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Old white men have been ruining this world since its inception. The devil is surely a old white man..

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Ya me iba a quejar otra vez por la oferta disponible en HBOGo, refiriéndome a que sólo tienen GOT, pero me di cuenta que tienen Inception, así que mejor me callo. 🤭🤭🤭.

Inception is looking for more amazing people to come and grow with us! #InceptionEsports.

@tribbianzi q legal adorei bem inception winner = vencedor = vitorioso = victor = winner.

Inception e Interestellar. Lo demás se puede ir super derechito a la verga..

Worst yearly loss for Templeton Global Bond Fund $TPINX is -5% since inception in 1987 That’s not bad compared to a 30%-50% loss most people felt in 2008.

@Livid_Lycan @AuraDeathh I believe abortion should be perfectly allowed and viewed as normal in our society, at least before before 43rd day (the time it takes for a fetus to have its first electrical brain activity) of the fetus’ inception. Bc what’s the difference between that & a nut down the toilet.

On a $2 million retirement anyone would love to have 7% 8% annualized returns $140,000 to $160,000 in income a year with a max yearly loss of 5% That’s the type of risk adjusted returns you get with global debt-currency $TPINX has returned 8% since inception.

@pablocr Arrival entró en mi lista personal de pelis para pensar: - Dejávu - Arrival - Contacto - Inception - Matrix (solo la 1) - Interstellar - El Ilusionista - K-Pax - Los Ríos Púrpura - Knowing - El Efecto Mariposa Sin ningún orden y alguna se me escapa en este momento.

Welcome everybody back to our weekly movie that Rachel (my wife) has never seen. This weeks movie is “Inception”. I believe she will like this movie, she likes psychological movies but this is a 2 1/2 hour movie. I’ll update later now #GiveMeSuggestionsForNextWeek.

@jamilesundays mds que difícil mas acho que o grande hotel budapeste e get out porem triste com lalaland arrival e inception de fora.

From the very inception of the republic, Poles had a critical role in making America what it is today. A commentary from @AdamBielan, Deputy Speaker of the Senate of Poland and former vice president of the European Parliament..

Mirad su pico, es la cabeza de un perrete. Animal inception..

Ministra Rosa Weber do @TSEjusbr e Luís Fux do @STF_oficial em seminário sobre fakenews é um inception de fakenews. Uma fakenews dentro de outra fakenews. Logo as instituições q colocaram censura nas investigações das fakenews das eleições 2018..

I dreamed about going to NeoCity Toronto during my nap today. I got the 6th row ticket but I overslept through the concert. I cried so hard cuz I couldn’t believe it. I then I went through some inception multiple layers of dreaming and waking up shit and finally woke up from nap.

Inception y LaLaLand porque no se puede ser más pinche básica..

หลังจากฝันแบบinception ตื่นแบบมึนๆพร้อมทบทวนรายการที่ต้องทำวันนี้ …ต้องพาน้าไปไหว้พระที่วัดหลวงพ่อโตวันพระใหญ่…แค่คิดถึงจำนวนพุทธศาสนิกชนแล้วนั้น… อยากจะเอาหน้าซุกหมอนต่อ.

I find it super corny when people use historical quotes such as “land of the free.” In reference to America, when arguing about the current state of America. The country has never been free, and been operating backwards pretty much since its inception. Don’t be delusional.

Faut je me force à regarder Intersellar & inception mais ça donne trop mal au crâne..

do not harness the same biological trauma women have. Think about what they’ve been thru since the inception of known human history. Immense rape, oppression & subjugation. Their generational trauma crosses all ethnicities & traces back 2 pre-historic era’s. Be Compassionate,.

@BreezyB77 @imalexandstuff I do agree that the first Captain America is slow but I enjoy it and not a lot of people did so I do get that. Strange is a lot like Inception to me with the visuals. I didn’t get into Inception but I’ve always liked DS so I have it a try.

@TOOEdit A must read for everyone interested in these but even more for Zio-Christians, JudeoChristians, #MAGA folk and the like. It lays out in pretty uncertain terms what has been in store for us since the inception of our undoing as new world Europeans. by Jews. #gaslighting.

Aptal saptal tweet atıp ardından ağbi gerizekalı turnusolu gibi tweet yaa deme gerizekalılığı... inception.

Watched Inception for the first time the other day kinda mad how I never watched it for so long.

io: no oggi non parlerò di Nolan, di Inception o Interstellar o qualsiasi altro suo film altrimenti mi bloccano Iris sul canale 22: hold my beer.

Old white men have been ruining this world since its inception. The devil is surely a old white man..

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