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NCT DREAM to hold their online comeback show ‘7DREAM RETURN! 7+맛=SHOW’ on 5/11 7PM KST! To put on fantastic stages with first performances of upcoming new songs, as well as special stages of ‘Ridin’ and ‘BOOM’ with all 7 members! To have various segments with talks and games!

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Aarioc ()

lingawa aning most viewed vids sa fantastic duo sauna ug kaning i can see your voice haha

Shockingguy ()

That’s just fantastic so that still means the earth is flat ha ha what a great shot

Pasty Papist ✝️🇻🇦
Pasty Papist ✝️🇻🇦 ()

@PatriotDump Death Grips is fantastic, that album in particular is great for the gym. I knew you had good taste :)

Alice Fee
Alice Fee ()

Thank you very much to @BitBoardGamer and @BentoBoxProxies for a fantastic game of EDH and letting Veyran do their thing 🥰

rosie 📌 support pinned
Rosie 📌 support pinned ()

i just made a fantastic fancam for my best friend and star should literally be so happy rn that i gifted that to them

Krystal Ball
Krystal Ball ()

Pharma was absolutely opposed to lifting patent protection and had an army of lobbyists pushing in the other direction. Biden’s willingness to stand up to them is truly fantastic to see.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson ()

Fantastic to meet Foreign Ministers today for the first in-person meeting of the @G7. Together through cooperation and our collective will we can defeat this pandemic, tackle climate change and foster economic prosperity for all our nations.

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roach ^.^
Roach ^.^ ()

Feel like someone planted a Nathy Peluso sleeper cell in my brain at some point and it gets activated every time the nasty girl fantastic video comes across the timeline

Jim Kogan
Jim Kogan ()

Fantastic news. Summit County to move into level green Wednesday, eliminating capacity restrictions

LolaWestt ()

@natsmillie Feeling very excited that an intelligent woman with such varied experience in life is contributing to writing with her experience. Feeling fantastic and awesome

Ryan DePaul
Ryan DePaul ()

@HalosKaneki But you did a fantastic job at ignoring the point of the thread Well, you’re just a twitter troll casual. “Sad!”

An Implausibility of Gnus
An Implausibility of Gnus ()

@JaredStansbury Well, good news at least. Fantastic would be he plays rest of the season and is ROY.

Half-Life: Alyx Fanboy 🏳️‍🌈 | BLM
Half-Life: Alyx Fanboy 🏳️‍🌈 | BLM ()

@GirlyWolfPup I know it’s cliche, but Sonic. Yakuza may overtake it when I finally play it, but Sonic’s a franchise which is greater than the sum of its parts. The games have often been horrendous, but the characters and universe are fantastic. The creativity it inspires in people is truly

Benjamin ()

@eddyburback Could be about a half a millimeter shorter, but otherwise fantastic job!

LadyOnyxxx "Cougar Love" ()

Thank you @billypilgrimxxx for the fantastic leg shaken shoot today. I soaked the floor. 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

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TheGaryJoeCollins®️ #WorshYerHands
TheGaryJoeCollins®️ #WorshYerHands ()

I want y’all to do me a favor real fast. Take your phone like you’re going to do a selfie. That person you see there? Yeah, that person is beautiful, amazing, fantastic, and so very valuable. Take care of yourselves and each other. G’night beautiful people

Shelley Hwang
Shelley Hwang ()

Congratulations to the UCSD Department of Surgery on a fantastic 9th annual Research Day! Terrific innovation happening by trainees and faculty moving progress towards better patient care! @UCSDsurgery @UCSDSurgeryRes

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Meg ()

I know this is about the Monet tea but in HS one of my friends told this girl that I hated her prom dress and thought she looked fat so she tried to fight me every time she saw me for the rest of the yes she did look fantastic, the dress was the same color as her eyes

John Ricciardi | BLACK LIVES MATTER ()

This is a fantastic idea - definitely grabbing a copy right now

Aaron Saxton
Aaron Saxton ()

@forestminish Hope you’re enjoying yours. It’s a wonderful device and the games look fantastic using it.

Rudy Zaccagnini
Rudy Zaccagnini ()

@tantooC You are amazing!!!! A fantastic actress. Standing up for what is important. I was married to a Chippewa, loved deeply and there were things she simply accepted that I felt I needed to fix. How white of passed from cancer. Remarried, happy.

Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell ()

@RussBishopPhoto I really need to get up of these days. Fantastic light and fantastic capture.

Enola⚓📷☁️ ()

بيكون عظيم وثبات من الله لا يتبعه اي تزعزع عن يقين وإدراك لكل اللي الشيطان ممكن يلعب عليه تاني شعرها والخروج بيه جربته ومحستش انها حرة ولا منطلقة ولا كان الحجاب مانعها او مانع عنها خير مكنش بيمنع الا الشرور رفقا بالمتزعزعين كلنا في لحظة ممكن نكون اكتر منهم النصيحة بالرفق والدعاء

Enola⚓📷☁️ ()

معظم المحجبات اللي بيقلعوا الحجاب بيكون فترة تزعزع ف الكلمة الطيبة صدقة التعنيف الاهانة هينفروا اي جزء جواها ممكن يرجع معظمهم بيكون فاقد هويته وبيحاولوا يوصلوا لنفسهم بطرق مختلفة حتى لو باينة لينا انها غلط معظمهم بيكونوا تايهين ومش مدركين حجم اللي عملوه علشان يوصولا لكن وصولهم

Helios. ()

@AnxiousFlorist //. YOU WERE ONLY LIKE 45 MINUTES LATE HUSH And MITM is fantastic and I’ll always fight anyone who says otherwise

Ria ()

@ranaltboo WOOOOOOO YESSS FANTASTIC LOVELY, I saw a play through of it not that long ago, but the Fandom was practically dead, so this is greatL

Laura Markley
Laura Markley ()

The reviews on this $243 worm baby are fantastic. Worm. Baby!

Manchester City
Manchester City ()

PEP 💬 My first word is for the players who didn’t play today. I am so sorry for them because they have been fantastic all season and I know how tough it is not to play. The second word is for our owner and chairman in Abu Dhabi and all the people in other departments.

Fantastic Foto,Fantastic Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

NCT DREAM to hold their online comeback show ‘7DREAM RETURN! 7+맛=SHOW’ on 5/11 7PM KST! To put on fantastic stages with first performances of upcoming new songs, as well as special stages of ‘Ridin’ and ‘BOOM’ with all 7 members! To have various segments with talks and games!

GameSpot ()

Surprise! Get a sneak peek at 11 upcoming Marvel movies in this brand-new Phase 4 announcement trailer, showcasing Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Eternals, the long-rumored Fantastic 4 movie, and more! 🍿

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