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Updated: October 20th, 2021 08:41 PM IST

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Ok bossy man. Well… it said “Nicki after being canceled for the 4th time this week” 🥴 then it showed the bk lady saying smthn funny.

Nicki Twitter

Con Becky G, Nicki Nicole y Nathy Peluso: Christina Aguilera cantará en español para celebrar el empoderamiento femenino

Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj’s “Boyz” official music video ends it’s first week with views and 455K likes on YouTube! —Watch here:

Nicki תמונה ,Nicki Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

If Nicki is on Thugger’s album, he better prepare for people to dig through his past 💀

I have a lot of ideas for Nicki to use. These are what we call in between ideas to make sure the Barbz are fed with different aspects of her while waiting on music. I think these ideas will show a more human side of her…

@NATEMARAJJ barbz cup defending Drake, I want to see their reaction when Drake fights Nicki again and for a tantrum takes some female rapper that Nicki has a fight and says that this rapper is the best at what she does

THE TAGS😭😭😭 nicki stop playing😭😭💀 @NICKIMINAJ

Nicki תמונה ,Nicki Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Some of the realest Barbz don’t have a Nicki follow and still hold sis down thru whatever, that’s dedication❤️

I’m sorry but I can’t believe Sachin really told Nicki to get in the studio. I promise you, if he was her manager we would have had the documentary and album by yesterday😭 Sach wasn’t playing around!

Nicki Pedersen ukarany przez duńską federację na 4 miesiące w zawieszeniu i 15 tysięcy duńskich koron.

Where did all these ‘Mixers or little Mix stans’ come from??? I never knew they had people behind them until this day and I didn’t even know people liked Leigh Ann that much either…. Is it genuine or just to hate Nicki ?… I think we know the answer

Nicki תמונה ,Nicki Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

& of course I will FOREVER defend Nicki, even if I don’t know wtf is going on but I definitely felt sum type of way abt jesy fans not speaking up also. Why tf are us barbz the only one arguing w/ this lady old fkn group?

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Facing $15 Million Default Judgment for Ignoring Lawsuit

Nicki תמונה ,Nicki Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

how y’all mad she unfollowed when nicki bashed her on live in front of 100K people over fake messages and a blackfisher?

@rainilegendwbk @chartdata I see you camping under chardata since you can’t do popbase or popcrave anymore 🤣 nicki a fad

THREAD: Hip-Hop Acts with the Most Billboard Hot 100 Entries of All Time: 258 Drake 178 Lil Wayne 133 Kanye West 127 Future 119 Nicki Minaj 103 Jay-Z 93 Eminem 92 Lil Baby 81 Lil Uzi Vert 74 Travis Scott 69 Young Thug 66 YoungBoy Never Broke Again 64 Meek Mill 60 J. Cole

At multiple points during her El Tiny performance, Nicki Nicole points and beckons to the audience, inviting them into her world, her lyrics, her sound – one that bears a connection to styles beyond her years.

@minajtrollz He is the biggest fool ,there were other songs on the same beat did nicki reach out too them ? He dont own the beat for the song .

@prinzzolanski Im not scared of the fanbase but i dont feel like there is anything wrong with her unfollowing nicki.

@otokiyo_1 It’s sad bc there’s no Barbz in the comment section, it’s just full of more people hating on Nicki. Only bc she was defending herself in the first place. I want that person to cry and deactivate

I know y’all love Nicki yea… When you have a friend and they’ve done something you don’t agree with and you tell them, it doesn’t mean you don’t love them, you’re telling them BECAUSE you love them! It’s okay not to always agree with your favs point of view.

Look @BIABIA the acc that compared you & had you in the 2nd collage of artits prefers your WLMR with Nicki over Boyz 🤣🤣🤣🤣

they finna come for me but it all boils down to… if nicki was a regular person, who was your friend/acquaintance & had a convicted rapist husband & she was bullying his accusers to b quiet would you be still be friends w her? yeah …. ik the answer lol.

@uhnickiminaj It won’t happen cuz only people on Twitter say that and they don’t have power to end Nicki’s career😭😭😭😭🤡🤡🤡 she will stop when she wants to and she will keep succeeding ♥️ 🦄

Lidt en skam det ikke er et af de helt sløje landshold med Nicki Bille og Anders Randrup der skal afsted til Qatar, men i stedet det bedste danske landshold i 30 år. No way at der kommer til at være stor tilslutning til en boykot nu …

@explicitniter @vitortingz faz mais de um ano que ela publicou o livro e acho que você nem chegou perto de ler (até porque bardigang não tem esse hábito). se tivesse lido saberia que ela não citou a nicki mas vamos relembrar de quando o ex-produtor do american idol deixou claro quem era o problema de tudo

Nicki תמונה ,Nicki Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

like Nicki never brought out plenty of female rappers out to tour with her. Nicki don’t even attend parties like that unless she’s hosting

Ok bossy man. Well… it said “Nicki after being canceled for the 4th time this week” 🥴 then it showed the bk lady saying smthn funny.

🚨Stream Jesy Nelson #BOYZ ft. @NICKIMINAJ. Available Now Everywhere‼️ • Apple Music: • iTunes: • Amazon: • Spotify: • TIDAL:

@ilikeurbighands kkkkkkkkkkk os lirous querendo crescer pra cima das a-list que tem feat com a nicki, quem aguenta

Nicki commenting on bullying without acknowledging her lengthy history of harassment is sick.

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