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Updated: December 3rd, 2021 04:39 PM IST

Another bloody day in #Iran. The repression of the Iranian people continues. The voice of the Iranian people must be heard. #Isfehan

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Iran has not got a strong army; Iranian have many militias; the Taliban are the strongest militia in the region; Iranian militias have no chance against the Taliban.

نیروهای مسلح شاهنشاهی #ایران Imperial Iranian Armed Forces تصویر بازسازی شده از جاویدنام سرگرد هوابرد #کوروس_آذرتاش - قهرمان قیام 18 تیر شاهرخی

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Mossad spies recruited top Iranian scientists to blow up their own nuclear plant

@SongScales Just? I am Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Swiss, Russian, South American, French, Italian, Philippine, South Korean, Nord Korean, Iranian, Egyptian, Tibetan, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and what else? Oh right, Uruguayan.

In a phone call between Iranian top diplomat and @JosepBorrellF, @Amirabdolahian stressed that the West should offer its real initiative in ending the sanctions.

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian : Most Popular Tweets

@USEmbassyBaku Yes, do you even care about freedom of expression in Iran where millions of Azerbaijanis are suppressed under Iranian regime? Do you care how Uyghurs are genocided in China?

Honored to speak with the Iranian American Jewish Federation of New York tonight at their annual gala. Thank you to IAJF President Steven Khadavi for inviting me.

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian : Most Popular Tweets

Speaking at the Iranian American Jewish Federation of New York’s 20th Annual Gala. Watch live here →

Just listened to an incredible radio show about the Iranian Revolution. Didn’t know that the Iranian intellectuals based in France who cooked up the revolution recruited Khomeini and thought they could “use and dump” him to overthrow the Shah. Sound familiar?

As hospitals, universities and tech companies struggle to fill highly-skilled positions, Iranian smugglers say business is booming

Commander of #Iranian Navy unveiled plans to manufacture a new homegrown heavy submarine

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The 1st martyrdom anniversary of the Iranian scientist Shaheed Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. A scientist whose work was in coordination with the Quran. His Martyrdom was given the title of Martyred of science

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian : Most Popular Tweets

Abduction and murder of Ahwazis is a normality for the Iranian to torture of Ahwazi regime abduction of Habib Chaab is a governmental crime.@Soffangbg #SaveHabib

#Iranian police crack down as #Iranprotests over dry river turn violent


“The most important points about these indictments are 1) the vulnerability of online voter registration systems and 2) the misuse of social media platforms.” @HvonSpakovsky @WashTimesOpEd

@khansarinia The MEK is a terrorist organization. ‌ The Iranian people hate the MEK and the Islamic Republic equally . #iranianwantpahlavikingdom #اصفهان_را_تنها_نگذاریم


The same media that pushed the Russiagate hoax has shown no interest in Biden’s ties to Iran, the impact of those ties on his pro-Iran policies, or the IRGC attempts to help his campaign.

Iranian police clash with protesters after water shortage rallies

Harry goes from ORPHANED teen to Air Force “TOP GUN.” Attacked & UNDERESTIMATED by Iranian fighter pilots From near DEATH experience to a fate worse than death. aerial combat ... Iran ... fighter pilot ... fighter plane

A growing number of countries have designated Hizbollah as a terrorist organization and to drain the swamp of neo-Nazi Iranian militias all should follow suit.

Then Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted, “Terrorists murdered an eminent Iranian scientist today. This cowardice—with serious indications of Israeli role—shows desperate warmongering of perpetrators.”

On November 27, 2020, Israeli spies assassinated a high-profile Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, thinking it would slow down Iran’s progress. Evidence show that the Israelis have got it completely wrong. More on

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🎨👩‍🎨🌺 Iman Maleki, Iranian painter👩‍🎨🎨👋

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian : Most Popular Tweets

@jbouie re: Trump—I read his foreign policy chest-pumping as a *return* to these “America, fuck yeah” blow-em-up movies. He gets too much credit for “restrained” foreign policy when he *ramped up* drone strikes, strike against Iranian forces, etc.

@sebastopoIgoose lol i did that with an Iranian Nationalist who was annoyed by me saying Arabian Gulf LMFAO

@perreap @RepThomasMassie Biden battles those Bolshevik communists and their Iranian-Taliban theocratic allies every day - Haaaa, ERU, MEGA LIES, hmmmmm, maybe he dat blows in da wind should make a HAT outta DAT

thinking about the girl who didn’t know what Iran was and then asked me if it was in Europe after I told her I was Iranian

Another bloody day in #Iran. The repression of the Iranian people continues. The voice of the Iranian people must be heard. #Isfehan

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian : Most Popular Tweets

Here’s Roth, who refused to condemn the anti-Israel BDS movement in a Bundestag vote in 2019, giving a high-five to alleged Iranian mass murderer Ali Reza Sheikh Attar at the Munich Security Conference. Just “diplomacy”

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian : Most Popular Tweets
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