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Biden, and Iranian favoring Democrats, in office, and the Islamic Republic of Iran will be enriching uranium to 60%.

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

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Pistachio ()

My dad arrived here in the 80s as a refugee, after a lot of running over minefields and mountains and fucked up crap. My favourite “lucky ones” story is when he retired in Spain, aged 60, and met another Iranian guy who escaped the regime with him. Same route. Same minefields

Mike ()

This thread is from Press TV, an Iranian state-owned news network. Read the whole thread. The US should walk out of the Vienna talks without comment.

ASB News / MILITARY〽️ ()

BREAKING: Iran’s State TV releases footage of Iranian IRGC drone hovering over USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier (CVN-69) in the Arabian Sea / Persian Gulf.

Nadia ()

Got my Iranian doogh bottles with a gift from @fahim_parekh. Love these tiny cones.

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Maryam Rajavi
Maryam Rajavi ()

The Iranian people have said and will say NO to the mullahs’ regime, NO to religious fascism, NO to despotism, tyranny and pillage. YES to freedom, YES to the universal suffrage, and YES to a democratic republic. #Iran #BoycottIranShamElections

Alireza Jafarzadeh
Alireza Jafarzadeh ()

Traces of enriched uranium found by the #IAEA in three locations, undeclared by the Iranian regime, show that Tehran was in violation of the nuclear deal from the get-go. It lied then, continues to cheat & deceive now. The #JCPOA was rendered moot by the Iranian regime in 2015.

The Jerusalem Post
The Jerusalem Post ()

Turkey’s government continues to remain silent after it was revealed that its powerful National Intelligence Organization (MIT) arrested an Iranian woman after her visit to Israel’s embassy in Ankara. Reporting by @BenWeinthal | #Iran | #Turkey

Daily Caller
Daily Caller ()

The DOJ alleges that Kaveh Lotfolah Afrasiabi “authored articles and opinion pieces espousing the Iranian government’s position on various matters of foreign policy” without disclosing his ties to Tehran.

Daily Caller
Daily Caller ()

It has been four months since a @nytimes opinion contributor was arrested on charges of operating as an Iranian agent. The paper has neither updated his pieces noting his alleged ties to Iran, nor made a public statement on the issue.

Masih Alinejad 🏳️
Masih Alinejad 🏳️ ()

This is how #MyCameraIsMyWeapon campaign empowers Iranian women against harassers An Iranian girl was harassed by 2 men. She bravely filmed them Iran’s #MeToo movement started years ago. When the government blames women instead of protecting them, their camera is their weapon

Steven Hart 🦧
Steven Hart 🦧 ()

@Goodtweet_man Iranian friend became a Christian. Underground org is getting her a Bible and connecting her with a church. Hallelujah! 🙌

Heshmat Alavi
Heshmat Alavi ()

Amir Moghadam, a former Iranian government official, said that Hejazi was a senior commander to the Houthi militia in Yemen, frequently traveled to Yemen and Venezuela, and was a key figure to #Iran’s ballistic missile program and regional operations.

Persian Patriots
Persian Patriots ()

Brave and fearless Iranian girls and women do not want the Islamic Republic and shout for freedom and awareness , fight against ignorance and darkness . Let us be their voice ! @LisaDaftari #IranianWomenNeedHelp

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
معمر الإرياني
معمر الإرياني ()

1-Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia brainwashing of thousands of flower-aged children w extremist terrorist ideas imported from Iran, recruiting &throwing them on various battle fronts are unprecedented crimes of genocide against childhood in light of shameful intl silence

امیر ()

شما سطح سواد نوشتاری خبرنگارای بین‌المللی ما رو سِی کن! ادعاشون هم کون خر رو پاره می‌کنه. بهشون هم بگی چرا اینقدر گاگولی همه‌جا پر می‌شه: Iranian journalists are being targeted for professionalism

Joshua Landis
Joshua Landis ()

This is the kind of scare journalism that has become common on Syria. Iranian Militias Continue to Acquire Ghouta’s Real Estate Not 1 shred of verifiable information. Not 1 name of an Iranian purchaser. Not 1 verifiable address given.

VOA Farsi
VOA Farsi ()

بازتاب جهانی سانسور کمک داور زن فوتبال در صدا و سیمای جمهوری اسلامی

Tasnim News Agency
Tasnim News Agency ()

Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei called on #Iranian Army to enhance preparedness for operations as much as necessary

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham ()

▶️ President Biden is putting the Iranian threat back on steroids and creating future conflicts in the Middle East greater than the ones he inherited.

Zahra Shafei 🇮🇷
Zahra Shafei 🇮🇷 ()

Iran’s Parliament Speaker has announce that last night, Iranian nuclear scientists produced first quantities of 60% enriched Uranium.

Erfun (خوابم نمیاد)
Erfun (خوابم نمیاد) ()

ایشالا یه روز همین جمع، کنسرت یسونگ یا سوپرجونیور Yesung Iranian Fan #YesungIranianFanLoveYou @shfly3424 @SJofficial

Maryam Rajavi
Maryam Rajavi ()

The Iranian people & their Resistance seek to establish a pluralistic, democratic republic based on free elections, the separation of religion and state, gender equality, rejection of all ethnic & religious discriminations, abolishing of the death penalty, & a non-nuclear #Iran.

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Maryam Rajavi
Maryam Rajavi ()

Online conference with French MPs and Senators attending – France and the European Union must stand with the Iranian people’s demand for freedom. #Iran #NoImpunity4Mullahs

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Rudy W. Giuliani
Rudy W. Giuliani ()

Biden, and Iranian favoring Democrats, in office, and the Islamic Republic of Iran will be enriching uranium to 60%.

Rep. Brian Mast
Rep. Brian Mast ()

President Trump’s maximum pressure campaign against the Iranian regime was working. Now, President Biden is poised to give up that leverage and grant Iran the resources to commit even more acts of evil. It’s time we put #AmericaFirst again.

International Chess Federation
International Chess Federation ()

GM Parham Maghsoodloo wins Iranian Championship for the third time in his career. The 20-year-old showed an incredible performance of 2843, making only 2 draws in 15 games, one of them with runner-up GM Pouya Idani. Final standings:

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Hossein Ronaghi
Hossein Ronaghi ()

@nytimes If you consciously allow the injustice, repression, and killing of the Iranian people to be normalized in your publication, it means that you are deliberately participating in human rights abuses. Otherwise, stop it if you were not aware of it. #NYTimesPropaganda

Masih Alinejad 🏳️
Masih Alinejad 🏳️ ()

Woman: You want to harass me? I will send your video to Masih Alinejad and everyone will see it. This pro-regime man harassed a woman for her hijab. She bravely filmed her harasser despite the dangers. Be brave like a fearless Iranian woman. #MyCameraIsMyWeapon

Rania Khalek
Rania Khalek ()

NYT propaganda: Israel attacked Iran but the headline makes Iran sound violent for suggesting it may retaliate. Israel assassinates Iranian scientists, lobbies for murderous sanctions and attacks Iran’s nuclear plant. But let’s lead w/ Iran’s rhetorical reaction!

Iranian תמונה ,Iranian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Max Blumenthal
Max Blumenthal ()

Iranian Pres. Hasan Rouhani says the US blocked access to 10 million Covid vaccines: They [the Americans] came and put pressure on the companies that supply parts of the vaccine from abroad

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