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Only one day to go until you can bring Captain Jack Sparrow that

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Ash ()

@wiIburdni dream was active on twitter too, take some deep breaths :) charlie was on the smp but from the rules, he died and he’s now off the smp. that’s why charlie is trending, and jack is trending cause he’s the one who killed him

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves ()

Only one day to go until you can bring Captain Jack Sparrow that

Jack Foto,Jack Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
V. ()

@Jack_Ne_Kilsin_ Umut fakirin ekmeği demisler bu ülke fasfakir fuck fukara nasıl beklemesinler fakir hepsi mk fjfjfjf

EDG Jury
EDG Jury ()

1 | Monument average: 2,73 highest: 🥇 (Jack, Mascha, El, Romy, Cloud, Ethan, Aqif) lowest: 14 (Mandy) who would have thought that this wins 🤯 (just kidding)

Ophis ()

I totally didn’t draw a parent au between Samiah and Jack. 👀

Jack Foto,Jack Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
Meg ()

eminem loved his jack daniels sesame strips…. the chilli flakes on top were too spicy for him though 🥵

Jack Foto,Jack Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
thiare 🍁 (kazuha haver) (real)
Thiare 🍁 (kazuha haver) (real) ()

No digo q childe está bien pero jack me da ganas d vomitar no irónicamente me ofende la comparación

Kristi Dini
Kristi Dini ()

Happy Fathers Day to all the Extreme Hoops and Basketball Dads out there!!! Shout out to the LEGEND Black Jack Ryan father of 17U red Morgan Ryan for supporting the girls on Father’s Day today!!! @NY_ExtremeHoops ❤️‼️

Jack Foto,Jack Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
🇺🇸 Te❌as Patriot 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Te❌as Patriot 🇺🇸 ()

Funny how Twitter continues to remove 15-30 followers every day. Jack & his minions are idiots.

Yariku Takegawa
Yariku Takegawa ()

@Andie_Burr Once I got over the jack black voice it turns out he’s a great

XboxBR ()

Sea of ​​Thieves: A Pirate’s Life é a campanha baseada na história mais ambiciosa do jogo até hoje. Os jogadores irão em uma missão para libertar Jack Sparrow de sua prisão e testemunhar o poder do maior tesouro pirata do mundo. #XboxBethesda 👉

Licht ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎➶
Licht ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎➶ ()

@auronbigmac Es Ja,,,,,,,,,,,çk,,,,y se usa para referirse a la porque la palabra Jack en inglés significa gato que es una herrendamienta de carga y pues eso

Paolobroziovic88 ()

@J__Jack @_enz29 Si poca roba, ecco, roba di Naingollan, qualche cosa minore, ma le cose serie avvengono ad agosto in questi estati dove si gioca

Emperor_Yemi 🌙💫
Emperor_Yemi 🌙💫 ()

@chidee_loove @Letter_to_Jack Making Nigerians also flagged the app inappropriate even without downloading. I’m one of them 😂😂

BHB⁷ #Butter🧈
BHB⁷ #Butter🧈 ()

Armys cheguei a conclusão que o Hoseok é o JACK FROST. 😳

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The Babylon Bee
The Babylon Bee ()

Cracker Jack Changes Name To More Politically Correct Caucasian Jack

Ankit ()

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Jack Foto,Jack Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
Alex Miranda
Alex Miranda ()

There are a few romantic lines that make me cry as much as “If you jump, I jump.” Jack and Rose for-friggin-ever.

Pluto :D
Pluto :D ()

gonna chug a can of pop, turn on a Jack Manifold vod, and grind out the rest of this 9 month drawing

Wolfman//Jack says, CHANGE GETTER 2021
Wolfman//Jack says, CHANGE GETTER 2021 ()

If I were in Midsommar I would have simply kicked the shit out of those Swedes and pissed in their stupid library

SupernaturalWiki.com ()

Started a rewatch of The Boys, and it pays off so well, knowing where chacrters will go in S2 and seeing back to when we first met them. Also the acting from Starr, Urban, and particularly Jack Quaid is off the charts excellent.

Luna💜 ()

Can you surf, hike and snowboard in one day? 🏄‍♂️🏜🏂 Watch as Alana Blanchard, Jack Freestone, Hannah Teter and Luke Johnson attempt a #3in1 day with the help of the Hyundai SANTA FE and TUCSON.

Talya🔆 ()

Konudan bagimsiz tweet düzeltme özelligi ne zaman gelicek tweeti atip cikiyorum döndüğümde yaptığım rezil yazim yanlislarini görünce kendime gülüyorum hadi abicim @jack

son of a hunter 🇵🇪
Son of a hunter 🇵🇪 ()

If jack wants to be the president of Nigeria we won’t mind for real, he’s always there when we need him #June12thProtest

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ジャック・ザ・多摩セン! ()

多摩市内、自民党の選挙カーが通過したあと、共産党の候補がスポット演説。 印刷物やスピーチの内容も含め、陣営ごとの特色というか、選挙スタイルというか、違いが明瞭になってきています。 #都議選2021

Rev. Young S Kim
Rev. Young S Kim ()

@Jorgeperezg33 @Cipote60754766 Hi, say, Hello! to my friend named, Jack, a sweet Chipmunk 🐿 in my backyard!

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vanilla 🤍
Vanilla 🤍 ()

I can’t believe we have to defend a genius like jack antonoff on this stupid app now 😭 the lowest is what

elisabeth_Get the VAX
Elisabeth_Get the VAX ()

@OnPointRadio Very powerful and scary discussion. (And more of Jack Beatty would be fine. I miss the Friday news roundup)

Lawrence Wray
Lawrence Wray ()

Expect the unexpected. And whenever possible, be the unexpected. - Jack Dorsey #quote

Jack Foto,Jack Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
AntifaBook.com ()

WATCH: Jack Posobiec explains the true origins and goals of Antifa worldwide

☚ Avignone #22giugno ☛
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