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Updated: November 27th, 2021 04:41 PM IST

Time out… idc what era it was the great Bill Russell had 30pt & 40 rebound game in a game 7 🤯🤯🤯🤯

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Farewell Stephen Sondheim. Thank you for the music. All sympathies to his family and friends. #StephenSondheim #StephenSondheimRIP Here with Jane Russell and Elaine Stritch on the set of the Broadway show Company.

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

According to reports, KKR have confirmed Sunil Narine and Varun Chakravarthy as their 2 players to retain ahead of Mega Auction. Rest 2 likely going to be Shubman and Russell. #IPL2022 #IPLretention

LeBron is an amazing basketball player we all know this but having Russell Westbrook as your starting point guard is POINTLESS when all he’s able to do is stand on the 3 point line🤦🏾‍♀️

Vogel is such an elite defensive coach, no one can stop LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook like him

Meu Deus como eu odeio ver Russell Westbrook parado no corner nas posses ofensivas meu Deus, meu Deus que desperdício

$IWM Russell Small-Cap: Among highest volume candles in 2021. Long lower wick signaling buyers right at volume point of control at 220-223 support. Per $SPY $NQ update, risk to 208-209 but want to see it hold above either 208-209 or 220-223 for 285+ target fib extension 1H2022.

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

At the dinner table my Nana starts telling me about the time she went to the 1958 National Science Fair and attended the fair’s dance with a boy named Brian, who was working on “cybernetics.” I asked his full name, she says, “Brian Russell De Palma”

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

We’re a resilient group that’s been in different situations many different times and as you saw tonight, when you have that group you’re able to kind of get stops on demand and make big shots.”

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

Another obvious offseason item for the #Seahawks, regardless how the season goes: Pay Quandre Diggs.

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

tend to stay away from gary oldman and russell crowe unless a film gets a big endorsement in my group chat

Suresh Raina went running towards Andrew Russell and appreciated him for playing a great game ❤ #HappyBirthdayRaina @ImRaina

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

“Burrell Russell Lee” by Edgar Allen Lee.

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Happy UT football Independence Day


👑 George Russell 👑 What a season he has had! Let’s finish it strong 💪 (Rts and likes are always appreciated!) @WilliamsRacing @OfficialGR63

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

If russell loses 2213 monthly pivot i think it will seek out 2040/2050 soon out of balance

That was a nasty side-step and deep three by Fatts Russell to dagger Richmond. As poorly as Maryland played in the first half, they were dominant in the final 10 minutes.

Same starters as always for Maryland: G Fatts Russell G Eric Ayala G Hakim Hart F Donta Scott C Qudus Wahab

haven’t had thanksgiving with my family in over 10 years but i did have a legendary run from 2014-2017 of recreating the scene from american gangster where russell crowe’s character eats a tuna fish potato chip sandwich dinner in his squalid apartment

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

İkinci görseldeki bölümde; bir konuya fazla odanlanan Sheldon, çözüm bulabilmek için frontal lobu oyalayacak bir iş arıyor. Böylece bilinçdışı arkaplanda çalışabilecek. Einstein ve Bertrand Russell örneği. İşlemiştik.

#Thanksgiving message from @NavyMCPON Russell Smith aboard @CVN70 in the Philippine Sea, Nov. 25th. This year the biggest accomplishment of the Navy has been to persevere through a COVID ability for the #USNavy to continue been amazing.

Chris Duarte may have been shorted one free-throw last night, but even in a loss, his ballsy shotmaking still impressed LeBron James and Russell Westbrook.

The Jolly Green Giant stands under some carrots and peas. Nipsey Russell #MacysParade

Top 5 players all time. Jordan. Kareem. Wilt. Bill Russell. Bird. Where did LeBitch go?

Throwback Thursday: Listen to a one-off group featuring @JerryGarcia, Leon Russell, Doug Sahm and others cover The Rolling Stones, Merle Haggard, Chuck Berry and more on Thanksgiving Day 1972 in Austin

Jimi Hendrix and Mick Taylor backstage at Madison Square Garden, New York, in 1969. __________________________ Photo by © Ethan Russell

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

【📢お知らせ】 『思い出抱えてアイにコイ!!』アクリルフィギュアスタンドが登場! 抱えるほどの思い出も作れちゃう?お外でも家で過ごす時間にもぴったりなサイズです。 公式通販&BOOTHにて予約受付中です♪ #アイにコイ #HOOKSOFT

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

【📢お知らせ】 『#ハジラブ -Making*Lovers-』アクリルフィギュアスタンドが登場! これさえあればヒロイン達と外でも家でも俺デートも可能!? 公式通販&BOOTHにて予約受付中です♪ #SMEE

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

LeBron James goes off for a season-high 39 PTS to lift the @Lakers over Indiana in OT! Russell Westbrook: 20 PTS, 7 REB, 5 AST Malik Monk: 17 PTS, 3 3PM

Russell תמונה ,Russell : Most Popular Tweets

Insisto, me van a tener que explicar la carrera de Carlos. Que le está pillando hasta Russell, pero esto qué es, tronco.


Time out… idc what era it was the great Bill Russell had 30pt & 40 rebound game in a game 7 🤯🤯🤯🤯

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