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Every person, regardless of their race or nationality, should have equal access to the vaccine. We need to stand up to Big Pharma and make generic vaccines available worldwide.

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Gilbert Tuplin
Gilbert Tuplin ()

It’s only recommended by “experts” who are on the payroll of big pharma #followthemoney

ShaBlah ()

I wish the same intensive scrutiny conducted on Covid vaccines for possible side effects were done on each and every Though I suspect this is because of vaccine politics and competition between big pharma, more than concern for global health.

😐 Kulbacka
😐 Kulbacka ()

@TheWindsorStar EUA for experimenting on Humans because, well, the animals died. Sick BS. FDA knows well alternative therapeutics work so too the AMA. Big Pharma /mad scientists are really wanting licensure and need to expand their studies.

Sudhanshu Singh
Sudhanshu Singh ()

Contrast this with present vaccine makers: Drug Lobby asks Biden to Punish Foreign countries for pushing low cost vaccines. Big Pharma is fighting for tight control over Covid-19 vaccine production, limiting availability worldwide while reaping billions.

Woman Mother Daughter Sister Friend #MERF
Woman Mother Daughter Sister Friend #MERF ()

@HackneyReSiste2 @bbcworldservice 4- earns me the abusive , nazi, TERF etc. I explained how you can help one category of person without harming the other and that the male & big-pharma-led Genderist agenda denies this

Dend ()

Big Pharma, Fed GOV and now Int’l Bankers want to vaccine you. Because they love us? What is the agenda?? Fishy.

kevin 1cav
Kevin 1cav ()

@robparent Who or what do you resist ? Not Big pharma. Not mainstream media. Not corporate fascist CEOs. U R a bot 🤣 a npc.

Dingwall ()

@GovTimWalz People trusting Big Pharma is hysterical. They brought you the opioid crisis in conjunction with the federal govt. of Keystone Cops. No one went to jail for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans with opioids. They made billions.

Magna Carta
Magna Carta ()

@robinmonotti2 Mike Yeadon is one of the superheroes of this manufactured crisis. A beacon of truth and a shining light in a sea of government and big pharma

Ronaldus *
Ronaldus * ()

@evelinereth Die snel testen zijn puur commercieel en het zegt inderdaad helemaal niets. Hieraan kun je al zien dat het hele testen een farce is. Geldklopperij en de mensen proberen in een commerciële testsamenleving te duwen. Big Pharma rules!

raúl peñaranda ⏳
Raúl peñaranda ⏳ ()

This is a shameless plug for Big Pharma – and an impending future of dependency for humanity. Does anybody believe anymore a word this guy says? ⚠️💉

Aniket ()

@DivySly It is all business. Big pharma has no access to this place and it is frustrating for them.

Marcel Proust
Marcel Proust ()

Covid-19. Italiani a bocca aperta per tamponamenti a catena alla ricerca del virus amico di Big Pharma!!

Bill de Berg
Bill de Berg ()

Il semblerait que big pharma et les médias soient arrivés à convaincre une grande partie de la population à jouer aux vrp pour leurs é ? La propagande ça marche.

🌸GerdavD ()

@JustFunny12 Je zal Big Pharma zijn en dit voor elkaar hebben half jaar flink cashen. De rijken worden steeds rijker, de armen steeds armen.

Mr T hates FOOLS!
Mr T hates FOOLS! ()

@berniespofforth Another way governments are looking to shift the damages liability card from them and big pharma! Watch all business insurances double when this policy come into play!

Abi Roberts 🦁
Abi Roberts 🦁 ()

I get the feeling this isn’t a war against a virus at all, it’s a Big Pharma vaccine war.

Rep. Ilhan Omar
Rep. Ilhan Omar ()

Every person, regardless of their race or nationality, should have equal access to the vaccine. We need to stand up to Big Pharma and make generic vaccines available worldwide.

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