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Updated: December 5th, 2021 03:39 PM IST

WOW: GOP Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis wants to form a personal militia like the political leaders in Iraq have. It would be a militia that only answers to him. This is the beginning of a Red Army as the GOP prepares for war. Literally.

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Nobi Iraq this ohh 😭😭😭 Una don surely make na mistake💔💔. The Gunshots of today in Bamenda eh 🙏🙏God protect your people

Civilian deaths by US strikes in Somalia and Iraq/Syria, respectively. This is what voting in 2020 did

Iraq תמונה ,Iraq : Most Popular Tweets

Shirazi Salad is served with all Shirazi dishes. Its pleasant flavor and simplicity, has made it popular in Iran and our neighbours (Iraq, Turkey). Ingredients: cucumbers, tomatoes, and red onions seasoned with verjuice, lemon juice and apple cider combination and salt. #Fars

Iraq תמונה ,Iraq : Most Popular Tweets

Since 1963, nearly 193,000 children and teens have been killed with guns on American soil—more than four times the number of soldiers killed in action in the Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars combined.

5/14 In 2008, heightened inflation was caused by skyrocketing gas prices. From 1989-1991, Iraq invaded Kuwait leading to the first Gulf War. Elevated uncertainty around the world meant crude oil prices shot up. #velshi


Ian Fishback was a Green Beret and scholar who exposed torture by troops in Iraq. He died broke and virtually homeless as friends and family scrambled to find him mental health care. This is the story of his final, anguished years.

2 months after Iraq’s election, the Iran-aligned Fateh alliance continues to contest results. Today they presented what they call evidence of voter fraud, suggesting software unreliable, some biometric data hard to verify. But offered no evidence of widespread manipulation.

Iraq תמונה ,Iraq : Most Popular Tweets

WOW: GOP Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis wants to form a personal militia like the political leaders in Iraq have. It would be a militia that only answers to him. This is the beginning of a Red Army as the GOP prepares for war. Literally.

If you are from Iraq or Syria or any country that has been attacked by the CIA, stand with the man who stood for you. Stand up for Julian #Assange. Especially those in the west, self serving cowardice is not an excuse.

When I was in Iraq during my first tour in 2003, I spent countless hours sitting with my local villagers talking about their experiences and futures. Over chai one day my primary village sheik, Dr. Mohammed, and I discussed the meaning of “freedom.”

Iraq תמונה ,Iraq : Most Popular Tweets

Centrists are so incredibly bad at strategic planning they couldn’t even figure out it was better to get corbyn elected first and then do regime change rather and now everyone else has to pay for their stupidity. But why would the architects of Iraq ever learn from mistakes

One of my kids had to go back to Iraq for family reasons, had his first session back yestetday and brought me a gift and said ‘Thanks for being my coach’ 🥺

A riot broke out at a holding centre for foreigners who have crossed into Poland from Belarus. Over 100 men, most from Iraq, tried to destroy fencing, shouting freedom. They demanded better living conditions, or to be sent on to Germany or back to Iraq

A lot of the refugees who are trying to get to the UK are from Iraq. And who helped to create the problems from which they are fleeing? The UK!!!

[NEWS] Spotify is now available in 6 more countries; Iraq Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of Congo Tajikistan Libya Venezuela 🎧: Follow EXO & EXO Members and stream their songs. #EXO #엑소 @weareoneEXO

Iraq תמונה ,Iraq : Most Popular Tweets

@ASlavitt Just being alive. After Iraq & Afghanistan. Alive, healthy, thriving as a #GradStudent. Thankful.

India has one of the best CI/CT & Mountain Warfare troops in the world. A sizable amount of American Officers and men attended CI&JWS in Mizoram and HAWS in sonmarg before deploying for Iraq and Afghanistan. They continue to do so now as well, even


There are only 2 countries in the world that are treated by this standard by activists. No one yells at people in Syria and Iraq about why they are occupying stolen Akkadian or Assyrian land.

Trump spent Thanksgiving with our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Biden is spending Thanksgiving with a billionaire in Nantucket. That’s the difference

Recalling all the warmongering talk in the media about invading Iraq after 9-11 #DidNotEndWell

As Iraq war vet. I want to thank active duty brethren . Happy Thanksgiving to you , your sacrifice is appreciated and not forgotten. My brother and were in Iraq. He went home in a body bag. please say thank you .

Shadow Sniper Team of US Army Task Force 2/69 eating their Thanksgiving meal while keeping an eye for insurgents. OP Hotel Ramadi, Iraq, November 2005.

Iraq תמונה ,Iraq : Most Popular Tweets

Importance of sound, inclusive elections in #Iraq cannot be overstated: #UN official

ستتوجه خلال الساعات القادمة طائرتين الى منسك لاجلاء ما مجموعه617 مواطن من الراغبين بالعودة الطوعية الى العراق. Two evacuation Iraqi Airways flights will be operating to fly to Minsk in the upcoming hours to evacuate almost 617 Iraqi nationals who wish to return to Iraq

Iraq תמונה ,Iraq : Most Popular Tweets

Between January 2020 and May 2021, 91% of people arriving after crossing the Channel came from just ten countries where human rights abuses and persecution are common. These include Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Eritrea and Yemen.

Every sr. military officer who blames civilian leadership for our defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan should have to watch this video (repeatedly).

How did a boy from Iraq who spoke no English come to this country and become Minister for Education? Because this is the greatest country in the world - Nadhim Zahawi #specawards

Notable that many in the camps come from countries-Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan- with either historic or recent connections to the UK. Those with French connections (eg West Africa) tend to stay in France. It’s about esteem (many hold UK in high regard), language and family.

Ian Fishback, an Army whistle-blower whose allegations that fellow members of the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq routinely beat and abused prisoners prompted the Senate to approve anti-torture legislation in 2005, has died at 42.

We lost 6,832 American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 2005 there have been over 15,000 killings at the hands of the police. Only 7 police officers have been found guilty of murder. We lose more Americans at the hands of the police than we lose troops during war. Wow!

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