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Updated: September 18th, 2021 06:39 AM IST

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Defiant, fierce piece from Rabbi Danny Horowitz in Houston, who says if someone pregnant comes for his advice & I believe Judaism would require them to have an abortion, I will absolutely defy the laws of the state of Texas and counsel them to do so.

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@wandrernotlost Anyway the hot take here is that Christianity has kind of had antisemitism baked into it from its very inception -- from the nature of what it is, as a breakaway cult from Judaism that sought to supersede it (supersessionism)

Dude who isn’t Jewish is lecturing me, a Jewish scholar, on Judaism and trying to enforce gatekeeping

Treating converts as fully Jewish is a pretty central tenet of Judaism

My uncle Z’L, who was a rabbi and a Kabbalist, never used his position to scold people into atonement, or adherence of mitzvot. This is my understanding of Judaism. So when someone who hasn’t even started their conversion picks a line from the Talmud to bash Jews, I chuckle.

Biden’s Jerusalem Embassy Won’t Acknowledge Judaism’s Holiest Day To Palestinians

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September 17, 2021 marks, according to many sources, 345 years since the death of Shabtai Zvi, a Sephardi rabbi from the Ottoman Empire who claimed to be the Messiah and founded the Sabbatean movement. But who was he? By @AaronReich | #Judaism | #History

In medieval Judaism, the beginning of the book of Ezekiel was regarded as the most mystical passage in the Bible, and its study was discouraged, except by mature individuals with an extensive grounding in the study of traditional Jewish texts.

For those asking it’s Yom Kippur! The holiest day in Judaism! 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

Feeling lots of guilt that I’m not fasting or taking off work for Yom Kippur. Trying to figure out what Judaism looks like for me is…such a journey.

Wishing those observing Yom Kippur an easy fast. Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year in Judaism. Its central themes are atonement and repentance. Jews traditionally observe this holy day with a day-long fast and intensive prayer.

Judaism תמונה ,Judaism Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

G’mar Chatima Tovah to all those observing Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism. To the Jewish community in Delaware and beyond, I wish you an easy fast and a meaningful day of atonement and reflection.

German police are investigating a potential threat against a synagogue in the western town of Hagen on the eve of Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism. Streets in the area have been blocked off and armed police forces were deployed to the synagogue, local media reported.

Judaism תמונה ,Judaism Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

I did not grow up with much awareness about Judaism, the culture or most holidays outside Hanukkah, and it always blows me away how interesting and meaningful the traditions seem as opposed to like. Ash on ur face

I am really, really tired of Democratic politicians sloppily attempting to universalize the inherently particularist religion that is Judaism.

WATCH: Two years ago, on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism, the Halle synagogue shooting took place in Germany. After unsuccessfully trying to enter a local synagogue, the attacker murdered two people nearby and later injured two others. We remember.

The thing about Yom Kippur is that if you’re only starting to do your accountability work, like, today, you’ve not only missed the entire point of the holy day and the last six-ish weeks but of much of Judaism overall.

In Judaism it’s frowned upon to pray for somebody’s life in manner I am right now.

I think Jews of Color should not have to justify our Judaism to white people. Which side are you Jewish on? All of them. Please leave me alone.

This is a popular exegetical take in progressive Judaism - I hold by it for sure - and a good example of both projecting contemporary socio-religious ideas backward AND grounding them in the actual text.

I think it’s extremely Jewish for someone to say “here are the thirteen principles of Judaism” and then each one is like three thoughts

Just had the honor of interviewing @NellieBowles for the Nice Jewish Girls podcast. I can’t express how moving this conversation was. Her perspective on Judaism is as inspiring as it is refreshing. Can’t wait for you all to hear it!

BUT ALSO - insisting on an originalist take is a silly thing to do in the context of Judaism. Edgy Atheists and religious conservatives, both Jewish and Christian, complain that religious progressives are interpreting scriptures through the lens of modern socio-religious ideas

Just before Rosh Hashanah I was arguing with some Edgy Atheists about the Old-Testament-God-is-Mean thing, and one of them pulled out What about the binding of Isaac? - so, some post RH thoughts about the Akeidah, biblical originalism, and exegetical norms in Judaism:

Shabbat is a day of rest. To use that day of the week to terrorize Palestinians is a desecration of Shabbat and Judaism. Palestinians in the West Bank should not have to fear settler attacks any day of the week.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam originated in the Middle East. They’re not at all “western.”

It’s the 10 days of awe, which is time of reflection in Judaism & even with my worldview and political change I know I’m far from perfect and make mistakes & I just want to apologize to anyone out there that I might have hurt. I don’t expect everyone to forgive me & that’s OK.

A thread Yes, I know the last #Jew in #Afghanistan was forced to flee. Thank you for your condolences. This is indeed a very solemn moment to consider. There are, however, many Afghan ppl around the world who practice Judaism or espouse Jewish identity in one way or another.

The irony of comparing Periyar to Spinoza when former is on record attacking both Jews and Brahmins in one quote. (Separate matter: Judaism considers Spinoza to be a heretic.) Savarkar attacked caste consistently - he did not bully one group. Savarkar wanted to organise Dharma.

In this scene from our April 1996 issue, Orthodox Jewish men approach the Western Wall, a holy site dating back to 19 #PhotoOfTheDay

Defiant, fierce piece from Rabbi Danny Horowitz in Houston, who says if someone pregnant comes for his advice & I believe Judaism would require them to have an abortion, I will absolutely defy the laws of the state of Texas and counsel them to do so.

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