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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 04:38 AM IST

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It was my great pleasure this morning to show this to 4 TSA agents in the “reddest state” and have all of them say, “who is that?” No one. Just another Republican coastal elite pretending to be a man of the people while badmouthing you.

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@GoatedBaker Baker is an elite QB and @ColinCowherd secretly has a poster above his bed of Baker

Given the deals handed out during NHL Free Agency teams miss on identifying elite players all the time

Congrats to Team Elite on another championship win. I have been in several playoff games in WWBA’s with these guys, and not once has any1 from their staff disrespected me or treated me bad. When they argue they don’t make it personal, and when they lose they don’t blame me.

If I want to play Elite Dangerous tomorrow, should I think about space or talk about space?

@mr_scientism The Elite were also religious figures in most societies; only sometimes divided between political and pure spiritual ( kings were often gods or nominal heads of both religions and armies even if military and priest classes mostly distinct) Are fully secular elite leaders new?

@icecube peace brotha! Let Brolic Elite Athletic Apparel get a shot at those @thebig3 uniforms in 2022! Let’s talk! ✊🏾👑

@AcOSINT HOTAS is pretty good for Elite, but SC you either wanna go HOSAS (Hands on stick and stick) or HOSAK (Hands on stick and keyboard)

Son compte .. j’ai l’impression que c’est un trolleur d’élite, ou juste un gros fils de pute j’hésite

3 legged race should 100% be an Olympic sport. @Olympics. I want to see how fast two elite athletes with training can do a 100m three legged race. Three legged marathons. Actually, just add more sports day events. Olympic egg and spoon, Olympic sack

Orlando Splash - 2025 aqua gold champs Cy Fair Elite National Hunt @CFEliteSports

#Elite Foto,#Elite Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

Went from a £20 wired controller to a xbox elite series 2 controller 😃😍

#Elite Foto,#Elite Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

NEPA Elite Clark 17U finished 4-1 in @SelectEventsBB Summer Championships with a loss in the final game today, 68-49, to Sports City U from Ohio in a 2022 Division Pool A game.

@meirele_ana Caso epstein não é o do milionário que mantinha uma ilha com esquema de prostituição e pedofilia pra elite?

Documental del Reino Unido censurado en Youtube y fundamental para entender el contexto de las Vacunas experimentales, la 4º Revolución Industrial y el Gran Reseteo económico que una élite trata de imponer al 99% de la población mundial.

@vitorazonta mas tem elite? kkkkkkk não sei de HBO, mas olhei agora as da disney e não tem nada de bom e as da amazon tbm nada q me interesse muito, eu gosto bastante das séries da netflix


@kyrstensinema Good afternoon gorgeous Sen! Massage today and I feel ELITE!

me molesta esta moda de endiosar a cada actor/actriz que salga en elite

Ya me dio ganas de vestirme como colegiala trola de Elite y que me saquen fotos, alguno de mis chongos disponible?

Uganda is characterized by grand-scale theft of public funds & petty corruption involving public officials at all levels of corruption in Uganda is through a patronage system which has been exacerbated by foreign aid. #UgandaIsBleeding #StandUp4HumanRights

@BrunoMicheluzzi @antoniotabet É, Tabet, não fala dos facistas catarinenses, aqui a liberdade de expressão é só pra falar bem do mito ou mau do PT. Se quiser falar de censura fale de cuba ou Venezuela! Aqui o povo acha que está em outro país, uma elite podre que vive em uma realidade paralela.

@disclosetv The elite admitting they have technology that allows them to live hundred years

@fightlurker @MeganMMA2 yeah fries on pizza is really popular here(should be everywhere cuz it’s elite)

George Soros And Bill Gates’ Backed Consortium To Buy Maker Of Covid Tests For $41 Million They know something we don’t then ⁦@SirGrahamBrady⁩ can we pull the plug on the elite backed gold rush which is wrecking our lives?

‘but he fought off three inquisitors at once!’ he did. he fought three Inquisitors who were so comically bad at being elite Jedi hunters that they weren’t competent enough to eliminate a literal child.

@jeffslevels @SeriesTWBZ Kkkkkkkkk Stranger Things não presta mais, mas aí me cita Elite gente do céu KSKSKKSKSKSKSKSK

👀 LO ÚLTIMO Dept. del Tesoro de SANCIONÓ HOY al ministro de Fuerzas Armadas de Cuba, Álvaro López-Miera, del círculo de poder de la tiranía tiranía Castro-comunista, hombre de confianza de Raúl Castro. También fue sancionada la unidad élite los boinas (avispas) negras.

#Elite Foto,#Elite Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

@coffeebreaks40 @HobbyConnector Newbie to the break game. Will you just tweet before you go live for these or will be get an email or something? I got in on elite BB too

Pido a quienes esta noche se unen al PaseDeLista1al43 vean,comenten, compartan con RT:”La élite tiembla ante la consulta popular”.Pido también su solidaridad activa para promover este ejercicio histórico de democracia participativa.#SIxLaVerdadYLaJusticia

El 20 de julio nos dejó varias reflexiones: Un presidente que no conoce la realidad del país, un Congreso antidemocrático y un pueblo que sigue luchando en las calles para independizarse de una élite política corrupta y mafiosa.

It was my great pleasure this morning to show this to 4 TSA agents in the “reddest state” and have all of them say, “who is that?” No one. Just another Republican coastal elite pretending to be a man of the people while badmouthing you.

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