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Former President George W. Bush: The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean, of the Ukraine.

Speaking in Dallas this afternoon, former President George. W Bush made a significant verbal slip-up while discussing the war in Ukraine. He tried referencing what he described as the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion” — but said Iraq, instead of Ukraine..

Biden: gaffes with kleptocracy George W. Bush hold my antacid.

“He routinely breaks the law, snubs his nose at ethics, and embroils himself in scandal after scandal,” opponent George P. Bush said. “Enough is enough. It’s time to restore integrity to the AG’s office.”.

Big L’s up & congratulations to former Cardinal running back sensation Michael Bush for his induction into the KY Sports Hall of Fame….

Bush Foto,Bush Foto by ᴋᴇᴠɪɴ ᴡʀɪɢʜᴛ,ᴋᴇᴠɪɴ ᴡʀɪɢʜᴛ on twitter tweets Bush Foto


Twitter my worst NIGHTMARE just happened 😨😨😨 Whilst sweeping trees I hit a paper wasp nest and I immediately dropped the net when I saw this and SPRINTED! Leaving the net in the bush until after work tomorrow I am petrified 😰.

Bush Foto,Bush Foto by Nick Volpe,Nick Volpe on twitter tweets Bush Foto

George Bush confundiendo la invasion a Ucrania con la invasión a Irak (fundada en argumentos erróneos que él mismo esgrimió y autorizó), mientras los iraquíes continúan hoy en día sufriendo las consecuencias (el surgimiento del ISIS, por ejemplo) 20 años después de la invasion🇮🇶.

@tracilaw I still think letting Bush off the hook for Iraq was a mistake; one of the many times we Democrats have normalized the unforgivable..

@Bush_Dog_1 ぺろたんは元々Pad勢やん(°▽°) でっかいiPhoneに変えるわww.

It seems like the neo-lib/con apparatus is taking a beating: 2nd guessing their DHS disinfo board; failed attempts to obfuscate their failure vis-à-vis shortages & inflation; epic W. Bush gaffe; obvious diversity-hire press secretary; SCOTUS threat to abortion & Chevron doctrine..

niks legt de dubbele moraal van het Westen pijnlijker bloot dan deze slip of the tongue van George Bush ‘The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified invasion of Iraq uh I mean ukraine 👇🏼’.


@ElCapitaz @AnnCoulter Bush might not have been the brightest bulb in the pack but Trump was the worst President the GOP had & he never let you forget it !!.

Bush Foto,Bush Foto by Tora_Tora,Tora_Tora on twitter tweets Bush Foto

The only way that George Bush self-own video could be better is if he tugged at his collar after he said Ukraine.

Wey, pero es que además luego de eso Bush dice “Irak too, anyway” 😐😐😐.

@mattgaetz Well, he wasn’t the smartest would’ve been a better choice, but that’s how politics roll..


@aja21413 Are you paying attention? From Afghanistan to inflation to crime to the border crisis. Far worse job than Trump, Obama and Bush..

Almost five months after Thomas Phillips 34 took his three children into dense bush their siblings are hoping to find them..

Truth is truth and why wanna sugarcoat it? Beating around the bush wont reveal the truth. Sometimes its better to not reveal the truth. But most of the time it doesnt apply. Be real..


@pvallin Tengo la loca teoría de que todos son conscientes de su verdad: Bush y la invasión de Irak por el petróleo El Papa Francisco sabe que Dios es una invención del hombre Santiago Abascal es descendiente de Abderramán III Cristina es hija de Bárbara.


@sahilkapur @robdelaney Bush is reaching out and wants to confess, he wants to say he was wrong!.


@sahilkapur George W Bush is big liar. Mass destruction weapon is the big hoax in the human history. Demon like him must go to the core of the hell. Friends of satan.

Conscience speaks! #Bush mistakenly condemns ‘invasion of #Iraq’ instead of Ukraine.

George W. Bush a încurcat Ucraina cu Irak: „O invazie total nejustificată a Irakului…vreau să spun a Ucrainei”....


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