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Have to agree with everyone else on my tl complaining about Arthur bc he cheated on Alexia but not complaining about Lucas and Eliott when they cheated doesn’t make sense

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Alexia ()

Kathniel nga walang update sa valentines di din ba deserve ni kath si dj? Jusko dzaeeee matauhan kana sana

Fernanda Ferreira ()

Eu amei essa cena da Alexia e da Kyra na escada KKKKKK EU QUEBREI MINHA COLUNA EU QUEBREI MINHA UNHA @dedesecco @StradaVitoria #SalveSeQuemPuder

宽衣维尼 ()

@MandyLeeDUBHKG @afra_alexia 黑警不得好死,全家得肺炎,香港同胞挺住,大陆的共匪也快摇摇欲坠了,等大陆光复成功,一定要清算黑警以及匪狗。

Alicia está hasta el c0ñe 🤡 ()

ostia puta tío el clip d skam francia,,, primero lo del padre m lo veía venir y d hecho ya lo dije q seguramente el padre le había pegado una paliza y x eso perdió la audición pero verlo,,,, joder q puto fuerte y lo del beso pues,,,,, ni puta gracia ostia puta Arthur tio Alexia

スポンジ ()

@crypt_alexia ありがとう! 2-9クリアしてなかったのでしたらフレンドなります!

Nata ()

I didn’t block Alexia 💀💀💀💀 look how shitty is ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Sub junior ()

@AlexiaA22167534 Acho tão lindas as Suas axilas, Rainha Alexia! :) Bem cuidadinhas, devem ser Fico com vontade de me afogar nelas, beijar, lamber!

La contrabbandiera (di pesto)🌈 ()

@Juliacanteven Posto che sono piuttosto convinta che finirà a tarallucci e vino per lui e Alexia

La contrabbandiera (di pesto)🌈 ()

@Juliacanteven Io onestamente non penso che lui ci stesse provando consapevolmente, secondo me lui davvero non aveva chiaro quello che provava (e bacio a parte non penso ce lo abbia neanche ora.) Infatti ho sempre pensato che sarebbe stata Alexia a rendersene conto prima di lui.

鯖煮オレ ()

@crypt_alexia おっけーだけど22:00以降は聞き専になるからよろしく

鯖煮オレ ()

@crypt_alexia アタッカーだったら160でガンナーかスプだったら150でなんでも使えるぞ

腹黒い猫(。・ω・。) ()

@crypt_alexia デキレだけは高くなってるからデキレの暴力にしかならんからなぁ

Kendall ()

i’m really upset and the way they’ve treated alexia this season. she’s been nothing but supportive and yeah, she was too much yesterday definitely but damn then arthur went and cheated on her! she doesn’t deserve that shit. i’m tired.

Happy af ()

voglio proprio vedere, se foste al posto di Alexia in questo momeo, quanto sareste aperte e comprensive. Siete ipocrite #skamfrance

𝙰 𝙻 𝙴 𝚇 ()

Let’s play “ Sino” 1. kung sino sino 🤣 2. lowis 3. wala ngayon 4. single 5. m ata 6. friends 7. friends 8. b 9. kent remember basta kaklase 10. may pepe sya eh hit ❤️ for questions

𝙵𝚘𝚡’𝚘𝚍𝚎 🦊 ()

C’était une belle mais j’ai quand même hâte que Arthur discute avec son gang et et qu’il réunisse tout le monde afin que chacun apprenne les uns des autres #skamfrance

Juju la frite 🍆🍌🍑🌈 ()

@Annabelle_1D N importe quoi j espere quil restera avec Alexia car il vas pas du tout avec cette fille

Jess // The Crown Wings ()

@alexia I would say you should have to get permission, more explaining the situation to the person behind so they don’t just have someone randomly reclining into them. Chances are, if you tell people it’s for a disability they’ll be much more understanding!

Bethany ()

BUT there are other similarities which involve several parallels between Elu and Arthur and Noée/Alexia

MaryIou ()

j’espère que arthur va parler à alexia pcq j’adore noée/arthur mais c’est vraiment pas sympa

Voteblue2020 ()

Curtesy would dictate a heads-up (due to the ridiculous lack of space between rows) to the person behind you but no, permission isn’t theirs to give nor yours to request.


#Apple expands ‘ #QuickLook ’ to let retailers sell things directly in augmented reality apple, apps, ios

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𝙵𝚘𝚡’𝚘𝚍𝚎 🦊 ()

@WalidHassim Mais qui n’en fait pas ? Surtout à cet âge ! Et je suis d’accord c’est ps cool pour Alexia surtout qu’on la connais (mieux que les autres).. Je n’approuve pas mais je condamne personne non plus #skamfrance

Sandy ()

the boy squad and alexia are so unlikeable this entire season 😭 all they do is patronize arthur like damn . also . alexia has no personality besides being arthur’s girlfriend now and there’s literally no words to express how mad i am about that

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Molly-119 giorni ()

Mmh non saprei sai . Quello che ha con Alexia è qualcosa di speciale nonostante provi anche qualcosa per Noée . Vedremo come risolveranno la cosa comunque #skamfrance

Alexia Borges ()

E eu que cheguei da festa super cedo pq bebi demais e acordei agora pra me atualizar sobre o bbb kkkkkk

Hm kk viu bjs ()

aí você vê que deus agiu na sacanagem quando distribuiu toda beleza do mundo pra alexia


Catching up on #China’s tech influence operations in #America china, cybersecurity, Huawei

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Erasmia ()

Have to agree with everyone else on my tl complaining about Arthur bc he cheated on Alexia but not complaining about Lucas and Eliott when they cheated doesn’t make sense

Inés Sánchez ()

📝📝📝 Mañana será un día especial. Los 300 de Alexia con el Barça💥

☚ #mascherine Lercio ☛
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