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Kamala Harris hammers Trump on COVID-19: Trump pushed miracle cures he saw on Fox News.

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Batangas PIO Capitol
Batangas PIO Capitol ()

Ang Pamahalaang Panlalawigan ng Batangas ay nakatakdang bumili ng 1,000 vehicles, na may halagang ₱ Bilyon, bilang bahagi ng kampanya laban sa pangkalusugang krisis at pandemya na dala ng COVID-19.

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Sahej Singh
Sahej Singh ()

Covid 19 Active Cases 14 Aug.:- 1)Maharashtra-150105 2)Andhra Pradesh-90780 3)Karnataka-78345 4)Tamil Nadu-53499 5)Uttar Pradesh-49709 6)Bihar-31483 7)West Bengal-26447 8)Telangana-23438 9)Gujarat-14210 10)Rajasthan-14762 11)NCT Of Delhi-10975 ... 18)Haryana-6820 #RIPBala

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi ()

India will be one of the COVID-19 vaccine-producing nations. It needs a clearly-defined, inclusive & equitable vaccine access strategy ensuring availability, affordability & fair distribution. GOI must do it now.

Dr. David Samadi, MD
Dr. David Samadi, MD ()

Yes, there WAS a COVID-19 pandemic when there was a very high death rate & overcrowding of ICUs. Now, we are dealing with a casedemic, in which we are doing PCR tests of asymptomatic patients who are not sick. We are creating panic for no reason.

324.cat ()

En directe: El conseller d’Educació, Josep Bargalló, presenta el protocol que hauran de seguir els centres educatius davant de casos de Covid-19

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi ()

The smooth functioning of the @USPS during the COVID-19 pandemic is a matter of life-or-death, and is critical for protecting lives, livelihoods and the life of our democracy. Postmaster General DeJoy must reverse new policies which accelerate the crisis at the Postal Service.

Jim Acosta
Jim Acosta ()

Kamala Harris hammers Trump on COVID-19: Trump pushed miracle cures he saw on Fox News.

Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin ()

Inbox: House Oversight Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney has introduced the Delivering for America Act, which would prohibit the Postal Service from implementing any changes to the operations or level of service it had in place on January 1, 2020, until the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

Dr. David Samadi, MD
Dr. David Samadi, MD ()

For months we were told that children were largely unaffected by COVID-19. Now suddenly as the school year is about to begin a full-scale push from the media hits that tells us over 97,000 kids have tested positive in the past two weeks. Re-open our schools!

ホリィ@留学スクエア ()

留学とは切っても切れない航空業界の今後について、「COVID-19が航空に与える影響と今後を考える」講演会にリモート参加中。 留学でも参考になることが大いにあるはず。

Marco A.Tlatelpa
Marco A.Tlatelpa ()

Así el panorama del COVID-19 en la, República mexicana este lunes 3 de agosto 443 mil 813 casos confirmados 48 mil 12 defunciones totales. #Tepeaca

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Aidrogo77 ()

Eso no es alguien con síntomas graves de #Covid_19 jamas en la vida, alguien grave de covid no puede hacer el mínimo esfuerzo menos hablar esa cantidad de tiempo en forma sustenida, y para el tiempo que tiene de infectado ya debe estar es saliendo del virus

Pulso Online
Pulso Online ()

#ÚLTIMAHORA México suma 443 mil 813 casos y 48 mil 012 decesos por COVID-19 (VIDEO)

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Michelle Beaman
Michelle Beaman ()

[email protected] just found out she has covid 19 my sister has cancer so I want answers when is there going to be a cure for this and when is this going to stop affecting millions of Americans why can @realDonaldTrump do something to help us when are we going to be able to live again

Amelio Lastre
Amelio Lastre ()

Según el presidente Duque el Covid-19 vino por los viejos. Los jónes pueden andar sin tapa boca y demás elementos de la farsa.

Linda Frost
Linda Frost ()

@ddale8 Trump we want a President that is a good Honest Person! Trump’s slow response to Covid-19 cost the many lives! People think he thought if he ignored the Pandemic it would just go away! Not how it works! Trump making fun of Dr. Deborah Birx is so rude! She went to school!

Derek Mueller
Derek Mueller ()

@dradambanks My daughter, starting high school, is using this backpack-optional moment to angle for another pair of shoes, like I know you have backpack money set aside for spending, so maybe COVID-19 wants us to pick up an extra pair of flyknits.


🔴#EnVivo | Presidente @IvanDuque entrega balance de las medidas contra la COVID-19 Siga la transmisión aquí 👇

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The Cheesesteak Guy!
The Cheesesteak Guy! ()

‘You’ve screwed this up terribly’: MSNBC’s Morning Joe buries GOP for letting Trump fumble COVID-19 crisis

IG: EnterateRD
IG: EnterateRD ()

1,600 enfermeras aisladas por covid-19; sin equipos de protección

Gianella Canales
Gianella Canales ()

Hoy me “enteré” que tengo covid-19 y no por una prueba rápida/molecular, sino por los chismes de las personas de mi pueblito😹😹. Ay la gente!!!!

IG: EnterateRD
IG: EnterateRD ()

1,600 enfermeras aisladas por covid-19; sin equipos de protección -

Boone Elementary
Boone Elementary ()

Superintendent HD Chambers shares what the district is doing for the 2020 school year amid the pandemic with ABC 13. Click the link to watch the full interview.

The Lagos State Govt
The Lagos State Govt ()

The Special Adviser, while speaking at the end of the two-day event held at Lagos Theatre, Oregun amidst strict observance of COVID-19 protocols, revealed that the State Government leveraged on both conventional and social media platforms to air the event live to participants.

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Reacdirect ()

81 % des volontaires des essais cliniques souffrent de réactions au vaccin COVID-19 de CanSino Biologics via @ExoPortail

Prompt News Online
Prompt News Online ()

Devastating effects of COVID-19 pandemic responsible for sack of pilots- Air Peace

Ravi ()

@Mikeggibbs I am so sick and tired of seeing about how the CERB - which comes out to a measly $ per hour - is a disincentive to working jobs that pay crap and may put workers at increased risk of COVID-19.

Dazy Jane
Dazy Jane ()

@bopinion Can this cause COVID-19 to saturate the outside air? Nah? Right. Isnt it airborne?

Liz Mieses
Liz Mieses ()

Asumimos nuestra regiduría en medio de la pandemia del covid-19, y de inmediato procedimos a orientar y asistir a las comunidades de la circunscripción 1 del Distrito Nacional. En estos primeros 100 días, hemos…

Charlie Kirk
Charlie Kirk ()

Why are Fauci, the head of the FDA, and Admiral Giroir slandering Hydroxychloroquine when a top epidemiologist from Yale called it “the key to defeating COVID-19?” 🤔

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