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Alex was the kindest, funniest, wittiest and most giving person I knew… always thinking of others and making people laugh. I just wish we had more time, but I will always cherish the memories we made. We’ll miss you, friend ❤️.

BETTER BE A BIG DEAL: There was only one surprise witness during the Senate Watergate Committee hearings. On July 16, 1973 an unannounced witness appeared: Alex Butterfield, who testified to Nixon’s secret taping system — forever changing history!.

Napoli are closing on new contract agreement with Alex Meret, as per @DiMarzio. Deal to be completed soon until June 2027, Meret will be the first goalkeeper. 🔵 #transfers David Ospina, still available on a free transfer as his contract is set to expire next week..

You can clearly see Alex Jones and Ali Alexander directing people away from the Capitol I know this is not the narrative But it is the truth.

THE BIG SATURDAY READ (BSR)…Dr Alex Tawanda Magaisa’s body is expected to arrive today, Saturday. Life is a puzzle. Welcome home Champion!.

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This weekend is a very sad one for many Zimbabweans. The body of Dr Alex Magaisa arrives tomorrow afternoon from Britain, where he sadly passed on. Out of respect for our brother and friend, I will stay away from our usual social media chatter until he is buried. Rest In Peace.

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AT THE Just to receive and welcome Dr Alex Magaisa. Wangu is now back home. The Citizens Hero, Out Change Champion deserves all the honour! Life is puzzle!.

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Dr Musa Kika says; “Alex Magaisa had superior knowledge, superior wisdom and superior intellect. Those things in the hands of a wicked man can be dangerous. But Alex believed in a fairer society.”.

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Dr Alex Tawanda Magaisa’s body will be buried in his beloved Njanja. Rest In Peace Bishop, Mazizi will be there!.

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Dr Ibbo Mandaza @ibbosnr says; “75% of Zimbabwe’s skilled people are outside the country, and Alex was one of them. We can’t lift this country out of this mess without those people.” He adds; “Tanzania is now 40 years ahead of Zimbabwe. Kenya is 10 times ahead of us,” he says.

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Álex Carbonell jest blisko zostania nowym piłkarzem Barçy B na zasadzie wolnego transferu. [@albert_roge] (1️⃣).

@Hd_Alex_b02 V系は頭部パーツ一応モデリングする予定あるっちゃあるから… あんまり期待しないで待ってて….

@Alex_Aqua2 Aqoursの展開を作ってくれてありがとう… それしか言葉が見つからない.

Alex Teixeira için böyle Mustafa Pekdemek Baki Mercimek muamelesi yapılıyor. Giderse maliyeti konusunda nefes aldırır evet Ancak bu adam bizim sözleşmeli futbolcumuz ve büyük bir değer her ihtimali düşünerek yazmanızı öneriyorum. Sol ön için her zaman bir alternatif olabilir..

@slowburnsftw @Astro_Latte Alex clearly saw the episode bc he released the sneak peek lol.


Dawes would use her books, her brains, her infinite capacity for order. And what tools did Alex have? A little magic. A talent for misfortune. The ability to take a beating. It would have to be enough..

comunque alex è una delle sette meraviglie di questo mondo. gli si legge in faccia quanto sia riconoscente. ore e ore passate in piedi a firmare cd, fare foto… e non importa se sei la prima persona che vede o l’ultima, lui tratta tutti nella stessa maniera, con lo stesso sorriso.

Jajajaja, banco a Alex pidiéndole a locho que deje de hablarle a Salwe 👏🏻 #ElHotelDeLosFamosos.

Лютий: - вазьмьом Кієв за два дня! Червень: - мьі захватілі улицу, паздравляю!.

Alex Scott says she will continue as a football presenter, despite receiving death threats and misogynistic remarks.

COMMENT TO ENCOURAGE ME TO SHOW IT ALL!!! Alex better send another £30 to try & stop me! @LongHorseFace88.

Hi, @Cohmi_Alex Thank you for bringing this to our attention The image sent is not from the Kuda Team as we do not send SMS notifications. Please send us a DM for further assistance on this. Thanks💜.

Qué risa que estaba minding my bussiness leyendo la escena de Henry y Alex en el cuarto de la limpieza, dying bc ✨la tensión✨, y mi móvil mientras con 9373938 mensajes de que habían subido las notas de la recuperación y la gente paniqueando ahsjsjanana.

@McLarenF1 L-L-L-Lets go Lando!!!!! 🧡🧡🧡 And then Danny….

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@KAWAII_STAR207 Alex: Tell me anything like what?… Levi:Please forgive me T-T Makoto: ;n;.

@footballl1878 @RedDevils_TR Manchester City aklına girmeye çalıştı ama Alex Ferguson girdi araya efsanesi olduğu Manchester Uniteda ihanet etmedi her futbolcuyu parayla alamazlar.

@WolfyTheWitch Me too… I hate how I keep waking up and remembering that Alex (technoblade) is actually gone… but Technoblade is always here <3.

@realopeyemmy @prettymona6 This one they mad! It’s a fvcking social media app… not personal app, if you don’t need the likes, retweet or comments fvcking stay off the app! Bitvh!!!!.

✨ SW roll call!!! ✨ I’m Alli/Alex. You can find me drooling over Obi-Wan and defending the prequel trilogy with my life. I attempt to cosplay sometimes too. All my social medias are linked in my carrd in bio, but I’m alligraz on all platforms except Insta ❤️.

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@frensvalidator I really like the idea. Hope someone might put up the proposal after interchain security goes live.

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