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On this Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember the precious lives we lost and honor those who survived to bear witness. We must all give anti-Semitism and hate no safe harbor and ensure the atrocities of the Holocaust never occur again.

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

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President Biden
President Biden ()

On this Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember the precious lives we lost and honor those who survived to bear witness. We must all give anti-Semitism and hate no safe harbor and ensure the atrocities of the Holocaust never occur again.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders ()

Today on Yom HaShoah we remember the 6 million Jews and so many others murdered in the Holocaust and recommit ourselves to the fight against anti-Semitism, bigotry and intolerance.

Be A King
Be A King ()

Remember the Holocaust. Never forget how it came to be. Little by little. Hateful rhetoric, fear-mongering, visible designations of discrimination, radically inhumane nationalism, white supremacy, all festering until reality reflected rhetoric, #HolocaustRemembranceDay

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer ()

It is our sacred duty to teach our children and the children of the world about the Holocaust and its terrible stain on humanity. Such evil must never be revisited on the Jewish people or on any other people ever again. #YomHaShoah #HolocaustRemembranceDay

محمد سعود Mohammed Saud
محمد سعود Mohammed Saud ()

אני מדליק נר לזכרם של ששת מיליון יהודים שנרצחו בשואה הנוראה, יהי זכרם ברוך, לעולם לא עוד I light a candle in memory of the six million Jews who were murdered in the terrible Holocaust, may their memory be blessed, never again @yadvashem @HolocaustMuseum #HolocaustMemorialDay

Eliyah Havemann #blacklivesmatter 🏴
Eliyah Havemann #blacklivesmatter 🏴 ()

Wir sind bereit. Da dies eine Trauerfeier ist und wir beide viele Menschen aus unseren Familien im Holocaust verloren haben, ist es auch für uns sehr emotional. Wir nehmen euch mit, so weit es geht. Aber nicht weiter.

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Israel ישראל
Israel ישראל ()

Tonight and tomorrow, Israel marks #Holocaust Remembrance Day in memory of six million Jewish men, women & children who were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators. #NeverForget 🇮🇱🕯️ 📎

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Jackson Carlaw
Jackson Carlaw ()

- Proud to be a founding patron of Vision Schools, a groundbreaking Holocaust educational programme - Adopted definitions on both anti-semitism and Islamophobia when party leader - Founded CPG on Israel to tackle anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish sentiment in Scottish society

U.S. Embassy Kyiv
U.S. Embassy Kyiv ()

Щороку у США відзначають Дні пам’яті жертв Голокосту. Ми пам’ятаємо про зло, яке може відбуватися у величезних масштабах, і зобов’язані зробити все можливе, щоб його зупинити. Ми вшановуємо пам’ять усіх загиблих і вчимося на помилках минулого. #НіколиЗнову

Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem ()

#YomHashoah The 5th torchlighter of the 2021 Holocaust Remembrance Day State Opening Ceremony is Auschwitz survivor Sara Fishman. Born in 1927 in Neresnice, Czechoslovakia (today Ukraine), Sarah and 2 of her sisters survived the camps. See her story:

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Volksverpetzer ()

Die #AfD schwächelt zwar, aber sie wird wohl im nächsten Bundestag vertreten sein. Die Gefahr ist dann die Desiderius-Erasmus-Stiftung, die 70 Mio € Steuergelder erhalten könnte & Holocaust-Verharmlosung & Geschichtsrevisionismus fördern. Von @Nazifresser

Theo ‎✡︎ טוביה 🏳️‍🌈
Theo ‎✡︎ טוביה 🏳️‍🌈 ()

“Antisemitism on college campuses is just like surviving the Holocaust.” Truly f*ck you if that’s your opinion. So much of my family was m*rdered in the Holocaust. Whole towns were destroyed. Yiddish culture was destroyed and has never fully recovered.

Lux "Diehard Urbanist" Alptraum ()

A weird experience that I wonder if other descendants of Holocaust survivors (or other atrocity survivors) have ever had is this thing where I feel like I’m not *allowed* to feel fucked up about it because it didn’t happen directly to me, and yet I *do* feel fucked up about it?

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg
Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg ()

An extremely non-comprehensive list of things you should not compare to the Holocaust: - Pregnancy termination - Non-Veganism - Vaccine passports Thank you for your time.

The Spectator
The Spectator ()

Why teaching the Holocaust still matters ✍️ Andy Pearce

Freedom Israel 🙂
Freedom Israel 🙂 ()

This Wednesday is #Holocaust Memorial Day in #Israel🕯 We can only pray that the memories of the early 1930s wake up more Israelis Incredibly, the Holocaust survivors who have chosen not to have the experimental unapproved gene therapy are prevented from attending the ceremony

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Jackson Carlaw
Jackson Carlaw ()

The SNP must sack their candidate who compared denying indyref2 to the Holocaust.   An apology won’t cut it. The SNP should remove this candidate immediately. It’s beyond belief that they seem content to keep a candidate who downplays the Holocaust.

Secretary Antony Blinken
Secretary Antony Blinken ()

Each year, the observes Days of Remembrance to reflect upon the Holocaust. We remember that evil on a grand scale can and does happen, and we have a responsibility to do everything we can to stop it. We honor the lost by remembering and by learning. #NeverAgain #YomHashoah

U.S. Army
U.S. Army ()

During #DaysofRemembrance, we remember the millions of Holocaust victims and the resiliency of the survivors. We also honor the Soldiers who brought freedom, hope & dignity to those they liberated from the horrors of concentration camps.

lord of evil
Lord of evil ()

Sorry but when I get a triple kill in halo it’s like a mini-Holocaust. No other word for it

Jean-François Lesgards
Jean-François Lesgards ()

Vera Sharav, survivante de l’Holocauste, parle de la gestion de la pandémie et de l’attaque qui est faite à notre humanité (vidéo 1/2)

Dave Smith
Dave Smith ()

I could understand it if they had downplayed the Holocaust but the point of the @lpky tweet was that it was awful and we don’t want to go down that path. Now we’re seriously going to listen to people who called Trump literally Hitler every five seconds tell us they’re offended.

TalkRADIO ()

Former Brexit Party MEP Lance Forman says accusations of racism “thrown around” on social media are “devaluing” the issue, as he shares his experience of anti-Semitism. “I ended up with a 30ft swastika daubed on my building…my dad is a Holocaust survivor” @Iromg | @LanceForman

Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell ()

Fake news. Which is why you have 1 like in 3 hours. There’s no hot water. Just hot air - from you and your partisan friends. Stop politicizing the Holocaust for politician gain. And stop supporting big government taking our rights away.

Auschwitz Memorial
Auschwitz Memorial ()

Menachem Rosensaft, the son of two Holocaust survivors who became an international lawyer specialising in genocide, has spent much of his life trying to reconcile the horrors of the past with his Jewish faith.

WJC ()

“It’s my passion, I want to heal my patients as long as I am fit to do so. Hungarian doctor and #Holocaust survivor Istvan Kormendi, widely considered the oldest in his profession in the country, is still practicing -- at the age of 97. Kol HaKavod!

Bini Guttmann
Bini Guttmann ()

Richard Grenell, former US Ambassador to Germany & Acting Director of National Intelligence, appointed by Trump to the US Holocaust Memorial Council (!) just compared anti-vaxxers with Shoah victims. Let’s maybe rethink who our supposed allies are.

Holocaust תמונה ,Holocaust Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Erika Heidewald, Proud Autistic Bitch
Erika Heidewald, Proud Autistic Bitch ()

If we’re going to talk about disabled people & the Holocaust today then let’s talk about Hans Asperger and why nobody should use the term “Aspergers” because he was a Nazi who believed some special autistic people shouldn’t be murdered and that label says you’re one of them.

Randy Hillier
Randy Hillier ()

We have conformed to & embraced evil and many feel good about doing so, but not all. Are there enough good Canadians left, like this Holocaust survivor who will find their courage to resist our country & freedoms from being overtaken?

Dr Naomi Wolf
Dr Naomi Wolf ()

5/ Lastly and as the granddaughter of a woman who lost brothers and sisters to the Holocaust, I don’t say this lightly: IBM is producing the NYS version. IBM’s German subsidiary in Nazi Germany built the forerunner of a digitized system like this, using punch cards, that ...

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