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Updated: January 24th, 2022 06:41 PM IST

.@TuckerCarlson is doing more to advance Russia’s interests in United States than perhaps Putin himself.

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🔴 NATO says it’s sending additional ships and fighter jets to eastern Europe amid Russia troop build-up near #Ukraine.

From State Dept call: “Given that the President has said military action by Russia could come at any time. The US government will not be in a position to evacuate US citizens. So US citizens, currently present in Ukraine should plan accordingly.” Arrange commercial flights.

With Russia threatening to invade Ukraine, can someone please ask Joe Biden why he gave the green light for the Russia-owned Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany? If Russia is such a threat, Joe, then why do you want Putin flush with cash?

@ben333_333 @eigenrobot russia has a highly calibrated frenemy relationship with turkey russians aim to sell the turks more anti-aircraft weapons, ironically

A página @DiretoFront atualmente está acompanhando as tensões em três frentes: Rússia-Ucrânia, China-Taiwan e Israel-Irã, com foco maior na questão russa-ucraniana. Aos novos seguidores, sejam todos muito bem vindos.

Under Brandon’s admin, you have two options. Either surrender to the Communist Russia or to the Communist China.

Biden Says Russia Can Invade Ukraine So Long As They Avoid Hunter’s Oil Company

Why is it that we never hear calls for boycott and divestment from Russia over occupation of Ukrainian or Georgian territory?

Throughout history, political leaders have sent their countries to war when their popularity waned. This is not a once or twice thing. It’s very common. Keep your eyes on this Russia business. These people would send your sons to die for their poll numbers. Without hesitation.

do not buy into the propaganda about possible war with russia over ukraine the incompetent and evil ruling class once again are trying to distract and confuse: they are our only enemies may peace prevail

What I suppose about this business is that I recognize whether Vladimir Putin has had a say from moving Russia’s military presence near the borders of Ukraine to full-grown #militaryexercise. Whether it might threathen national defence & onward degenerate;Who can report? 🦈👑46📍

Após não obter resposta do Telegram, TSE estuda banir o aplicativo nas eleições. Se banirem o Telegram, autoridades brasileiras seguirão o mesmo caminho de países como Cuba, Coreia do Norte, Rússia, Azerbaijão, Bahrein, Belarus, China, Indonésia, Irã, Paquistão e Tailândia.

One sure way for Russia to dissuade its immediate neighbors from joining NATO would be for Russia to cease threatening, attacking, and occupying its immediate neighbors.

Liz Truss, amid rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine stated the United Kingdom will show “robust vigilance” in defending freedom and democracy in the face of rising threats from “malign aggressors.” Surely she’s referring to herself, Johnson, Patel, and/or Raab?

BREAKING: @bank_of_russia has called for a full-scale ban on crypto trading, mining and payments, @baidakova reports

It bothers me that so many American analysts focus on what Biden needs to do to defuse the Russia-Ukraine crisis and so few focus on what Putin needs to do.

Given that Russia owns Trump, Donald Trump Jr, just called his dad a dementia riddled moron. Yes Don, we all agree.

And amazingly a few years before Donald Trump even ran for public office… but strangely nothing while Trump was in office? Maybe it’s leadership? Maybe Russia sees a dementia riddled moron and has the gall to capitalize on that weakness.

.@TuckerCarlson is doing more to advance Russia’s interests in United States than perhaps Putin himself.

America is moving towards war with Russia, and the media is encouraging it.

Secretary of State Blinken departs en route to Ukraine with plans to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday as the seeks to ward off an invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Russia began emptying out its embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine. On Jan. 5, 18 people—mostly the children and wives of Russian diplomats—boarded buses and embarked on a 15-hour drive home to Moscow. About 30 more followed in the next few days, from Kyiv and Lviv.

The United States has a lower vaccination rate than any other country tracked besides Russia.

Russia תמונה ,Russia : Most Popular Tweets

Time to have a long sit down. Also, watch videos about Hitler and the concentration camps. Also, movies about Russia.

confirms Russia arrested REvil ransomware hackers #Cybersecurity #security via

@SawtoothSasqua1 The most clueless tweet today. Trump gave Ukraine weapons and support. Biden gave Russia the gas pipeline to Germany. Trump was impeached because Dems thought he was helping Ukraine too much.

Democrats in DC spent 4 years saying Trump was a Russian asset. But Trump sanctions on Russia stopped the opening of the Nord Stream 2 Russian pipeline. Yesterday, the same Democrats voted to NOT put new sanctions on Russia. And the media?! They didn’t notice.

Poland warns Europe at risk of war as Russia says Ukraine talks hit dead end via @NewsNowUK

While Jacob Rees Mogg is trending, worth checking his pedigree. His father William was a Murdoch editor, who then pimped out investment advice. Jacob set up an investment fund mainly based in Russia with Murdoch’s son-in-law, Crispin Odey. More on him here

Why did Russia target you? Probably not for coke. “If it’s what you say, I love it, especially later in the summer.”

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