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From our position of principle and strength, the Trump Administration negotiated the release of two Americans and brought them home from Iranian prisons — no pallets of cash, no ransoms, no preconditions.

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

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Nate ✡️ and 100 others
Nate ✡️ and 100 others ()

He fucking dropped a bomb on a top Iranian General and almost triggered another war, this is pretty fucking tame in comparison tbh.

Ilhan Omar
Ilhan Omar ()

Pompeo lobbied for and imposed crippling sanctions on the Iranian people—depriving them of much-needed medical supplies during a pandemic and killing thousands.

Adam Rawnsley
Adam Rawnsley ()

Since at least 2007 to the present, Afrasiabi has also been secretly employed by the Iranian government and paid by Iranian diplomats assigned to the Permanent Mission of the IMUN

Diversity in Horror (they/them)
Diversity in Horror (they/them) ()

@AITA_reddit I feel like a lot of these guys getting mad at their wives’ “addictions” don’t actually know what an addiction is. And if she genuinely had an addiction throwing her stuff away is the worst way to deal with it (unless a health or safety issue like the Iranian yogurt).

Bloomberg Politics
Bloomberg Politics ()

A political scientist who has taught at Boston University and other schools is arrested on charges he acted as an unregistered foreign agent for Iran

Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell ()

The Iranian regime is making moves against the Biden team. They believe they can get away with it.

Willie Colón
Willie Colón ()

Twitter bans Trump, but Iranian ayatollah, Louis Farrakhan, Chinese propagandists still active #FoxNews


@Archer_MD_ HAHAHA IS HE BULISH IRAN ? A lot of people here have gone bankrupt after being overexposed to iranian currencies & assets, when it went well. Their regime and economy is too fucked. it’s all bagholders atm. No prospects of positivity too

Aroutin Hartounian
Aroutin Hartounian ()

A heartwarming story about the friendship between two athletes of Armenian and Iranian origins. 🇦🇲🤝🇮🇷

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Marxist Soccer
Marxist Soccer ()

The replies of people talking about social programs in iran are so Fucking cringe. They know absolutely nothing about Iranian politics. Islamic Theocracy is the absolute far right of the political spectrum. The center Left of Iran is like Khatami and he supports Theocracy.


This is why iranian people need to avoid foreign They have been collecting your DNA 👇👇👇

Morgan Ortagus
Morgan Ortagus ()

Today, the United States is imposing sanctions on two organizations controlled by the Supreme Leader of Iran. We will continue to target entities and individuals that enrich the corrupt Iranian elite at the expense of the Iranian people.

Sputnik ()

Iranian scientists urge IRGC Aerospace Force to shoot down any intruding US B-52s

Kenneth Roth
Kenneth Roth ()

As if the last round of global condemnations were not enough, Iranian authorities are threatening to execute another wrestler, Mehdi Ali Hosseini.

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Oz Katerji
Oz Katerji ()

For the record - this was an Iranian military installation and all those killed were fascist militants.

G ()

The past few years some people blocked me cause i was iranian😭😭, saying “yal eranya” is not an insult, you’re just proving that you have a shitty grow up a little❤️.

Pinkvilla ()

Dear Oppa: An Iranian fan of Hwang In Yeop hopes to meet the True Beauty star in person once the pandemic ends #HwangInYeop #TrueBeauty

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
ٓ ()

So you think being iranian=not being “all that”? Literally deactivate your twitter account you racist fvcking scumbag

Saeed Kamali
Saeed Kamali ()

@SecPompeo As Iranian who studying in another country, i wana told u go and fuck ur self, u will die in your lies , never seen shameless like u in my life, humain right is just a poppet in ur hands

Graham Smyth
Graham Smyth ()

No hit of transfer excitement expected this month at Leeds United, but the summer could bring new faces in at least three positions. The YEP tasked @smarterscout with finding suitable candidates for four roles. #lufc

خودِ خودَم
خودِ خودَم ()

@Kimmiemac21 As an Iranian, I must say that these threats have become normal for us, unfortunately

Augustus Parabadoblos
Augustus Parabadoblos ()

No hopes for Lebanon under those criminals and thieves and families and military Iranian groups and Syrian agents

Eghbal Khodaei
Eghbal Khodaei ()

Very interesting article, The 🌎🌍🌏 must wake up and see the true nature of #Iranian blood thirsty Mullahs, if these zombies were normal to #Iranian people, they can be normal to the 🌏 & the region! Iran’s regime won’t return to normal – iran panorama

Iran, My Homeland
Iran, My Homeland ()

@SecPompeo Thank you for everything that you have done for Iranian people! I was hoping that Iranian people could experience freedom before you leave the office.

Secretary Pompeo
Secretary Pompeo ()

From our position of principle and strength, the Trump Administration negotiated the release of two Americans and brought them home from Iranian prisons — no pallets of cash, no ransoms, no preconditions.

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Secretary Pompeo
Secretary Pompeo ()

Ignoring terror and missiles and a clear path for the Iranian regime to get a nuclear weapon put America at risk. So we confronted them. #AmericaFirst #BadDealWorseThanNoDeal

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Hamid F
Hamid F ()

🎶🎼مرغ سحر واریاسیونی از اثر مشهور زنده یاد مرتضی نی داوود تنظیم و اجرا: #کامیار_ایزدپناه از آلبوم «به یاد اساتید نامدار ایران Album: In Memory of Iconic Iranian Maestros

Jo FF. 🟥 👀🟥
Jo FF. 🟥 👀🟥 ()

@drninaansary I am sure that many many Iranian women miss feeling the wind in their hair and not sweltering in black robes which they are forced to wear. 🥲

Mohsen ()

The Washington Post reports on the anniversary of the targeting of Ain al-Assad; The firing of Iranian missiles at Ayn al-Assad was the most powerful attack on the US military in the current era. #Soleimani

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity ()

IT BEGINS: Iranian Government Confirms It Has Restarted Uranium Enrichment, Violates Nuke Deal

☚ #Inauguration Democrats ☛
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