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Updated: December 5th, 2021 04:39 PM IST

Pulling out of the Iran Deal was one of the most stupendously dumb things imaginable and all the disastrous consequences were predicted. No amount of gaslighting can change that.

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Dear God, I hope Iran, China, Russia and North Korea aren’t watching this weak performance from Lloyd Austin. @BretBaier @foxnews

The USA is the most authoritarian police state on Earth, where the regime kills people on a daily basis and faces no consequences. The ridiculous propaganda the US spreads about China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, DPRK, Iran, etc. is projection of its own crimes and authoritarianism

Primero van a por los medios de comunicación no afines, luego irán contra los afines y empezarán las purgas. Siempre es así con el socialismo y el comunismo.

President Biden has delisted FARC as a terrorist organization. This is exactly the appeasement he showed when he delisted the Iran-controlled Houthis, which led to violence and catastrophe. The same thing will happen with the FARC.

#LaPalabraDelAñoEs DESCARO Porque los políticos mostraron la verdadera cara del DESCARO: centros poblados plagio cambio a la ley de garantías coaliciones oscuras encuestas poco transparentes recorte de vacaciones engavetados conflicto inventado con Irán Y nadie

The mullahs have always been repressing the Iranian people and continued to destabilize the region. In the absence of a firm policy, they have taken advantage of negotiations to strengthen their position and prepare for further aggressions. #JCPOA #Iran

Iran תמונה ,Iran : Most Popular Tweets

Oh Dios Altísimo, pedimos una vez más por la situación en Venezuela 🇻🇪, Nicaragua 🇳🇮, Haití 🇭🇹, Perú 🇵🇪, Chile 🇨🇱, Afganistán 🇦🇫, Irán 🇮🇷, Bolivia 🇧🇴, y Honduras 🇭🇳; ten misericordia de estas naciones, y ayuda a sus habitantes, para que puedan vivir en paz, buena salud y libertad

Today we remember the fate of 850,000 Jewish refugees forced out of Arab countries and Iran in the 20th century. Communities dating back 2500 years were destroyed. At the UN, I asked Algeria, Egypt, Iraq & the others: “Where are your Jews?” Full Video:

Remarkable (yet unsurprising) to see the same Trump people and anti-Iran Deal grifters who manufactured a nuclear crisis by pulling out of a nuclear deal that was working now blaming Biden for their own mess.

My city… Homs which was destroyed by Russia, Iran and Assad regime.

Iran, un estado terrorista presente en toda Iberoamérica con la penetración de su arma libanesa Hizbullah, insiste en su vocación destructora. Es otro de los aliados en el Foro de Sao Paulo para narcotráfico y blanqueo.

There is water scarcity in 97% of Iran. That it is possible to protest on a completely dry river bed says enough about the affects on the people.

And I assure you: Trump had no idea what the specific terms of the deal were. All he knew was “Obama” “Iran Deal” “Nukes.” In that order. No details. And this colossal dumbfuckery might’ve started a chain reaction that’ll end in millions dead.

Netanyahu relentlessly made arguments against the Iran Deal for his own political purposes. Now he’s out of office and Israel is less safe bc his and Trump’s efforts to kill the JCPOA. What was the point of all that?

In Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro’s awful regime survives with the help of two medium-sized meddlers (Cuba and Iran), and two large ones (Russia and China)

As US moves forward with its pro-Taiwan policies, Beijing decides to tie up with Iran to resist any interference in its internal affairs. @SaroyaHem tells you more Watch more:

Israel denuncia que Irán transfiere armas y petróleo a Venezuela -►

Iran תמונה ,Iran : Most Popular Tweets

We went to war in Iraq over Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that didn’t exist but apparently we are fine letting Iran get this close to making a bomb. We have come full circle.

Maryam Radjavi : Nous appelons la France et l’Europe à la fermeté vis-à-vis des mollahs en #Iran Message à une conférence à l’Assemblée nationale #EUTime4FirmIranPolicy

Cien millones de los fondos europeos irán a reformar sedes sindicales Sánchez aprovecha el maná de Bruselas para hacer un guiño a las centrales con una partida para la «rehabilitación energética» de 42 edificios

Metal friday | CTXT con Cádiz Hemos decidido darle una vuelta solidaria a la campaña del Back Freeday. La mitad de todas las donaciones hasta el día 30 irán destinadas a la caja de resistencia de los trabajadores del metal de Cádiz. 👇¡Dona aquí! 👇

Iran תמונה ,Iran : Most Popular Tweets

Es cierto que el restaurante Comodore de Madrid, antiguo Mayte Comodore, anuló apenas 24 horas antes la cena de la Fundación Francisco Franco?? Bueno saberlo. Cuatro mamarrachos que jamás irán al restaurante a comer, consiguen suspender la cena, otros tampoco iremos. Cobardes.

Australia said it intended to list Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, becoming the latest country in the world to ban the Iran-backed Shiite group.

Nanatsu no taizai capitulo 16 temporada 1 gowter ayudará a elizabeth y ya sabemos el amor que siente elizabeth por meliodas sin embargo elizabeth es capturada para liberar a la raza demoníaca los pecados capitales irán a salvarla que va a pasar?🤔😥🤩❤️

Iran תמונה ,Iran : Most Popular Tweets

We rightly withdrew from the JCPOA, as it provided a clear pathway for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. We kept Iran under max pressure while fostering new relationships among those who partnered with us. Now, the Biden Admin wants to re-enter the JCPOA.

No irán a comentar o a insultar en ninguna de esas cuentas que publican las nominaciones pero a la cuenta de los grammos evitemos que les caiga hate a los chicos, muestren su furia en sus propias cuentas o en el stream por favor!!!

Donations continue for his birthday around the world. Cancer donations to cancer patients and animal care center from Iran Thank you for your kind hearts🙏♥️ @HandeErcel

ÚLTIMA HORA | Régimen chavista en la mira de Israel: ministro Benny Gantz afirma que Irán intenta contrabandear armas a Venezuela

Pulling out of the Iran Deal was one of the most stupendously dumb things imaginable and all the disastrous consequences were predicted. No amount of gaslighting can change that.

This is the same Islamic Republic of Iran that was recently elected to the Women’s Rights Commission.

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