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Updated: September 14th, 2021 10:37 PM IST

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TWICE’s Nayeon Struggles With Guessing An Iconic TWICE Meme So Momo Gives Her Best Sana Impression

Cheese Twitter

red lights se convierte en el mv b-side más visto, llegando a 3M en más de un día, y superando a cheese que logró llegar a en solo tres días stays caught in 4K, say cheese!

@Nyxvis alr, im kaing a taco chip dip, with peppers onions, jalepenos, refried rice, beef, and lots of cheese

@googielouvre Mine was delicious just now. Chibata bread with prosciutto, pepper Jack cheese, some lettuce, spinach, cucumber, banana peppers, and some fine chipotle ranch 😩

@Cheese_ttakkali 저 갑작스러운 영어+가우스+경제로 어라랏했잖아요 가우스... 없어져라... 그래아ㅓ 울 애긔들도 행복하고... 나도 행복하지... 으아악

Cheese of the Month is Isle of Mull Cheddar. Upfront full flavours - richly savoury and boozy. Made on the farm from their island herd. 3rd generation of cheesemakers. Available in store at Cuculo or online.

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@McDonalds at 3am after groove!!! 😭😭😭 Chilli cheese double 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

@wizkhalifa “Got your bitch cooking them cheese eggs too , got paper in my pocket” 😂

@sayyoulovekeke I was shaking ass on the beach, I made the Mac n cheese, he said who made this 🥺 lmao

@tzuyangie ITS A WEIRD COMBO BUT .toast w cream cheese , blueberry jam & granola !! like blueberry crumple pie but toast

Bruh I just put lime on a typical lunch meat, cheese and mustard sandwich and oh my god it was so good

I tried oysters with the cheese on em again…. Still dont like em. I’ll still to raw 😛

a gente sabe que o povo gosta de putaria quando red ligths com 1 dia tem 3M cheese com 4 dias tem 2,9M sorry,i love you que com 6 dias tem 1,5M the view com 1 semana 2,4M

@SeasonDeeper Make a sandwich with cheddar cheese (stronger the better) and pickle Out of all the biscuits, digestives are the most diverse

been scarred by my squishmallow but that’s ok because at least i have some new cheese to try 😌🧀

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Making in deliveries in downtown Chicago is the worst! They need to move to the suburbs not Damen Ave. I am so angry, I am going to punish myself with a hot Italian beef sub with fries and cheese sauce. Goodbye cruel world 😂😂

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BURGER HEAVEN! 🍔 The Cluck Cluck Burger! A battered chicken burger with crispy bacon, melted cheese, onion rings, lettuce, tomato and red onion. Served on a toasted brioche bun with house fries and a dipping sauce of your choice.

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@caiocgomes Talvez seja pq a comida japonesa que é servida em vários restaurantes é bastante ocidentalizada, tipo o cream cheese no sushi.

@EmberQueen2021 They are soooo freaking good! And HUGE! Filled with meat of your choice, kimchi fried rice, beans, cheese, veggies if you want, and their special Seoul Sauce! Its the best Mexican/Asian fusion food ever! They have other things but the burritos are my favorite!

finding out i still have money on my campus card from last year has been the highlight of my day so far. gonna get me a grilled cheese

POV: you try hard and cheese @Steedoj but then misclick light stamina break

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@rickmanelius haha, I was big into mac and cheese w/ hot dogs, or various other canned/frozen things like pizza rolls.

I want some Nachos with salsa & cheese 😋. The lunchable kind or the movie kind 😋😂.

@TheQuadWithCY Adding the words succulent chunks did not make me change my mind on blue cheese at all lol

I’m tired of ordering/making my kid food just for her to eat the CHEESE OFF OF IT. So if you see us sharing a meal mind ya buisness.

💫✨ NEW! I gave my Papermoon Cheesesteaks recipe a makeover with all new photos + troubleshooting tips. These are topped with thinly sliced steak, melty havarti cheese, and lots of caramelized onions and peppers! So good.

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Salt beef, pickles, mustard, mayo, cheese and rocket make up the scrumptious insides to our classic New York Deli sandwich. Ask our staff to toast this up for you for some extra melty goodness.

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setelah nonton mv stray kids - cheese jadi merinding. sumpah takut banget apalagi baca subtitelnya, berasa dimarahin😭 serius ini masih takut😭

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, A Decade is A Long time. -Cheese in the Trap

@svtyunmjf17 前回はジュンピからのウォヌジュンで今回はウォヌから…🌳も本気出してきたね次も楽しみだね?🥺💖 かわいかった😭😭何かとハンソルちゃんにくっつきたがりなの可愛い…

TWICE’s Nayeon Struggles With Guessing An Iconic TWICE Meme So Momo Gives Her Best Sana Impression

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