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#Collins in #NBAAllStar dunk contest over a 2ft airplane was stupid. I could have done that..

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When someone tells you who they are, believe them the first time. (Maya Angelou) Susan Collins’ actions and critical votes have shown us who she is. Her words mean nothing - they are lies..

@DougJones Kavanaugh gave Collins assurances also. And they both lied. Are you naive or corrupt?.

Live: AT&T Slam Dunk Contest: 🚨 DSJ x Bridges x Collins x Diallo 🗣 Who are you taking to win?.

Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus Premium Apk+Data.

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sound familiar? Just like Susan Collins. You will regret this vote..

Kanang mga barkadang nimong mga Iro kaayo. Sheyt ilabyu kahit pakyu kayuuu. 😑😂.

I thought Chris Collins was supposed to usher in a new era of Northwestern basketball. I didn’t think it would be THIS kind of era..

@Muhammad_yr_ Je croyais k Collins day ray tay guayiii helas mooo gueuneu nul Mais alhamdoulilah luka nous a sorti la bonne methode 👏pour k tatum puisse battre Trea young.

All classic music hits rock pop latino #np True Colors by Phil Collins on.

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@rightcathartic Cabe recalcar q no tengo aun definida mi sexualidad, pero pensando en un punto definido como fantasía sexual con una mujer, sería darme tremendo chape con lily Collins AMO A ESA FLACA LPM.

#Collins in #NBAAllStar dunk contest over a 2ft airplane was stupid. I could have done that..

John Collins just jumped over the Tuskegee Airmen 🤣😂🤣#NBAAllStarWeekend.

De John Collins me quiero quedar con los de ayer. #ATTSlamDunk.

@DougJones @joncoopertweets Yea well that’s what Susan Collins thought with Kavanaugh and we see where that is getting.

I watched John Collins jump over that plan and immediately turned the Dunk Contest off.

Collins lands both his dunks and has a lower score then someone who only got one, dumb ass judges.

John Collins would have been better off bringing out Vince Carter and Dominique Wilkins #NBAAllStar.

This muthafukka John Collins did a 360 off a alley in the game last night & he come with this weak ass shit in the dunk contest 🤨.

Laws the way I’m laughing at Collins running and breaking that plane 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #NBAAllStar.

Looks like Collins 2nd dunk earned him a few woke however was one of the dumbest dunks I’ve ever seen..

Lol the presentation was dope but dunk weak see come on Collins #SlamDunkContest.

Bridges with a total of 83 after his two dunks. Collins finishes with 82 after his two. DSJ up next..

That John Collins airplane skit was probably the most awkward 4 minutes of TV ever aired..

A ver no esta nada mal el mate de John Collins. Mas que el mate en si hay que tener en cuenta desde donde salta y su altura entre otras cosas. Bastante infravalorado pero bueno.

My Tuskegee Airman grandpa is rolling in his grave after Collins fucking up the plane like that..

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