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never forget jinsoul served so hard on this move for no reason

Never Forget תמונה ,Never Forget Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Never Forget on Twitter

Gallen Leung
Gallen Leung ()

Just realised Odelusi actually retried back in 2019😂😂street never forget that 1v1 and ended up at corner flat #wafc

Dissident_Priest ()

@AnonyWhiteMale @ozthegoatguy I traced the name back and compared it with our oral traditions. Then, I had a genealogy done for final comfirmation. 🤯🤯🤯 Why do I post this on this thread? Knowing our history begins with understanding ourselves. NEVER FORGET!!

Mary Sue
Mary Sue ()

I will never forget the last kiss I gave to Abbie as her girlfriend and the first I gave her as her fiancée

Joe Duncan
Joe Duncan ()

Jewish friends I’m with you on this Yom Hashoah. ❤️ We will continue to fight against fascism and dangerous ideologies into the future, and we will never forget the past. #HolocaustRemembranceDay

Sapphic (Derogatory)
Sapphic (Derogatory) ()

I’ll never forget the one time my friends and I put up a PF to farm Suzaku EX and we got two lesbians that just stared at each other the whole time and didn’t do anything like You know what I’m proud of them

riven !
Riven ! ()

lizzo deserves better. and although it’s gotten a bit better, i’ll never forget her being ridiculed for just existing. and she just keeps uplifting everyone anyway

Chaim ()

@YeahThatsKosher I can value Yom hashoa and hold it sacred and yet still relate to this. I think never forget and never remember may be the same side of the coin just expressed differently.

Sarita 🦋🤘🏽🇹🇹
Sarita 🦋🤘🏽🇹🇹 ()

will never forget how I almost stopped breathing during the live watch.

Embassy of Poland U.S.
Embassy of Poland U.S. ()

Today, the international community concludes the observance of #HolocaustRemembranceDay, honoring the six million Jews ruthlessly murdered by the Nazi German regime. Let us never forget the memory of those who perished.

Never Forget תמונה ,Never Forget Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Gem “The Spoiled Leftie”
Gem “The Spoiled Leftie” ()

@CultStitch I remember reading that in a book once. I think I’ll try cycling. I can remember riding my bike a lot as a kid. I know people say “you never forget” but I’m betting I’ve forgotten! 😂

Orphan ()

You are beautiful. Never forget that. In a world of billion people, there is only one you. So take care of you because the world needs you.

gia’s sad song........
Gia’s sad song........ ()

you can forget how my tits looked, you can forget how they felt; but you can never forget how they made you feel 💓

✿ ȤαƳα-ƒⅰςⅰσηα∂σ ✿
✿ ȤαƳα-ƒⅰςⅰσηα∂σ ✿ ()

What have they done to him!! 😭😭😭 Will never forget/forgive Sony TV for character assassinating our boy like that. He was flawed, but they turned him into someone he never wanted to be!! 💔 #Story9MonthsKi

🎣 ()

never forget jinsoul served so hard on this move for no reason

Never Forget תמונה ,Never Forget Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
MDLA ✨ ()

I’ll never forget getting so high from weed, I thought I was gonna be the first person ever to overdose from it.

English Muffin
English Muffin ()

@vbergstrom Never forget when he said he can make more money rapping than staying in school

☚ hailey #BestMusicVideo ☛
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