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James Comey felt compelled to announce the reopening of the Hillary email investigation because it had already been leaked by two agents at the NY FBI office, one of whom we now learn was a Russian agent. Don’t tell me Putin didn’t steal the 2016 election..

Putin brutally crushed democratic protests, froze their bank accounts, imprisoned their leaders, and even froze the bank accounts of those who donated to them! Sorry, spelling error, it was Justin Trudeau who did all that..

It’s the crime of the century: An FBI agent working for Putin swayed the 2016 election by both leaking disinformation about Russia-Gate and revealing the reopening of the email investigation, right before the election But please MSM, tell us more about Biden’s closet..

⚡️The European Parliament has just voted for a tribunal for Putin In favor - 472. Against - 19 Putin is a War Criminal.

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Last yr Marjorie Taylor Greene was featured speaker at a white supremacist event where her fellow speakers praised Hitler & called for Fauci to be hanged. Attendees chanted Putin as bombs dropped on Ukraine The GOP just gave her a seat on the House Homeland Security Committee.

BREAKING: Putin spokesman says tanks from West constitute “direct involvement” in the Ukrainian war..

Putin is negotiating with the Taliban to buy the 50,000 armored vehicles, 150 aircraft, attack helicopters, etc. that BIDEN left behind when he botched Afghanistan. What’s it called when one country arms BOTH SIDES of a war because it loves death and destruction?.

The strategic genius that is Vladimir Putin has not only succeeded in forcing Germany to end its dependence on Russian energy but he has somehow manoeuvred himself into a situation in which Russian troops are about to face German battle tanks. What a colossal failure..

First day of class at USC, I got kicked out of school for saying, “Putin did nothing wrong.” A Ukrainian student with they/them pronouns started crying..

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Putin and the military pilot who hit the building with a rocket still believe they will not be punished. We must establish an international tribunal now. The idea that sooner or later, they can be judged will have a cooling effect on RU brutality. It’s mean to save a lot of lives.

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Many in the West praise Russian opposition leader #Navalny and the Oscar-nominated documentary about him. But there’s something else to remember: Being anti-Putin doesn’t negate Navalny’s imperialist and chauvinist views. Let’s take a look at specific examples in this thread 🧵.

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💬 Presidente Vladímir Putin: Hemos sido pacientes durante mucho tiempo, hemos intentado negociar [con las autoridades ucranianas y Occidente] durante mucho tiempo. ☝️ Hicimos todo lo posible para resolver la situación pacíficamente. Ahora ha quedado claro que esto era imposible.

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This @nytimes story is a tremendous black eye for Durham and Barr. It shows they brazenly abused their investigative and prosecutorial powers to pursue a political agenda to help Trump escape the Trump-Russia scandal. It was a perversion of the DOJ—to benefit Trump AND Putin..

Pensioners of Bashkortostan release an appeal to putin asking him to come to his senses, accusing him of isolating himself from the people and only providing to himself and his henchmen..

Stop being afraid of what might happen when Ukraine wins and Putin falls. The dangers are far higher now, and real. My article in @ForeignAffairs with Mikhail Khodorkovsky @mbk_center..

Hacked emails reveal how the Treasury, under Rishi Sunak, helped a sanctioned oligarch and Putin ally sue a British journalist in UK courts.

Hoy recibimos en el Palacio de la Revolución a una importante delegación de empresarios rusos, para dar seguimiento a los acuerdos de nuestra última visita a ese hermano país. Estamos avanzando muy rápido en concretar todo lo que conversamos con el Presidente Putin. #Cuba.

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Putin puppet Orbán called Ukraine a “no man’s land” and compared it to Afghanistan. It is intolerable that Hungary – a firm ally of the Russian terrorist state – remains in NATO and the EU..

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India making substantial contribution to international stability and security, says Putin.

Z puntu widzenia Tuska i jego przydupasów takich jak na przykład Sikorski najkorzystniejszą wersją zdarzeń byłoby gdyby Putin zajął Ukrainę i utrzymał się u władzy. Kto wie co jego następca zrobi z kwitami dot. Smoleńska, które sobie na razie spokojnie leżą w Archiwach FSB?.

@AndreaR9Md @ItWasACoup Well the story here is this is noise generated by Tucker to cause chaos and dissatisfaction. Putin.

@donaldtusk rudy czemu nie zablokowałeś migracji Merkel twojej ciotki krulu EU utonęło tyś migrantów a mogłeś ich uratować chlałeś szampana na salonach i nic nie zrobiłeś 🖕 ludobójcy jebani zawsze jesteś przy śmierci ludzi jak Putin terrorysta twój przyjaciel uważaj on nie lubi 🥂🇵🇱.

Agree w/ this. Also, he shld be making the case for why it’s in Germany’s security interests to empower Ukraine fully to force Putin to determine it’s time to stop. Persuade and build on that half. A prolonged war is very expensive in blood and treasure and runs higher risks..

@voter1vote Well, we know who Trump fawned over. Wasn’t just Putin. He loved up Israel, KSA, NKorea, India, Turkey. They likely all have an interest in his souvenirs. Just an amazing failure of security..

@MaxAbrahms Is that the Putin’s plan? Bleed them out of soldiers with a 1000 it’s also that there is no trustworthy source on these numbers, right?.

La ofensiva de Rusia, contra la ofensiva de la OTAN, contra las decisiones de Alemania son bastante complejas. Aunque Putin trae un plan muy avanzado, bastante desarrollado como estrategia de guerra. Y parece que Donbass será realmente de Rusia y no más..

Amtomwaffendrohnungen sind gehaltlos, weil Putin unkalkulierbar ist 🤔 Beim @DLF heute wieder eher Fan Fiction.

Wenn Putin gewinnt, macht Orban für Putin die Grenze auf, und dann haben wir den Salat..

Oliver Stone: Vladimir Putin and War in Ukraine | Lex Fridman Podcast #286 via @YouTube.

Es ist schon äußerst amüsant, dass sich genau diejenigen über eine angebliche Diskursvergiftung durch Bezeichnungen wie „Putin-Kuschler“ echauffieren, die andauernd Solidarität mit der Ukraine wahlweise als „Kriegstreiberei“ oder „Waffenlobbyismus“ diffamieren..

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