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  • Thank you to @foxandfriends for the great timeline on all of the failures the Obama Administration had against Russia, including Crimea, Syria and so much more. We are now starting to win again!

  • Trump is 45 minutes away from the site of one of the worst school shootings in US history. And apparently, last night he met with Wayne Allen Root, who doesn’t just oppose all gun control, but told Trump to deploy *armed drones* at schools because they work in Syria. Just insane.

    Syria twitter.
  • We are helpless as we count the dead in Eastern Ghouta. More than 200 human beings murdered by Assad & allies over past 48 hours! Hundreds of others injured! This is slaughter, pure & simple. The silence of the world makes them willful partners. God, help our people! #Syria

    Syria twitter.
  • Mossad agent pretends to be #ISIS then crosses into Germany pretending to be a #Syria-n refugee. Probably half of ISIS is Mossad but this time they admitted to it.

  • The state of panic in the hearts of women and children after brutal air raids on residential neighbourhoods in #Hamouriya city in #EasternGhouta #SaveGhouta #Syria

  • 200 Russian fighters killed by US in a failed attack on American base in Syria. At some level, it’s startling that isn’t the biggest news of the year.

  • CNN exclusive: US-supplied weapons intended for moderate allies in Syria have ended up for sale on jihadist online forums

  • #News Three European #YPG mercenaries (from France, Spain and the Netherlands) killed in #Afrin fighting against #OliveBranch forces. They arrived only three weeks ago. #Syria

    Syria twitter.
  • In Ghouta east of Damascus today, according to UOSSM: 72 air strikes. 97 people killed. 500 injured. 5 hospitals hit. It’s one of the bloodiest days in Syria in 7 years of war, says UOSSM (Union of Medical Care & Relief Organizations).

  • In Syria the relationship mostly worked the other way, with “us” working for Al Qaeda.

  • At least 35 civilians have been massacred so far today after warplanes bombed civilian neighbourhoods of cities and towns across besieged Eastern #Ghouta. #Syria #SaveGhouta

    Syria twitter.
  • #Syria 103 dead & 700+ wounded in #Damascus suburbs yesterday by terrorist #Assad-regime with Non-Stop bombardment on 400.000 besieged people

    Syria twitter.
  • Listen to the power of the people! #EverywhereAfrin #Afrin #Syria

  • Serangan terbaru ragut 45 nyawa penduduk awam Syria

    Syria twitter.
  • Update: Erdogan claimed planned deployment of Syrian regime forces to Afrin was halted after he spoke with Putin.

  • Iran has 10 military bases in Syria, two near Israel border — analyst

  • You will never be acknowledged by colonial media in West but we mourn your deaths, RIP all these innocent civilians murdered today by terrorist mortars "rained down" into residential areas of #Damascus, while MSM cried "srebenica" to whitewash terrorist crimes. #Syria

    Syria twitter.
  • At this point I think Turkey will turn Efrîn into a "Hatay expansion zone" and fully annex the area it holds in Syria. The appeasement policy towards Turkey made it shitting on international law like no other country.

  • #Turkey welcomes #Syria|n forces entering #Afrin

    Syria twitter.
  • #Eastern_Ghouta The destruction caused by pro #Assad regime warplanes that targeted residential neighborhoods in the city of #Saqba Photo by: Qassim Al-Ghoutani #Act4GhoutaNow #SaveGhouta #Syria Via: @Dmcpress_en

    Syria twitter.
  • @HillaryClinton @TeamTrumpRussia Reminds us of horror movies where all evil is in the shape of a little girl! I guess her beloved jihadi terrorists in Syria agree with me..

  • Airplanes in the sky of #EastGhouta Now. #SaveGhouta #Syria

  • #SyrianRegime forces killed several civilians in #Douma city in #EasternGhouta in Damascus suburbs, Feb 19 #Syria #SaveGhouta

    Syria twitter.
  • O q pode justificar o silêncio do mundo como os civis estão sendo exterminados em uma escala tão atroz? #EasternGhouta mais de 90 civis mortos, sendo 20 crianças hoje na Síria. O genocídio continua #SaveGhouta PRAY FOR SIRIA #Syria #Aleppo #Ghouta #SaveSyria

  • Is this okay!? Small bodies wrapped in white ..... Is it just another photo.... just another tweet!?!? #Syria #SaveGhouta

  • Dearest #Syria You are not the only victims of #IranRegimeBloodshed They are still being killing us, as well... You, outside, and we inside Iran... #SaveGolestane7 #save_golestan7 #دراویش #گلستان_هفتم #دراویش_گنابادی #براندازم #براندازیم #غوطه_شرقی

  • @lorans912 يسعد ايامك

  • #Breaking: Death toll of #Syrian regime forces bombardment on Eastern #Ghouta rises to 100 civilians #Syria

    Syria twitter.
  • After 7 years: #Qatar & #SaudiArabia were once among staunchest backers of rebels in #EastGhouta near #Damascus we barely hear a word from them now & #Turkey always interested in rebels in northern #Syria now says okay if #Assad regime takes #Afrin on condition it fights Kurds

  • Russia and the U.S. just defused a potential crisis in Syria — and showed us how to back away from a war

  • In Syria Genocide is happening right before our eyes... #syrianchildren

    Syria twitter.
  • Genocide is currently taking place in Syria under your watch with the assistance of your friend Putin.

  • The Children of #Ghouta are crying for help as a massacre takes place in Syria and the world silently looks on. Raise your voice for them and donate to help the people of Syria:

  • Fake Newsweek | @alexjrowell #Syria #Assad #Sarin #ChemicalWeapons

  • Turkey shells pro-regime forces in Afrin: Syria state media

  • Alarming military escalation in Syria, particularly the attacks on civilians in eastern Ghouta and Idlib. Echo call by the UN and the EU for decrease of violence, protection of civilians, full respect for international law and immediate, full and sustained humanitarian access.

  • War may be just one "oops" away. World at risk of blundering into next big conflict #wars #globalconflict #syria #unitedstates #nuclearwar

  • The Asad regime’s brutal siege of #EasternGhouta is causing unprecedented suffering. The international community has a clear message to the regime and its backers: the world is watching

  • @yasminmitri No deal has been reached yet , as per @sayed_ridha and @AlSuraEnglish .... lots of conflicting reports and tweets presently, but I would doubt any news of a deal that doesn’t come Syria MoD or YPG Spox.

  • This week we have Johannes de Jong from @Sallux_Official to chat about the situation in Syria 🇸🇾😰 and also his view on #brexit as a remainer and a Christian 🇪🇺✝️🤔 And we celebrate how fantastically everything in Westminster is going🤦🏻‍♂️

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