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Our close cooperation across areas like innovation, R&D, climate change and clean technology, trade & investment will contribute to sustainable recovery in the post-COVID world. I welcome Sweden’s decision to join the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

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MadWX Chasing
MadWX Chasing ()

@sunnyslopegirl1 @PrestonMcMurry Yes, camera technology was better than people think back then 😂

Colorize_Bot 🤖🌈
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@Sayeur_ Ready, this is the colored result 🌈👋. Technology powered by

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cool ranch derangement syndrome 👈🤠👉
Cool ranch derangement syndrome 👈🤠👉 ()

@staidindoors before today i would have sworn that the technology to create illusions this convincing was still 20 to 30 years off

The Times
The Times ()

The man behind the viral deepfakes of Tom Cruise that appeared on TikTok has come forward. Chris Ume, a visual effects expert, has revealed how he pulled it off and argued for more regulation of the technology.

Narendra Modi
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Our close cooperation across areas like innovation, R&D, climate change and clean technology, trade & investment will contribute to sustainable recovery in the post-COVID world. I welcome Sweden’s decision to join the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

100   turbines
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Apple probably wants some technology licensing exclusivity from GM. But at what price? Observe how Apple treats/mistreats Qualcomm. $GM $AAPL $QCOM

Dr. Karl Popp
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TheMiddleMarket: NMI, a global payments enablement technology company, has acquired USAePay, a payment solutions company. The companies expect the combination will better serve its joint partners and the market by expanding NMI’s technical capabilities, offering more …

EMC-23 INC a Communications Company.
EMC-23 INC a Communications Company. ()

#NewYorkTimes looks at the Fourth Industrial Revolution of #IT—and its current shake-up with cloud technology. Where do @Microsoft tools fit in? Read on:

garage-kid the raoG@Stay Home, Stay Safe.
Garage-kid the raoG@Stay Home, Stay Safe. ()

(社説)企業は今こそ「攻め」のデジタル変革を #technology

Colordyne Tech
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Our ChromaPlex inkjet print engines include aqueous pigment and UV LED technology with a wide range of scalable print widths. Our cutting-edge technology allows businesses to integrate digital print capabilities into their products quickly and affordably:

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Steve Marsh Ford
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2021 Ford Expedition 💲 Save Over $5,000 OFF MSRP!💲 🔹 EcoBoost V6 Engine with Auto Start-Stop Technology 🔹 mpg City/Hwy 🔹 Advanced Safety Features 🔹 Wireless phone connectivity Stock #7551T 💻:

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Devdiscourse ()

SolarWinds, Microsoft, FireEye, CrowdStrike defend actions in major hack Senate hearing

Amoriah Peterson
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The Covid vaccine to get: Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, are based on a new technology called mRNA that uses the body’s own cells to produce a key viral protein, J&J vaccine uses a type of virus called an adenovirus to deliver genes that produce those same viral proteins.

Macroprudential Policy
Macroprudential Policy ()

@MonetaryWonk Technically, Fedcoins are also accounts at the Fed in a centralized technology. The difference is status. A Fedcoin is a cash type of asset which does not earn or lose interest. Contrarily, accounts at the Fed are a component of monetary policy.

Phyrus ()

@bro4orce1 It may just be a rewind glitch to back when the cartons actually had missing kid pictures, like the other objects rewound back technology.

Jσҽ-Jσҽ🦊| | W̶a̶y̶ ̶O̶f̶ ̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶A̶c̶e̶㊗️
Jσҽ-Jσҽ🦊| | W̶a̶y̶ ̶O̶f̶ ̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶A̶c̶e̶㊗️ ()

Y’all still think technology is the future? In this universe?

Jud Gregory
Jud Gregory ()

The question most are weighing is when and should we be moving all of our workloads to the cloud? says @TracyWoo of @Forrester. Has cloud changed #enterprise tech for good?


Technology is wild. Our parent company, @westerndigital , along with @KIOXIAAmerica has announced the development of a 162-layer 3D flash memory. 🤯

Richard Yeselson
Richard Yeselson ()

Lots of great journalism about the Amazon labor struggle—the central one of the post Covid economy and, arguably, the 21st century vs. one of singular transnational corporations of capitalist modernity. This by @greenhousenyt is another such great piece:

Singe 🔴⚪️⚔️
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Is this serious?? They got Goal line technology, VAR, Assistant Referees and Fourth Officials to “Give The Ref A Hand” and they are still useless. How about “Give The Ref An Eyesight Test” being launched instead 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Your Exclusive Technology News: 2020 Newest Lenovo Ideapad 3 15 Laptop Computer/ FHD/ 10th Gen Intel Core i3-1005G1 Beat i5-7200U/ 8GB DDR4/ 256GB PCIe SSD/ Work from Home/ Windows 10/ AC WiFi/ iPuzzle External DVD Drive #tech #news

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Onlooker ()

@alizaslav Laser Interferometers and PET scanners are “technology.” Smartphones are toys we all bought so that we can be even more self absorbed than we already were (me included)

March Networks
March Networks ()

The new March Networks X-Series Hybrid Recorders are available in 16, 24, 32, 48, and 64-channel models and have AI-enabled system-on-chip technology from NVIDIA. Learn more:

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Ramin Shaw
Ramin Shaw ()

@RehamKhan1 Technology is failed because FA pass duffers goofs aren’t capable to do so

SMR ()

‘All the Warfare of the Future’: Drones, New Technology and the Integrated Review

Poki ()

if for the second time my i can’t take my finals because of technology i will actually drop out

Shah Sheikh
Shah Sheikh ()

US Marine Corps Looks to Expand Insider Threat Program: Marines Seek to Deploy User Activity Monitoring System on Networks The Marine Corps looks to expand its insider threat program and seeks proposals to include activity monitoring technology on…

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Joel Wikström
Joel Wikström ()

Copy/paste is an amazing technology! Works everywhere. Works like you expect it too. Interoperability between all environments. You just take it for granted, the way you never can with computer other stuff otherwise.

PMO India
PMO India ()

प्राइवेट सेक्टर, PMJAY में हिस्सेदारी के साथ-साथ public health laboratories का नेटवर्क बनाने में PPP मॉडल्स को भी सपोर्ट कर सकता है। नेशनल डिजिटल हेल्थ मिशन, नागरिकों के डिजिटल हेल्थ रिकॉर्ड और दूसरी Cutting Edge Technology को लेकर भी साझेदारी हो सकती है: PM @narendramodi

CNN International
CNN International ()

Dominion Voting Systems, the election technology company that has been the focus of debunked conspiracy theories about election fraud, is suing MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell.

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