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Updated: July 29th, 2021 01:43 AM IST

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Deadnaming is a sin. Two kinds of sins, actually. The Torah says so. My latest.

Torah תמונה

Manque plus que la torah et son téléphone c’est Jérusalem

ce qui distingue ma grande nation ce sont ses 613 lois qui tiennent un homme debout : ma torah , mon livre de savoir être savoir faire mon code civil , Bibi son ambassadeur ,

Torah תמונה ,Torah Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

1400 years ago, he lived among people who were very uncivilized, but he lived in a way that no one can be like him today. He was not an ordinary man, he was a man of God. He was the Imam In the Hebrew Torah, Genesis refers to the concept of #LiveLikeAli

He was called Bitrees by the Romans Kabir by the Indians Jubayr by the Persians Bitreek by the Ethiopians Eila in the Bible Bariah in the Torah Sidqin Aliyya in the Quran And on the plains of Khaybar he My mother named me HAIDAR #فقط_به_عشق_علی #LiveLikeAli

no. only jews saying this are the they/thems that violate the Torah and Talmud

This is Mount Sinai جَبَل مُوسَىٰ, where according to the Torah, Moses and the children of Israel received the Ten Commandments. The mountain (and mosque at the peak) is considered muqaddas or holy for Muslims as well, as the Quran has many verses about the Mountain of Moses.

Torah תמונה ,Torah Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@Rabbishish I advise all to keep this one sentence found in the Torah! Leviticus Chapter 19 verse 18

Torah תמונה ,Torah Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

I don’t think this is a source-text issue; the Sam versions seem fine here. This is a Chronicles text issue that I think speaks to some anxiety around the word torah, specifically, a torah that is human-related.

@TheRaDR Sending this to my dad who is Christian, largely transphobic, but seems to legitimately want to do better. I hope he might take a little wisdom from the Torah despite everything. 💜

Technically speakin we not supposed to mixing out here thats violation of NTR Law And its in torah u shouldnt mix Thats where muurs Fcked up Taking Them pale ones women and making babies wasnt supposed to do that but only civilize em Wats done is done now done for a reason Tho

@weronski 👍Jubilees 23:19 (below) describes the end days problem, what we have forgotten. But the last days prophecy of Jubilees 23:26 is happening: “ And in those days the children shall begin to study the Torah, & to seek the Commandments, & to return to the path of righteousness”

Torah תמונה ,Torah Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

I love Toyada San because he teach me Be Brave and never forget to embrace Honor . We Asia we NOT enemy to western nor all nation in this world but we let them know our currency is HONOR . Even in 10 commandments in Torah that Honor is the TOP Law of G-d. Arigatogozaimashita !!


@randomlydelibe1 I exist mostly on Frum Twitter but I have had a lot of experiences of frum men denying communal sexism bc they haven’t bared witness, Torahsplaining to women who are very educated on Torah and making jokes when women try and discuss these issues

@ZealouslyQuoted I recently found my old haftorah portion (my brother did the Torah portion, I did the Haftorah). Ki Tetzei.

@TheTopVideo Turks, who founded the Sumerian and Babylonian civilization and 18 empires, stand up after 100 years We certainly wrote in the Psalms after the Dhikr (the Torah) that our righteous servants will inherit the Earth. (Anbiya surah 105).

Torah, and by extension, Kashrut, isn’t solely defined by a set of rules only dealing with the place the food is made, the ingredients that go into it, and the people who handle it. It is about values, community and a tiny patch of land in the Middle East called Eretz Yisrael!

The fact that kashrut companies are now removing their kosher certification from Ben & Jerry’s just goes to show how much integrity the Kashrut organizations have, and how these establishments are deeply rooted in Torah and its values. We should be proud!

@maxlords @berkowitz_aaron Whatever the actual version (and there are different scholarly approaches still now) it’s pretty clear that the Torah is a text that comes from several sources and was redacted. That’s ok. It doesn’t diminish its power.

@maxlords @TheRaDR I realize the original version of the documentary hypothesis has been widely refuted. But my understanding was that there were more modern versions. Basically, the Torah came together from a number of sources and editors over many years.


One day we will talk about how a lot of the ideals we place on girls to be the “perfect frum women” are very different then the women of the Torah

Did You Know? The Sinai theophany is virtually absent from the Bible outside of the Torah and the very late book of Nehemiah.

Honest question. Is using Torah in this sense offensive. I am Jewish, but not looking to upset people.

Torah תמונה ,Torah Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Honoring of parents is a concept that is largely lost in today’s world. Did you know that honoring parents is the only one of the Ten Commandments to come with a promise? The Torah tells us to honor our parents “ that your days may be prolonged.”-Deuteronomy 5:16

Torah תמונה ,Torah Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@unbow12 @sosobenkss Les musulmans suivent le coran est non la Torah et l’evangile certe il y a des passages dans le Coran ou il y a du Torah

when we understand that the inner teachings of Torah are life saving medicine for us, the words will move from the mind and break our hardened hearts

Being a donor does not have to mean being a narcissist, thank you for coming to my dvar torah 💕

@RichardStellar @BritsForIsrael The Jews do not treat animals cruelly, do not smear blood on the children. The laws in the Torah regarding the slaughter of cattle, is very strict according to the Torah not to grieve the animal

Deadnaming is a sin. Two kinds of sins, actually. The Torah says so. My latest.

It’s been over a week since Jewish filmmakers Rudy Rochman, Andrew Leibman, and Edouard David Benaym were kidnapped for gifting a torah to a Nigerian community. I have been praying for them every day.

Torah תמונה ,Torah Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Rudy Rochman is a friend, colleague and a devoted leader of the Jewish people. He went to Nigeria and delivered a Torah - an apolitical act. Please pray with me that he and his friends will be freed.

Torah תמונה ,Torah Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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