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Updated: September 25th, 2021 09:37 AM IST

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PAPAIS DO ANO: Bianca Andrade e Fred no pink carpet do #MTVMIAW 😍🥰 📸 Rodrigo Trevisan

Bianca Twitter

Biggest pops of the night we’re bianca, becky, naomi, ko, roman. #SmackDown crowd was really half and half with becky. lots of “let’s go becky, becky sucks” chants. roman got the same chant as well. most of the crowd was cheering for roman tho.

eu morro com o shot da bianca del rio dublando pink no mv da bella

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Gente, quem me conhece sabe que defendi no meu TCC a responsabilidade do jornalismo ao pautar violência contra a infância. Em parceria com, agora ex-colega, Bianca Dilly produzi uma série de vídeos sobre violência sexual infantil retratando a falta de acolhimento as vítimas ⤵️

Bianca Belair says locker room leader Bayley deserves more credit for helping raise the level of anyone she works with, including the EST herself. [#WWE] [#SmackDown]

@lasanhento Até o Diego herda plot do Francisco como o crush da Lola e da Bianca. Tem muita diferença entre os personagens das duas versões. A Sol da Argentina por exemplo tem fragmentos dela na Pilar do México.

@AlejandroCasaas @Matmenpodcast Kinda like Bianca against Becky. 😉

Becky Lynch is defending the championship against Bianca Belair in the dark main event of #WWE #SmackDown in Philly.

I can see it now…Bianca Belair winning this sunday then at Survivor Series we get her vs Charlotte

@SPBITW9 Bianca looked strong Women got tv time Curious about Dom and Sami Montez was great Demon Finn is amazing. All in all, a pretty good SD.

Bianca does have a point about her and Becky having some similarities in their career: They both never won the NXT title Their first title was the SD women title Both won the Rumble Both main evented and won their Mania matches

Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair should be an awesome match!! #SmackDown #ExtremeRules 👀🔥

Bianca Foto,Bianca Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

🚨 Bianca Andrade e Fred venceram o prêmio de “Eu Shippo” no #MTVMIAW2021 !

Bianca Foto,Bianca Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

PAPAIS DO ANO: Bianca Andrade e Fred no pink carpet do #MTVMIAW 😍🥰 📸 Rodrigo Trevisan

Bianca Foto,Bianca Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

A @debora_mello88 é diacho pra ver as pessoas até no boomerang, que eu não tava reconhecendo ninguém.

leonardo & bianca ikeda & guta responsaveis por antecipar a tristeza de domingo

Nuevas fotos de Bianca en su instagram. Vayan a darle amor 💐

Bianca Foto,Bianca Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

Sana just like Marimar ni Marian Rivera, ilabas din ng ABS auditions ng ibang mga artista sa Darna. Dagdag promo at hype na rin yan pag malapit na ipalabas. Curious ako sa anim na kasama ni Jane sa mga huling pinagpilian. Balita ko pa naman kasama si Bianca Umali sa anim. 💋

Bianca Foto,Bianca Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets


Bianca Foto,Bianca Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

FemDomme Food Review: one of my go to spot (convenient, something for everyone, and solid) is la pecora bianca (4 locations). I like solid places that works for 2 or a dinner of 6. My favorite is their Gramigna- curly pasta, house-made sausage, broccolini, chili flakes 🤤🤤🤤

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@drinking7up Yeah it was solid, would’ve been better if Bianca stood tall but it is what it is, she still got a cool moment with Kane.

@mikegerety6 @Soawax_ But becky coming out is SO predicable. That and bianca got her ass beat which was also predictable unfortunately.

@Fightful Really hate it. Especially for someone like Bianca. She deserved to go over tonight…yet WWE did her dirty just like at Summerslam Smh

ESO FUE TODO? 😳 #WWESmackdown termina tras un segmento donde vimos a Kane entregarle las llaves del estado de Tennessee a Bianca Belair y donde The Man apareció para terminar atacando a The EST. Ojalá nos brinden la lucha que quedaron a deber en

Bianca Foto,Bianca Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

Becky and Bianca don’t have the same chemistry Sasha and Bianca do, straight up 🤷‍♂️

So smackdown got to mega stars in the main event,,, and thats all they tell them to do? Like bruh becky a beast on the mic, her family right there, she could’ve fucked shit up. And bianca could’ve sold that angle so well. Screw u i stayed up till 5am man

No doubt in my mind that Bianca wins next Sunday…I’m convinced of it #Smackdown #BookIt


Becky could have heeled it up a lot more in Bianca’s hometown…throw the key on the floor and shatter it, kick down Bianca’s family photos, and ManHandle Slam her through the table, staring her family in the front row in the process. #SmackDown

Bianca tried to counter with the KOD after the handshake but Becky countered her back. Becky is ahead of the game

They couldn’t they’ve Bianca at least come out on top in her hometown wwe is so lame

@dancingelf88 Like Bianca is labeled the strongEST. You can’t convince she’s being taken out by…that. Bianca’s taken much worse

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