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Israeli Occupation Forces brutally throw a Palestinian woman to the ground in the occupied West Bank on Friday.

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

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The National
The National ()

Historic first: UAE ambassador Mohamed Al Khaja (@AmbAlKhaja) presents credentials to Israeli @PresidentRuvi

Martín Schapiro
Martín Schapiro ()

Bueno, tenía razón sobre Israel y las vacunas de los árabes palestinos sin ciudadanía. ¿Por qué suponía que iba a ser así? Porque es también interés israelí que se puedan vacunar.

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders ()

I applaud the Israeli health officials for their efforts. Making sure all Palestinians receive vaccines is the right thing to do from both a public health and moral perspective. I hope the Israeli government follows their advice as quickly as possible.

Sarah Wilkinson
Sarah Wilkinson ()

Mohammed al-Halabi is an innocent man refusing to plead guilty, so israel has kept him incarcerated for 4 & a half years #Justice4ElHalabi

Alex Berenson
Alex Berenson ()

1/ Incredible backtracking here from @segal_eran - a leading Israeli #Covid vaccine advocate. Last month: “The magic has started.” Last week: “The impact of the vaccine has been tremendous.” Today: The vaccine only really works along with a national lockdown. Say what?

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

Israeli Occupation Forces brutally throw a Palestinian woman to the ground in the occupied West Bank on Friday.

ELINT News ()

#BREAKING: Assessment in Israel: The Iranian navy fired two missiles at the Israeli cargo ship. An Israeli team went to Dubai and will participate in the investigation of the attack

Farah Nabulsi
Farah Nabulsi ()

On Sky News discussing The Present & the exhausting, humiliating & inhumane Israeli checkpoints in Palestine.

Ruben De Herdt
Ruben De Herdt ()

Seems like the Israëli’s are not at all pleased with this serious human rights breach called “vaccine passports” The very sinister connotation with certain historic precedents certainly doesn’t help. Hope there will be enough resistance to this, also in 🇪🇺

Hananya Naftali
Hananya Naftali ()

BREAKING NEWS! In the Middle East there is one regime that causes 99% of the problems - Iran. It is being investigated, I will update.

Max Blumenthal
Max Blumenthal ()

The US bombing Syria complemented 100s of Israeli strikes, sadistic US Caesar sanctions that starve ordinary Syrians, depriving them of medicine and food while US troops and their proxies occupy Syrian oil and wheat fields, depriving the country of revenue and bread. Savagery.

James Ray 🌹
James Ray 🌹 ()

Kinda wild that as an American citizen you can donate to Israeli settlements in Palestine and file it as a tax write off

בַּז 〽️ Bar Zohar
בַּז 〽️ Bar Zohar ()

〽️חייבים לשלוח את נתניהו הביתה ולתקן את כל מה שכבר הרוס.

Sarah Kendzior
Sarah Kendzior ()

Colin Kahl was the target of a vicious smear campaign by Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube aimed at discrediting and intimidating him. They targeted not only him but his wife and child. Trump staffers approved of the operation. None of this is mentioned in the article.

Cornel West
Cornel West ()

We must always fight against any disrespect of Black scholars and promote a robust and respectful dialogue on taboo issues, including the Israeli occupation of Palestinians. View a special episode of The Tight Rope at

Noga Tarnopolsky
Noga Tarnopolsky ()

🚨 Meanwhile, Russia is showing off about donating Sputnik V vaccines to Syria *without any Israeli funding,* leading to the question WTF really happened with the censored rescue operation to retrieve the young Israeli woman from Syria?

Alex Kane
Alex Kane ()

More bonkers news: Israel is giving vaccine doses to Honduras to get political benefits, while the vast majority of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation still don’t have access.

Electronic Intifada
Electronic Intifada ()

The apartheid becomes even more stark when one considers that Israeli settlers living in Jewish-only colonies on Palestinian land are receiving vaccines, while Palestinians in nearby towns and villages are not.

blue peter #re-join eu #stopthefascists
Blue peter #re-join eu #stopthefascists ()

@thepileus he poses absolutely no threat to the status quo, also he does the bidding of the Israeli lobby

CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

Israeli Occupation Forces destroy Palestinian owned farms to pave the way for the construction of more illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Alex Berenson
Alex Berenson ()

1/ I have to keep saying this: the Israeli’s government’s claims about how well the vaccine works cannot be squared with actual data on hospitalizations and cases. 65 days into mass vaccinations, Israel still has more new serious cases and deaths than when the campaign

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman ()

Israeli settlers vandalized and destroyed cars belonging to Palestinian workers near an illegal Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank last Wednesday.

Joop Soesan 🇮🇱🇳🇱
Joop Soesan 🇮🇱🇳🇱 ()

Na behalen van zilver in Tel Aviv zegt de uitgeweken Iraanse judoka gastvrijheid en ondersteuning van Israël, zal ik nooit vergeten

CTV News
CTV News ()

COVID-19 infections dropped per cent after both Pfizer shots: Israeli Health Ministry

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Reuters ()

COVID infections dropped after both Pfizer shots: Israeli Health Ministry

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Ayelet Waldman
Ayelet Waldman ()

Per @AllisonKSommer, Israeli Ministry of Health just announced findings that Pfizer vaccine is 98-99% effective in preventing infections and death. Higher than estimates.

NoticiasDeIsrael🇮🇱 ()

Spray nasal israelí evitó contagio de COVID en reunión masiva @estadoisrael

Arsen Ostrovsky
Arsen Ostrovsky ()

Wow, this is inspiring! Winning silver in Tel Aviv, #Iranian judoka forced to flee his home country after told to lose a match on purpose to avoid facing Israel’s Sagi Muki in 2019, says ‘will never forget #Israeli kindness’.

Juan Luis Steegmann Olmedillas
Juan Luis Steegmann Olmedillas ()

Israeli study finds 94% drop in symptomatic COVID-19 cases with Pfizer vaccine

Reuters ()

Israeli study finds Pfizer vaccine 85% effective after first shot

Israeli תמונה ,Israeli Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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