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How can I feel blue when @BTS_twt just gave us an INCREDIBLE #MTVUnplugged performance of Blue & Grey?? 💜👏 #BTSonMTV

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Merci, Chérie
Merci, Chérie ()

@kieliscalling Earl Grey hier. Mit selbst geriebener Bergamottschale und Hochlandtee aus Aserbaidschan.

princess yoga
Princess yoga ()

@JohnTory @epdevilla Open up Toronto safely. Red zone not the grey zone. No data or science behind your decisions. People are beyond frustrated and the world is laughing at us harder then when the army was called in to shovel snow

Toronto Police Operations
Toronto Police Operations ()

MISSING GIRL: Loriana Cechova, 16 - last seen on March 1, in the Lakeshore Blvd + Royal York Rd area - she is described as 510, 110 lbs., long black curly hair - last seen wearing black moose knuckle winter jacket and grey Roots sweat pants #GO384997 ^ep2

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Judy Valvik
Judy Valvik ()

Check out this listing I just added to my #Poshmark closet: Kenzie long sleeve black & grey Maxie dress. #shopmycloset @poshmarkapp

もふりん@ここは俺の劇場だ ()

この時間帯はDIR EN GREYのDOZING GREENよく聴いている気がする🤔 たまたまなんだろうけどね🎧

Grozz ()

@kathbarbadoro me too, except it looks like shit and made me notice that i’m (very slightly) starting to go grey

Shelby ()

It’s a crime that Chandra Wilson never won an Emmy or a Golden Globe for her performance as Miranda Bailey on Grey’s. Absolute powerhouse.


Have the refs use good logic and discretion when something obviously has happened where there is a grey area with the rules.

𝘪𝘯𝘶 ()

ADHDなので日記は続かない 改善しようとストラテラを処方してもらったけど1ヶ月も続かなかった 心療内科も定期的に行けてない 理想の人間になるまでの道のりは長い

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²⁰¹³Yoonᴮᴱ.⁷🐱💜 ()

@alapadma2 @BTS_twt want to talk about it too, but lately I relate to some older song and dis-ease more, so for n grey is a comforting song for me, at least for now, without really in deep on the meaning, might bcz the ambience of the song.

Astro Poets
Astro Poets ()

Week of 2/28 in Aquarius: Perfectly placed are the ideas that arise from dreams. You might smile a lot. There will also be lots of picture taking as you move around the bend. Wisps of grey and green make harmony as you continue.

Jason Kilar
Jason Kilar ()

Hollywood history time. What you’re looking at isn’t just a soundstage on the @WarnerBros lot in CA. It is, in my opinion, a ridiculous story that would never happen today. This Gandalf of a soundstage (going from Grey to White) is my favorite soundstage in all of Hollywood. 1/x

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Rafranz⁷ ()

BTS Unplugged YouTube views Telepathy 9M Blue&Grey 8M Fix You 15M Life Goes On 7M Dynamite 6M

Bel ()

also every character has done something bad!! everyone!! no one is in the right!!!! they’re all morally grey people with a victim complex

Wear a mask. Help slow the spread of COVID-19
Wear a mask. Help slow the spread of COVID-19 ()

#Pakistan to stay on #FATF grey list due to ‘serious deficiencies’ in checking terror financing

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queen vic ミ☆| twd spoilers
Queen vic ミ☆| twd spoilers ()

japp kolejna postać odeszła chyba narazie robię sobie przerwę z grey’s anatomy bo mam dosv

ˌʃТИЛЛЬist Lindemann
ˌʃТИЛЛЬist Lindemann ()

@erl_grey_tea Это не то, но похоже ща найдём

Mike/ ToxikKills
Mike/ ToxikKills ()

Unlocking Grey Matter Tundra! Playing With Viewers !commands !cam !add PS5 Gameplay!

ℓαяαnicol ()

Sólo yo me pongo a leer Cincuenta Sombras de Grey 🤦🏼‍♀️ quien me banca ahora

Nishanth Kumarr
Nishanth Kumarr ()

#greyList Pak has suffered a huge economic loss for being in Greylist 3 times since 2018. This is the 4th Grey listing. The joke is Imran announces in SriLanka that they will give credit line to them. He is like a man who has no money for food but shows off with a fancy hat. LOL

LavishLife243 ()

I knew this woman who got her PhD and then said her next goal was to be socialite. I remember looking at her like, “huh?” She was very overweight and already had grey hair in her 30s. She would’ve been better off investing in her looks vs. education. Sad, but true.

ET Canada
ET Canada ()

Jane Fonda talks embracing her grey hair: Enough already, so much time wasted, so much money spent, so many chemicals. I’m through with that

Fcr ()

How’ve we got back from a nice walk and some cunts stolen our grey bin, are you looking for a fight

Taehyung ^_^ Bang Chan
Taehyung ^_^ Bang Chan ()

@ralmingi Bang Chan respectful Bang Chan radiant Bang Chan black hair Bang Chan blond hair Bang Chan red hair Bang Chan brown hair Bang Chan grey hair Bang Chan best boy 8

Chandrashekhar ()

FATF की ग्रे लिस्ट में ही रहेगा पाकिस्तान, इमरान खान को देखने होंगे और बुरे दिन

Kicks Deals
Kicks Deals ()

From @nikestore, sizes in the 8-12 range are on sale for the grey/black-volt Nike Space Hippie 04 for over 40% OFF retail at $ + FREE shipping with your Nike+ account. #promotion BUY HERE ->

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Chandra ()

@persondotexe Tyty usually id use different color, but they grey looks kinda nice w the battle pass theme rn

❤️Sighthounds ()

@CookieSteward me too! What is she supposed to do? I would pay anything to bring my babies home. Crap, I tried to go broke paying for lost dog supplies when my grey was lost for 5 days. Not counting the sleepless nights & days spent worrying.

MTV ()

How can I feel blue when @BTS_twt just gave us an INCREDIBLE #MTVUnplugged performance of Blue & Grey?? 💜👏 #BTSonMTV

૮₍ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ₎ა☀️
૮₍ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ₎ა☀️ ()

GAGI BLUE AND GREY WAHHHH 😭😭😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺🥺😭🥺😭

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