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Updated: October 16th, 2021 07:37 PM IST

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The fact that thousands of Southwest employees walked off the job protesting the COVID vaccine mandate forcing the airline to cancel more than 1000 flights is not getting enough attention. Media will make sure you don’t see it but keep watching, it won’t be the last protest!

Covid Twitter

Di ko alam na nagka covid pala sila lahat :( PepsiMukbang WithSB19 @SB19Official #SB19 #SB19withKarenDavila

Covid will not vanish. No respiratory virus ever vanished. The pandemic becomes endemic when we return to average annual mortality. This has already happened. Covid is already endemic. At this point any restrictions have nothing to do with public health.

Manden me el nombre de la persona que les que me importe todo lo que las vacunas a los niños para COVID-19 le importa al gobierno😂

BREAKING REPORT: Hawks NBA Star Brandon Goodwin Reports Blood Clots From COVID Vaccine Ended His Season – NBA Told Him to Keep It

Since launching monoclonal sites in August: - 135,000+ Floridians have received treatments at 24 locations - Florida’s COVID hospital census has declined for 52 days - Average new hospital admissions have declined for 58 days - Infection rate is now one of 5 lowest in the nation


We lost more soldiers in just the last few months to suicide than COVID since the entire pandemic began

The fact that thousands of Southwest employees walked off the job protesting the COVID vaccine mandate forcing the airline to cancel more than 1000 flights is not getting enough attention. Media will make sure you don’t see it but keep watching, it won’t be the last protest!

@ygent_official Ohh so did covid sent u a personal dm telling it will get hold only of lisa is it??? Other members were free to do whatever they wanted but lisa is restricted due to covid ?? Like seriously WTF????? I PRAY TO THE ALMIGHTY THAT U GET BANKRUPT SOON N ROT IN HELL 🖕

Johnson forget to sell the many Tory successes in his speech: Farmers culling pigs. 1000s of Covid cases a day and 150000 dead. Energy companies going bust. No petrol and fuel prices soaring No HGV drivers Empty shelves in shops Millions using food banks

Realized that Freaky Deaky ‘21 will be my first festival back since Covid happened & am feeling very sentimental about it because FD ‘18 was the first edm festival i ever went to. It yeeted me out of my depression & changed my life in so many ways.

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So konklusi antivaks adalah kalau kita semua tak vaksin, kena redha je lah kena covid macam si alif tu cakap tadi 😭


Give me your criminals, your covid, your huddled masses yearning to get a free ride. Our shores are teeming with wretched refuse. That is for sure.

Covid in Piemonte, il bollettino di oggi 6 ottobre: 197 nuovi casi e 4 decessi

@theycallmepami Iye lah, sebab bg dia; covid tu tak real. It is just a make up numbers from kkm. Sbb tu dia totally tolak vaccine. And dia xkesah pun klu kena covid. Mcmtu la kan?

@Ken22691813 @DannyLeahy7 I think you are the one who needs luck! Climb out of your censored world! The vaccinated are the super spreaders! They are oblivious when they have Covid because they’ve been vaccinated!

Hollywood Battle Lines Emerge in Simmering Vaccine War Without mandates to get a shot, some film and TV sets have been thrown into chaos as A-list holdouts have caused work stoppages while others say, “It’s not my place to police anyone.” via @thr

Woman Dies of Blood Clot After Receiving COVID Vaccine, State Health Department Confirms

@threegeese Last month my vaccinated daughter got Covid. I told her good, now you have antibodies in you. Now you will survive any variant. Vaccines are a great money generator for Pharma though.

Seems like COVID mutate I to sth new , so many people got test negative for antigen but the thorax X-ray damnnn white as paper or is it just sth else , new virus ?

Mais Éric Zemmour à fait une entrée fracassante depuis quelques semaines il a mis le covid au second plan les médias ne parle que de lui et ne parle quasiment plus du covid

Illinois private schools violating COVID mask mandate will get probation rather than immediate ‘nonrecognized’ status under state board of ed policy change

When Covid hit last year, a lot of dentists were redeployed to help out in hospitals. Maybe they might not know medicine as much as a medical doctor would, but ask me about teeth, what do I know???

@alexspeier @BostonGlobe Idiot- the only reason the Yanks picked the Sox is because of the Covid hassle of trying to get into Canada and cross the border. One false positive and you are stuck there for like 2 weeks. Maybe get your facts straight . Go Rays

I don’t understand how our tuition increased soooo much we were in person whole entirety of covid ( except for when the country went on lockdown) and they just got 13 mil yet they food is inadequate literally, the bathrooms in barracks ( our dorm) have not been clean so idk when

@ScottAdamsSays Define “harm.” Hahaha we’d have to weight those. Instagram technically does the most harm, so I answered that. But the severity of its harm can be suicide to a smaller amount, but may lead to long term insecurity. The cOVId vaccine will have tons of myocarditis in teens though

@EstebanOrtizMD Dr. Buenos días yo tuve covid y me dió arritmia moderado no tan fuerte gracias a Dios yo me hice recién exámenes y pedí a la Dra. Que me hago un chequeo del corazón pero me dijo que no es necesario como solicito para que me hagan un estudio

@hazechu Do you listen to the women who are happy for the restrictions that protected them from covid. My wife and I are very grateful for the leadership at the Rotunda that has kept us and our baby safe.

Please be aware of our updated COVID-19 protocols, effective October 7, 2021.

Covid Foto,Covid Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
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