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Updated: January 19th, 2022 11:41 AM IST

Omicron may be the end to the pandemic crisis - if only elite health officials would let it.

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¿Qué síntomas diferencian la variante ómicron de una gripe común?

Even Doctor Angie Coetzee of South Africa the discoverer of Omicron says it VERY weak IF you have any symptoms ( if you switch around the letters of Omicron you get moronic)

Que mi jefe quiere playeras hawuuaianas para un evento. No por dios no. Pareceré un pinshi palmeron con sus dos *cancelen el evento por omicron, Pleasee

There are already signs people are in their own self-imposed “shadow lockdown” as Omicron cases surge | Opinion by @JennieDuke

We’re at 1,984 American Covid deaths yesterday, almost all among the unvaccinated. We’re hitting 2,000 deaths/day once again. Omicron is a serious virus pathogen.

Personal News: Omicron got me:) Two weeks ago I developed symptoms and tested +ve Sharing five lessons I learned from that experience and hoping you’ll find them helpful

Cambodian tourism industry groups say the outlook is unclear as the Omicron variant of Covid-19 spreads around the region and the world.

@analuizapinhal2 Cuide-se! Tomou vacina? A variante ômicron parece ser menos agressiva.

Tomorrow evening’s Around Town TV LIVE is Cancelled. Carla Beaurline has Omicron Covid. Very minor symptoms since last Tuesday evening. Still waiting on Saliva Test from last Friday. Home Antigen Test was positive tonight. Had antibodies for Covid for almost 2 years.

Omicron תמונה ,Omicron : Most Popular Tweets

Right, things are rough in Canada right now with omicron, almost as bad as NY NJ MA DC DE FL. Well actually Canada is not nearly as bad as those US states. Maybe there’s another reason for the travel ban? Some problem with Horton’s donuts? No one’s talking

@martinezmau Por el bien de esta Nacion, Omicron llevate a este C4br0n!!!

Omicron תמונה ,Omicron : Most Popular Tweets

@rquiroga777 gracias, otra, que todo esto de la omicron me tiene preocupado, esto no es medio contraproducente?

Omicron תמונה ,Omicron : Most Popular Tweets

Chicas estoy re congestionado con dolor de cabeza y me pica la garganta se supone que esos son los síntomas de la omicron? Llego mi covid era

I hadn’t realized McSweeneys was doing just straight journalism these days.

@PeterJa27056176 @NewshubNZ Lol yep if you are anti mandate you are anti vax good logic btw with omicron 10 weeks the boosters last but then again omicron is doing exactly what the vaccine does. In the Lowers your chances of going to hospital less lethal so well what’s the death toll oh and weaker symptoms

Pfizer prepara vacuna contra Ómicron | Noticias con Yuriria Sierra a través de @YouTube

Rupee pares initial losses, settles almost flat at - Forex traders said growing concerns over the Omicron variant of coronavirus and its impact on economic recovery as well as firm -

Omicron תמונה ,Omicron : Most Popular Tweets

If biden’s ghoul squad thinks omicron is no big deal they should do a doorknob-licking tour to prove it

poised to break record 142,000 covid-19 hospitalizations

Ashland High School is switching to short-term distance learning due to the Omicron surge.

@DavidDPreiss No veo que se gana con el espantometro. Hasta ahora la variante Ómicron en todas partes ha sido muy poca letal

Stay educated !! 📕 Best way to stay safe is to be informed with the truth

poised to break record 142,000 covid-19 hospitalizations

poised to break record 142,000 covid-19 hospitalizations

es una gripe omicron : yo tengo otros Irresponsable 🤷🏻‍♂️pero aun así se le desea recuperación, lección d todos modos jamás la tendrá.

@csferrie Biden admin doing that now. Omicron instantly went from possible much stronger variant to a lot less variant immediately after the reaction to Biden’s speech right before Christmas. 🤣 We would be in full imposed lockdowns like March 2020 if people didn’t speak up!

@fleetfooted @IKEAUK official office of national statistics data from December, shows a triple vaccinated person is exactly more likely to catch Omicron than an unvaccinated person. even one jab makes you more likely. Please get educated as your claim is fictional.

What happens when one of the best vaccinated (90% total population) countries in the world gets Omicron? 🇵🇹

Omicron תמונה ,Omicron : Most Popular Tweets

Omicron may be the end to the pandemic crisis - if only elite health officials would let it.

Se había dicho que con Omicron los contagios aumentaban pero no las hospitalizaciones ni las muertes; esta gráfica de Nueva York es muy preocupante pues muestra que esas dos ultimas variables pueden aumentar también muy rápidamente.

Omicron תמונה ,Omicron : Most Popular Tweets
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