Jungkook : Most Popular Tweets Israel

Updated: December 3rd, 2021 08:40 PM IST

things to know about eating at ahgassi gopchang: -amazing food -good vibes -great bts playlist -fellow patrons will randomly airdrop you pics of Jungkook’s abs

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[UCC] Fans get creative to catch BTS’ Jungkook’s attention at PTD on Stage Concert, from cosplaying his iconic looks to holding up posters of his dog Bam

[UCC] Jungkook holds the record for the Most-Shazamed Solo Song by a Korean Male Idol

things to know about eating at ahgassi gopchang: -amazing food -good vibes -great bts playlist -fellow patrons will randomly airdrop you pics of jungkook’s abs

And I love y’all for that! Can’t speak for Jungkook but I’m sure he feels the same. One of the songs I’m most proud of in my career

Antes de desactivar quiero aclarar que no estaba consiente de que podía lastimar a alguien, se supone eran mis amigas, pero ahora resulta que me están exponiendo¿¿?? Me voy porque muchos me tiran hate y no pueden aceptar que Jungkook mi varón

amo el contraste de que seokjin tenga 28 años y sin embargo no muestre ni un brazo en los conciertos mientras que jungkook que nació ayer por poco sale en tetas con un cartel que dice free the nipple

de corazon espero que al saco de jungkook lo esten remallando una y otra vez porque no se si estoy mentalmente bien como para volver a ver lo de anoche

tae and jungkook are releasing a christmas song together? that’s why i got pls let it be true


tendo dito q o jungkook fica 2 horas de manhã fazendo nada no quarto do jimin eles ficam de preguiça de conchinha? pensando

a jungkook lo van a tener que meter al quirofano para sacarle esa campera es como en 2016 cuando usaba las timberland hasta para ir a misa

can never comprehend how jungkook praising tae / looking at tae during the vlive seems like a skit to some of yall :// talking about appreciating ot7’s bond but the taekook is silent everytime

yes he knows he is dating jungkook and we all know that too, he also knows those two aren’t dating because those two have told us that themselves explicitly, and if you actually listened to what they were saying rather than zoom and edit you would know that too

Jimin : Mr Jungkook do you ( Cut ) Jk : yes,yes,yes,I dooooooooooooooooooooooo #taekook #TaekookIsReal

wtb // want to buy. pc biasa tokopedia event pertama : • taehyung. • jungkook. pc holo tokopedia event kedua : • namjoon. • yoongi. • jimin. • taehyung. • jungkook. yang bisa co oren (keep event), no overprice please.

now my delulu mind can’t stop imagining scenarios where jungkook sits in vmin’s lap even though he’s the heaviest out of the three but who cares cause he’s their baby

211128 뷔 Live 호잇 💜정국💜 @BTS_twt #JUNGKOOK #정국

Jungkook תמונה ,Jungkook : Most Popular Tweets

Me and Jungkook are working out every day BITCH I CAN SEE THAT

Jungkook תמונה ,Jungkook : Most Popular Tweets

jungkook please think about my mental health and come fast pls pls @BTS_twt ☹️🤧

@Iyr8z6zeiovigoa 優ちゃんアンニョン☀️ 凄いよねぇ😍日本ツアーで本当会いたい😆毎日会える日を夢に見るよ💜💚 今日もがんばろー!

creo que voy a desactivar hasta que los bts se vayan de retrasos cogidos porque si veo otra gringa de toilet with ice cream, michigan publicando un video de jungkook tirandose un pedo les juro que voy a planear un atentado


aaaa ahora me acordé cuando jungkook dijo que quería presentar on en vivo y que quería que las fans lo vean y 😭 no me hablen que estoy triste

Bet she gets the hug you never will from Jungkook. 🤷‍♀️ Blocking this troll.

@basin_eloise @sweeeet_kth BEJXKFK’X???2!&:&3&3 JUNGKOOK ILLUMINATE SORS DE CE CORPS

to quase decidida a comprar outro tear r pra ver se o jungkook acha o caminho de casa

Omg in less than 30 hours from now Jungkook will get to sing his epic chorus in ON for the first time in front of a live audience with his mouthwatering tiddies out, hopefully 😁🤪🥵🤧

[UCC] Jungkook was compared to a movie star by talk-show host James Corden

not but the way- joon: are you alright James?.. james: 😳🥴😬 jungkook: are you okay ? 😃☺ I COULD FUCKING DIE FOR HIM

Pls help rt! wts ph only lfb bts butter jhope rm jk luckydraw ld soundwave sw hoseok jungkook namjoon

BTS puma 엽서+ 비비큐 포카 일괄 양도 준등기 포함 방탄소년단 방탄 BBQ 포카 메디힐 푸마 남준 석진 윤기 호석 지민 태형 정국 양도 교환 디비디 앨범 럽셀 피켓 포토카드 메모리즈 블레 엽서 시그 dvd bts pc photocard poca rm jin suga j-hope jimin v jungkook 미니포카

Jungkook תמונה ,Jungkook : Most Popular Tweets

Netizens LOL after knowing the reason why Jungkook was dragged away from the microphone at the AMAs during his speech

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