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Updated: January 22nd, 2022 01:39 PM IST

Yesterday Israeli 🇮🇱 Medical Association called for stopping mass testings and quarantines, and stopping Covid passports. Today the largest hospital in Israel attacked Ministry of Health for its insane policies. The tide is turning. The official narrative is falling apart.

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A group of masked Israeli settlers were seen violently attacking Israeli activists and burning one of their cars for helping Palestinians plant trees in the Occupied Palestinian village of Burin

Union members in Colorado are sending out this text in order to stop a resolution against Israeli apartheid & in favor of BDS. Unions take political stances all the time. Unions are inherently political. It is disgraceful that union members are actively opposing this proposition.

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli : Most Popular Tweets

If you feel stupid, remember there are still people who believe the conspiracy theory Abhinandan ke sath ek Israeli pilot bhi aaya tha jisko ab tak wapis nahi kiya humne 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

“…Israel was exposed as having sent in an Israeli commando unit into Gaza undercover as humanitarian aid workers. This is a war crime, and rightfully so as it endangers all actual humanitarian aid workers by placing them under a cloud of suspicion…”

You daily reminder that I’m not Israeli, as many seem to think, despite my location being “United Kingdom”.

@plutocrata @simangeo Mi sueño es visitar Palestina pero me niego a que me entreviste un colono terrorista oficial israelí para sellarme el pasaporte.

A reminder that Puma is on the official BDS list for being the official sponsor of Israel Football Association and their past and current licenses operating in illegal Israeli settlements

@m7mdkurd Zionist is bad organization for human furthermore moslems. Zionist is hate from all people around the worlds. Zionist is just Israeli and all people that followers Give free peace for Palestine in the

12 yr old Ammar was arrested after 30 Israeli forces stormed his home at dawn. He was accused of attending protests against Israeli land grabs of Pal Bedouin land in Naqab desert This is Israel’s ‘war of attrition’ against Palestinian children v @AJEnglish

@SamerAbdelnour tfouh 3lihom! Yet the Palestinians shine with their pride, their continued resistance and their courage! And this new generation is showing the world the dirtiness of Israeli settlement.

The impact of the Israeli Occupation blockade on the Power Sector. #EndGazaSiege #GazaSiegeOngoingCrime

1/2 17 year old Palestinian Amal Muamar Nakhleh’s detention was extended until 18 May 2022. He has been administratively detained by Israeli authorities since 21 Jan 2021, and so far spent nearly 1 year in prison without being informed of the charges.

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli : Most Popular Tweets

Please @abc730 could you ensure next time you have the junior Israeli ambassador wipe his mouth of spittle please. 😖

Más de personas han recibido la 4ª dosis en Israel. Los datos indican que aumentan los anticuerpos, pero las infecciones de ómicron en vacunados son muy elevadas. Por el momento, la efectividad de una 4ª dosis en población >60 años resulta dudosa.

הפוגרום הרשמי נמשך: באותו הערב, פלש צהל לביתא עם מספר גדול של מתנחלים, ובין היתר ירה מספר רימוני גז לתוך בית משפחה פלסטינית. כל בני הבית שאפו גז. בביתם.

Preliminary Israeli study shows fourth vaccine not enough to stop omicron

A perfect way to celebrate Tu Bishvat, the Jewish New Year for trees🌳 I was delighted to mark the holiday by planting a tree at @kewgardens and visiting Israeli sculptor, Zadok Ben David’s, exhibition. Thank you to Kew for such a memorable day.

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli : Most Popular Tweets

Yesterday Israeli 🇮🇱 Medical Association called for stopping mass testings and quarantines, and stopping Covid passports. Today the largest hospital in Israel attacked Ministry of Health for its insane policies. The tide is turning. The official narrative is falling apart.

Pioneering Israeli journalist is first to land a job at Emirati paper

The Israeli occupation forces attack a peaceful protest in Al Naqab with tear gas, stun grenades and skunk water. Number of injuries were reported. #SaveNaqab

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli : Most Popular Tweets

The killing of an 80yr-old elder, 132 raids on homes & shops, several Palestinians shot: among the wounded, 4 children & a journalist etc

I love this amazing drawing of Israeli Wonder Woman @GalGadot By Omry Grnit

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli : Most Popular Tweets

Far-right Israeli settler appointed as tour-guide to US army officers in Hebron

Take a minute to think about how messed up that is. Israeli forces care more about continuing to use their power to terrorize and murder Palestinians than the lives of the people the IDF is allegedly meant to “protect”.

Ya tuvimos al hombre-gato en Mendoza, un israelí... Ahora un ruso en Neuquén, con delirios místicos, que secuestra al hijo, a ¡somos un polo de atracción de meshiguenes mundiales!

93 i just tweeted the YouTube video of the al-jazeera documentary spy in you phone. Its about Pegasus spyware. That is Israeli spyware that is put in you phone it was developed by a Israeli security company name the nso group . Everybody should watch this documentary. 93s

Israeli occupation force Barbarians, Member states act like a United Nations & ask Member States To close Israeli Embassies Down They are Trying To Dismantle PALESTINE & any other Religion in The Holy Land, #freepalestine 🇵🇸🇨🇮🇫🇮🇬🇷🇿🇦🇧🇪🇮🇩

Si no la han leído todavía, lean la carta de Ehud Qimrom, prestigiosísimo inmunólogo israelí: «Señores del Ministerio de Salud, es hora de admitir el fracaso contra la pandemia».

80 year old, Abu Hani, arrested, shackled & beaten to death this morning by Israeli occupation forces. At this point I’m convinced, its a genocide in slow motion but genocide nevertheless. #Israel

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli : Most Popular Tweets

“Palestinians are protesting here because the apartheid Israeli regime is trying to rip their homes away from them.”

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