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In the aftermath of the ceasefire in Palestine, people are making spaces for their communities to heal. See the full post ➡️

Palestine תמונה ,Palestine Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Palestine on Twitter

Quds News Network
Quds News Network ()

“We are calling on journalists to tell the full, contextualized truth without fear or favor, to recognize that obfuscating Israel’s oppression of Palestinians fails this industry’s own objectivity standards”, the letter read. #US #Palestine

Imraan Siddiqi
Imraan Siddiqi ()

Writing “Free Palestine” in chalk is now a hate crime in Maine.

Elizabeth Noll
Elizabeth Noll ()

@GoDawgs32 @MollyJongFast And why would Palestine care if you said you don’t like his Dad

iz, toxic masculinity-haver
Iz, toxic masculinity-haver ()

most georgetown students will never rally around palestine cause they all wanna run for congress or work for the state department and being on the right side of something for once would tarnish their record

CJPME #SaveSheikhJarrah
CJPME #SaveSheikhJarrah ()

Press release: @AnnamiePaul Must Abandon Toxic Anti-Palestine Politics Before it Destroys the Green Party #cdnpoli #gpc

Palestine תמונה ,Palestine Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Abier Khatib
Abier Khatib ()

14 years old. Palestinian children are facing the worst forms of suppression and oppression. Till when? #Palestine

Palestine תמונה ,Palestine Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Abier Khatib
Abier Khatib ()

this video is perfect summation of Palestine ethnic cleansing since 1948 leading to #SheikhJarrah & Silwan daylight war crime. This women is insanely good. #Palestine

Tom Kilian
Tom Kilian ()

The person who posted that goofy YA take I’ve seen going around posted a donation link for aid in Palestine under it, which is cool and I think if you’re going to dunk on the take you ought to chip in

Viva Palestina! 🇵🇸🌿
Viva Palestina! 🇵🇸🌿 ()

To my Jewish kindred who are fighting for justice, a simple request: Drop any pretense of respect or civility for our religious and institutional leaders. They turn their backs as Israel trashes Palestine. FUCK THEM. You owe them absolutely nothing.

Sana Saeed
Sana Saeed ()

Unprecedented US media moment? Proud to be among 200+ journalists who work in US media that signed this letter calling on our industry to do better on covering Palestine, the occupation & the system of apartheid starting with language & platforming.

al whit
Al whit ()

Hamas condemns US Secretary of State recent statements - on @DaysofPalestine #Palestine

Palestine תמונה ,Palestine Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Moch 🇵🇸🇷🇺
Moch 🇵🇸🇷🇺 ()

@abierkhatib The baboon Yacoub, Have been eyeing the house since 2014 and are they right? Lol What kind of rule is that? Why is everything always true for Israel, what conspiracy is this. What is your goal in taking the land of Palestine? We are not stupid and we know everything you do.

Palestine תמונה ,Palestine Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Filistin Gündemi
Filistin Gündemi ()

Filistinli aktivist @kurd_muna İsrail işgal entegrasyonunda başına gelenleri anlatıyor. Çeviri: Gülnur Dilsiz Kaynak: @

Rami Ismail (رامي)
Rami Ismail (رامي) ()

9% away from the goal of $500,000. ~1,000 games by 800 developers are yours for $5 or more - and all proceeds go to humanitarian aid in Palestine.

hu tao enjoyer: بيكه
Hu tao enjoyer: بيكه ()

stop committing terrorism on palestinians. stop allowing a white supremacist government to abuse its power on palestine. end the war crimes end colonialism end israel #SaveSheikhJarrah #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_الجراح

Fatema ()

babes merely mentioning israel when there are literally 190 other countries to choose from normalizes the existence of israel and the occupation of palestine, implicitly condoning the genocide and ethnic cleansing that Palestinians are subjected to :)

Elias ()

Orthodox Christians whenever they see a mountain in Palestine:

Palestine תמונה ,Palestine Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Saba ()

@QAYS_B she’s so gross she literally stayed silent on palestine and was like oh it’s none of my business or sth like that she’s such a horrible person

Onofre Escobar
Onofre Escobar ()

@SenTedCruz Cruz: Did Trump reach peace between Iran & Israel; Israel & Palestine? NO - $4 billion to Israel. Does that undermines Israel? - Money to Palestine is to repair damage caused by Israel, humanitarian aid -Money given/promise to Iran is money Iran paid us for arms we didn’t deliver

chelsea ♡
Chelsea ♡ ()

@BandBitchLani tbh it doesnt bother me because palestine isnt gonna be freed on twitter - irl people are still organising and thats far more important

𝑪𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒂𝒄𝒆 #SaveSheikhJarrah
𝑪𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒂𝒄𝒆 #SaveSheikhJarrah ()

He has been fighting the violent Israeli occupation his entire life and is one of the loudest voices on the ground in Palestine. The colonizers can’t hide what we already know. #freemohammedelkurd #SaveSheikhJarrah

Abier Khatib
Abier Khatib ()

“They kicked me in the police car much more than they kicked me outside. they knew I was Al Jazeera reporter” Very moving interview with Givara on the circumstance of her arrest by IOF. #Palestine

مريم البرغوثي
مريم البرغوثي ()

This is @m7mdkurd right before being taken into detention by Israeli police in Jerusalem. He is 23 and is up against a colonial state that uses economic, psychological, legal, and digital violence when it can’t straight up kill you. Sheikh Jarrah, keep your eyes on Palestine.

Palestine תמונה ,Palestine Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Eunice Nkhoma
Eunice Nkhoma ()

Jordan is Palestine and Palestine in Jordan. King Hussein I of Jordan in a newspaper interview November 26, 1981.

Doha Debates
Doha Debates ()

In the aftermath of the ceasefire in Palestine, people are making spaces for their communities to heal. See the full post ➡️

Palestine תמונה ,Palestine Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Rami Ismail (رامي)
Rami Ismail (رامي) ()

People ask, how can we help Palestine?. The most important thing is to keep speaking up. Beyond that, the Palestinians can use financial aid to rebuild. Thanks to countless game devs, you can now help raise those funds through purchasing a lot of games

Ricky, resident of dimension B
Ricky, resident of dimension B ()

@s0larbody Looks like they play the whitest country music in east palestine, ohio

Malaka ()

What is going on in Palestine is settler colonialism. A settler colonial state is working day & night to wipe native Palestinians off civil registries. This is the root cause. Apartheid is a symptom. Segregation, settlements, violence, discrimination & blockade are all symptoms.

Jiska Hachmer
Jiska Hachmer ()

We also see the importance of good learning and sharing by good scholars, which will solve all. So, we ll need to study this, and help solve it. And add them to #EU Rochman, R. (6th of July, 2019) Origins of “Palestine”. Youtube. Retrieved from

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn ()

In May we supported food banks, gave a platform to refugee voices, and campaigned for peace and justice in Palestine. This month we want to do more – and we need your help. Become a regular supporter today at

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