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Updated: July 29th, 2021 11:38 PM IST

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But I’m also a Manchester United and England international footballer. Why has there always got to be a motive? Why can’t we just do the right thing? 🤷🏾‍♂️ Ps I actually enjoy reading bits from The Spectator now and again but this is just a none starter… Have a good night all!(4)

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@ryenarussillo We can also put the theory to rest that he would have won more Super Bowls than Brady in New England. He would have not survived twenty years with Belichick.

Solskjaer about Raphaël Varane deal schedule: “The club is working on the quickest possible solution to get everything sorted. Of course, there is a visa coming into England, with Brexit and quarantining. Everything has to be done as quick as possible, but by the book”. 🔴 #MUFC

Fully vaccinated travellers from US and EU will be allowed to enter England without quarantining, ministers decide


@dodgemyeyes I’m driving to England tomorrow (via Paris) but that picture is from a couple of days ago. Lots of vineyards here think you can just take the grapes to a central facility and they smash them up etc

@aaliaaaliya The disaster of Pakistan cricket is that we always prefer T20 even other cricket playing countries prefer test and one day , see India will play a complete test series with England before T20 World Cup, even our most brilliant players don’t want test cricket

Congratulations to my partner (DOCTOR) Charles Roe for passing his thesis examination today!!! His thesis is on poetry and religious writing in late 14th century England. We are now drinking champagne

England Foto,England Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

The @TheBabylonBee is slipping. Reality beat their satire to this headline yet again!

England may have to reimpose Covid rules in August, scientists warn

@mufcFilip for some reason you can invite any country to gold cup so technically england could win it

Monks meadow sheep field Chesterton,Warwickshire,England. July 2021.

England Foto,England Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

@imVkohli Sitting In England,You were feeling pressure in a normal Bilateral ODI The above is a easy reason for your failure in Big Pressure Matches Like ICC Enjoy Pressure to Win Like our Treat Pressure as a Burden.

@aelfred_D @BashfulFred The bright folk of gay England, They fear the little fold of Fairyland, For they all agree as one: Oberon a man was not, Nor was Tatiana a woman

@pool_guy10 It would be so unfair for Deano if he’s to be sacrificed. It’s his sole purpose to be England and United no. 1.

@Alinasu33 He stated on FB last night that he had gone, and on a number of rage fest vids that followed that he had left for England. Still no visual proof though.

@imgrandsure Beamish is owned by Heineken I don’t see why it isn’t sold in England on draught


Boris Johnson said he no longer believed “all this NHS overwhelmed stuff” as he resisted imposing England’s second coronavirus lockdown, leaked messages suggest. PM denied Covid would overwhelm NHS, Cummings says

@morpheus444000 Australia is the testnet for smart/slavery/contracts. GUARATEED if Australia or France allows itself to be enslaved next is Canada / England and the USA.

@survivorsinform @RWatson_insight The President of the Family Division held a senior position in the Church of England until recently. His deputy was Sir Mark Hedley, a fundamentalist evangelical, member of the Lawyers Christian Fellowship and co-founder of the Marriage Foundation, an evangelical lobby group.

England to offer more cash for promising therapies - POLITICO Europe •

@HE41214864 @welt Großbritannien war in der EU um Deutschland zu kontrollieren das es keinen Mist baut. Ihr mit euren Merkel habt England vertriben. Die Weltmacht Grossbrittanien war nicht Manipuliert, sondern hatte keine Nerven mehr. Und auch das/England ist EU Geschichte. (Nix anderes Thema)

Public street harassment set to be made illegal in England and Wales

Hiking New England: White Mountains My Favorite Hike

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@SusanStJames3_ Yeah, super nefarious. “In an unusual deal, Mologic, a for-profit company based in Bedford in south-east England, has been bought so it can focus on the low-cost manufacture of diagnostics for tropical diseases such as dengue and river blindness.” FT 7/18/2021.

@BorisJohnson @England What about the homeless they got human rights so the migrants can go back human rights is about do right on people if the UK is full hew is people go to leave if they are homeless that is human rights

@rottengrrI my dumb ass knows london is a city but i still think it is a country different from england

LATEST convective SPC MD 1321: MD 1321 CONCERNING SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH FOR NEW YORK AND NEW ENGLAND Mesoscale Discussion 1321 NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 0612 PM CDT Tue Jul 20 2021 Areas York and New England…

England Foto,England Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

@yungneocon Problem is u send the ugly peoples to England and suddenly they’re all hot


I wanna replicate other European accents BUT MY ACCENT KEEPS MIGRATING TO ENGLAND INSTEAD

But I’m also a Manchester United and England international footballer. Why has there always got to be a motive? Why can’t we just do the right thing? 🤷🏾‍♂️ Ps I actually enjoy reading bits from The Spectator now and again but this is just a none starter… Have a good night all!(4)

There have been a number of moments during this pandemic when so many strands were playing out in parallel it felt important to try and capture the point that’s been reached. We’ve done that with July 19 in England. Produced @kthrynarmstrng

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