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Updated: July 31st, 2021 07:39 AM IST

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👇This tweet reveals the deep and terminal intellectual rot among nearly the entirety of elected Republicans. The Harvard educated @EliseStefanik is doing her best to show us all the rottenness of her public character with this venal stupidity that gives dreck a bad name.

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The OH-11 special election primary was an experiment Harvard political science experiment to determine just how vitriolic political discourse can get. The study is almost over and will be releasing its findings in the coming months.

👇This tweet reveals the deep and terminal intellectual rot among nearly the entirety of elected Republicans. The Harvard educated @EliseStefanik is doing her best to show us all the rottenness of her public character with this venal stupidity that gives dreck a bad name.

This person works at Harvard. I cannot stress to you how bad the future of the country looks if these people continue to be the gatekeepers at America’s elite universities.

เย็นนี้ชวนเชียร์ #คีริน นักวิ่งไทยที่ได้ฉายาว่า One-Shoe Wonder จาก Harvard เพราะเคยวิ่งแข่ง 3000 ม.ด้วยรองเท้าข้างเดียว เนื่องจากวิ่งๆไปแล้วรองเท้าข้างนึงมีปัญหา เลยต้องถอดรองเท้าวิ่งจนชนะ พร้อมเท้าที่สะบักสะบอม #โอลิมปิกเกมส์

Key Performance Indicator Expert, Harvard Business School 👇

KENYATTA UNIVERSITY is the Harvard of Africa 📌. #kunamasomoku #respectkenyattauni

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🤜🤛🏼Hoy recibimos la visita de José Ramón Valdez, jóven dominicano a quien la universidad de Harvard le otorgó una beca gracias a sus méritos académicos. Fue recibido por la directora de la BIJRD, @aliciabaronird, quien le obsequió varios libros de texto de ciencias políticas.

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There is a saying that higher education has nothing to do with common sense. Ron Desantis went to both Yale and Harvard, yet he refuses to show a single iota of common sense when it comes to governing in. the state of Florida.

This is a very, very dangerous variant, says William Haseltine, a former professor at Harvard Medical Center, on the Delta variant of Covid-19. It is much more infectious than the previous variants. Masks can help even for the vaccinated, he adds.

I went to Harvard 2 for school but completed it on my first day because I’m so clever and they gave me a crown that’s my school story bye!

Not to brag but in school I was voted most likely to grossly overstate my past accomplishments. *polishes trophies from my professors at the Harvard School Of Science And Arts For The Gifted And Talented, Lunar Campus*

“Washington University of St. Louis. It’s the Harvard of the Midwest” -Jim Brockmire Brockmire is now my favorite show.

Being Black doesn’t necessarily mean you understand how to operate in a community. I think the biggest thing I’m thankful for in going to a Black school was not counting on my Blackness solely for building relationships, because I would have failed miserably coming to Harvard.

General Ramos explica sua demissão da Casa Civil por Bolsonaro: “Por motivos políticos, óbvio. Se eu estivesse sendo trocado por alguém formado em Oxford, ou Harvard poderiam dizer que falhei. Mas é por um político aliado do presidente. O político aliado é Ciro Nogueira.

Mangez plus de protéines végétales pour augmenter la longévité : #HarvardHealth

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Companies that make people return to the office will lose employees via @voxdotcom

sto seguendo un corso dell’università di Harvard online (ovviamente gratuito) sulle neuroscienze ed è super interessante 😍

Geçen sene, Çinden aldığı araştırma fonunun miktarını yanlış bildirdi diye Harvard profesörünün evi ve ofisi FBI tarafından basılıp gözaltına alındığını, Çinli asistanlarının sınırdışı edildiğini, tenure sahibi prof. okuldan atıldığını biliyor muydunuz?

The man who literally wrote the book on @US_FDA (Daniel Carpenter from Harvard; his Reputation and Power: Organizational Image and Pharmaceutical Regulation at the FDA, is a masterpiece) writes a scathing rebuke of the agency and its leadership.

Il punto non è se il soldatto studi a Harvard o meno, il punto è che ha studiato a Harvard per discutere con gli interisti su Twitter. Un fallimento nella vita che non augurerei a nessuno

@shizynatizy @ilymydiego może harvard bardziej przekonujący będzie

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How an empty belly could lead us to overlook opportunities to work with other parties

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Pazzesco, uno straniero che studia ad Harvard non sa parlare in italiano. Gli standard di quella università sono crollati


Secondo voi uno che studia ad Harvard perde tempo con noi mortali? Ma la conoscete la retta di Harvard?

@TaureanReign Making History: Atlanta teens go undefeated at Harvard debate competition via @11AliveNews

@cesololinter19_ @ScleUnw Perché da quei dati esce che il soldato non è mai stato ad Harvard come dice Ma mancano i tweet originari con i presunti leak pe capi meglio

Two teenagers from Atlanta, 16-year-old Jayla Jackson and 17-year-old Emani Stanton, have made history as the first Black female partners to win Harvard’s international debate competition.

When eminent scientists from Stanford and Harvard recently told Florida governor Ron DeSantis that children should not be forced to wear masks, YouTube removed their video discussion from its platform.

I can’t exactly act surprised that two black girls from Atlanta are great debaters, but it’s good to see Harvard recognizes game too.

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