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Petition: Revoke if there is no Brexit plan by the 25 of February.

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Petition: Revoke if there is no Brexit plan by the 25 of February.

@Francolinie Het verloop van de BREXIT gaat moeizaam door CHANTAGE vanuit BRUSSELS EU. Zie hoeveel miljard ze eisen! Als wij chanteren komt een BOETE / FIKSE willen eenheid, dat kan: ALLE LIDSTATEN , grenzen dicht en allen uit de EU stappen,.

@borehole_1999 @OxfordDiplomat Same reason the likes of Mark Francois MP invokes WW2 and his dad never submitting to German bullying after the German Airbus boss gives a reasoning warning about Brexit and its damage to the firm? #itsonlyokaywhenwedoit.

@AmberRuddHR if the eu wont change the b/s terms wot good wud half the cabinet resigning do ? It wont get you a better deal but it cud drive remain . If you and those resigning abandon brexit the cons will lose the election. U have to stick with the party.

Food coming our way from the good ol USA post Brexit. What the pesticides in our urine tell us about organic food | Kendra Klein and Anna Lappé.

@weepinangeLa @GMB Not necessarily. She could be saying that if you think being naked in public is bad, then you should think brexit is bad..

Bereits ohne Großbritannien, der Satellit denkt echt mit. 😎 #Brexit.

[REINO UNIDO]: Theresa May perdió una votación en el Parlamento en relación al Brexit.

I wonder how, exactly, JHB thinks we should be “stopped”? Very sinister, irresponsible wording. I’m a Remainer, a patriot and a loyal citizen. I also speak out passionately against Brexit, and have excellent reasons to oppose it. And, @JuliaHB1, that’s OK..

Progress towards tackling FGM in the UK is severely compromised by Brexit - UK in a changing Europe.

@jeremycorbyn And Brexit. You are letting down generations to come with your policies..

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