the world we’re rightfully told to speak the truth about the horrors of the Holocaust lest we repeat it, but in the US if you bring up the traumatic legacy of slavery you’re “just like, ruining a good BBQ, bro.”

Holocaust Exhibition & Learning Centre
Holocaust Exhibition & Learning Centre ()

Today would have been Anne Frank’s 92nd birthday. Take a read of one of our blogs that explores her legacy and life. #AnneFrank

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Dr Anna Hájková
Dr Anna Hájková ()

#OTD Anne Frank kam 1929 zur Welt. Ihr Tagebuch ist zurecht bekannt als beredtes Zeugnis des Holocaust. Viel weniger ist bekannt, dass Annes Tagebuch wichtige queere Spuren beinhaltet. Bisher kaum untersucht, mehr in meinem Menschen ohne Geschichte sind Staub@WallsteinVerlag

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Leah Carola Czollek
Leah Carola Czollek ()

@rubenmcloop Das hat Emcke ja nicht getan. Sie hat wie die Querdenker den Holocaust herangezogen, um zu sagen, die Klima Forscher werden die Juden. Und Feministinnen hat sie gleich mit ins Boot geholt. Und nein, meine Familie wurde in Auschwitz vergast. Die Deutschen sollen 1/2

H.E.T. ()

A huge well done to Angela Cohen, Chairman of the @45AidSociety for receiving an MBE today. Angela has been at the forefront of Holocaust education and awareness, reminding us of our generation’s responsibility to remember the Holocaust.

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
ASorin ()

Wenn die Guten den Holocaust verharmlosen, ist das die „Aufdeckung der Demagogie“.

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