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My fellow Americans - we must not only vote this election but make sure that all our friends and family vote. Help them to register. Help them to get their ballots. Step up now. Our nation’s democracy depends on it.

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Mathew ()

In southern Oregon visiting friends, ill be back composing masterpiece tweets in a few days.

Dr. Jill Biden
Dr. Jill Biden ()

We mourn the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, grandparents, friends, and loved ones who have been lost to COVID-19. It did not have to be this way.

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Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund ()

Happy #KwameNkrumahMemorialDay to all our friends and family in Ghana! 💛🇬🇭

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Bill Kristol
Bill Kristol ()

Excellent compilation by our friends at @ProjectLincoln. We at @ForTheRuleOfLaw look forward to standing side-by-side with them, and with many, many other believers in fairness and the rule of law, in this righteous fight.

Caroline Mclean
Caroline Mclean ()

@SbudRanger @lomondtrossachs It was so busy! Felt like Sauchiehall St. Even passed some old friends from Elderslie on the climb up 🤣

bryanna ✨
Bryanna ✨ ()

me realizing that i never mentioned that i was salvi to anyone other than my close friends in i was really living in little s*naloa.

Team Shehnaaz FC
Team Shehnaaz FC ()

The thing I realized here is that your mutuals are not your friends. Only a few of them are your friends. This thing you can figure it out when the actual time comes.🙂

Loonyo’s World PH
Loonyo’s World PH ()

People will try to argue against your boundaries to talk you into obliging their selfish desires. These are not your friends. Remove them even further away from your circle. DJLOONYOxPAHTS Q&AVLOGCollab

Barney Explicator
Barney Explicator ()

@zlingray That’s a very nice sentiment. I wish I still had friends after college 😑

Rei ()

Nagagalit ako sa friends ko pag marupok sila pero ako ngayon di ko din kinakaya karupukan ko hhhhhhhhh

EL DORADO...💉 ()

Real Friends talk sense into you , fake ones agree with your every #MondayMotivation

tRump is trying to rig the election so vote
TRump is trying to rig the election so vote ()

@amberlywaves Happy birthday! We love you! Friends are the family that choose you and that you deserve. Them are other people were just there for the early years.

Shadow00 ()

@Nintendeal I heard this game is not that good for single player. It could be fun if you have friends who can play this game with you. Good for multiplayer.

andrea montoro🐾
Andrea montoro🐾 ()

cuando tate McRae dijo: “ all my friends are fakes, they just want me for the day” girl I feel that

Gaybriel ()

sempre q ouço “friends”, penso em variasssssss fitas mano, essa música mexe comigo r e a l

🤎 ()

i wish had local friends but all my close crazy friends got kids and shit now so we cant do pop up togethers or nothing no more 😭

Mx. possum lord ✿
Mx. possum lord ✿ ()

i need 2 ask one of my irl friends if they have pics of me dressing up as a redditor for halloween last year

M Matt Frank
M Matt Frank ()

Moms, #SaveTheChildren no more pedophiles hiding behind their rich fathers, or richer more powerful friends like Don Jr.

Allison ()

@_TroubledPiper “Well Miss little Piper going on run alone with friends* so what is point mmmm.

𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖊🥀 bellamy blake supremacist
𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖊🥀 bellamy blake supremacist ()

1- triggered 2- uncomfortable 3- into it 4- the walls 5- friends

Mokeboyy ()

Getting away is nice. To clear your head. Get some perspective. But I miss a good routine. My friends. My late night cyborg hours. We back this Friday baby! Taking it to the next level

Cyril ()

Well I got obliterated last night. I love last minute plans with friends who also don’t fucking sleep lol

🌸Jᴇɴ🌸 ()

@Mariaellax Sorryy is a great example of how much you love your friends with my sis and I love her and she loves me so much Jack has joined me and I love him to be with me (I DONT HAB A SIBLING HOW DA HE-)🌸

Mariee 🥀
Mariee 🥀 ()

First of all how I block you on everything when you block me like tf you going to bump me weak ass bitch 🤷🏼‍♀️ if only you knew who my friends are you would be killed In a sec

Karla B.
Karla B. ()

True beauty is self-acceptance of ones own flaws and imperfections. Stay beautiful my friends ✨ - - -

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Zainab ()

@MysterySolvent Would you please *stop* posting these tweets encouraging others to bully 45 and his family / friends?! 45 and his family and friends are already behaving badly and bullying others; you do *not* have to follow their bad example!

Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor ()

@mattsingley She tells the friends that her mom is high risk so she has to be extra careful. Even then, we feel horrible for her.

Wallflower✨ ()

The first message i saw today was my friends telling me she is breaking up with her boyfriend 🍇🍇🍇🍇

spooky samosa
Spooky samosa ()

just found out that males think about sleeping with their female friends at least once. bye.

Amy McGrath
Amy McGrath ()

My fellow Americans - we must not only vote this election but make sure that all our friends and family vote. Help them to register. Help them to get their ballots. Step up now. Our nation’s democracy depends on it.

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