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[email protected]! You are my shero and inspiration. Thank you for your tireless work to make this world a better place..

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This is going to be better to watch unfold than her TV sitcom. Not “Must See TV”, rather, “Must See Jane!” #JaneFonda #ClimateChange.

@secretstranger9 #JaneFonda flies in on her own private jet to protest climate change full on hypocrisy..

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Filmreif 😍 „Sie hatte es auf eine Verhaftung angelegt, die Polizei reagierte wie erwartet: Die 81-jährige US-Schauspielerin Jane Fonda wurde am US-Kapitol festgenommen, als sie für mehr Klimaschutz protestierte.“ #JaneFonda #ClimateStrike.

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Sure, #JaneFonda fighting for the end of fossil fuels is admirable, however has anyone asked how much fuel that fossil has used in her life time? #ExtintionRebellion.

Ne yapmış bu kadın, iklim protestosuna katılmış! Suçun büyüklüğüne bakar mısınız, sanki ABD askerleri şehit yakınları için maarif takvimine poz versin demiş! Ama ABD yasası onun 81 yaşında, dünyaca ünlü yıldız olduğunu umursamamış, arkadan kelepçelemekten utanmamış. @Janefonda.

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Kudos to @JaneFonda for speaking truth on cable news, which has completely abdicated its responsibility to cover the climate crisis..

#JaneFonda, que fue la tercera persona esposada y detenida, prometió que continuará con la protesta durante los próximos 14 viernes..

#JaneFonda STILL fighting for the people who STILL don’t understand that they THEY are being shit AGAIN..

@JackPosobiec @Janefonda How Many Land Fills have been filled up with old Jane Fonda Work Out VHS TAPES. Asking for activists everywhere..

#FireDrillFriday every Friday at 11am w/ #JaneFonda east side of the Capital in DC. Let’s take the fight against Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline to the next level! @GreenNewDealVA It’s an emergency- let’s act like it!.

Ni un par de esposas, ni policías rodeándola, ni el arresto impedirán que @Janefonda continúe manifestándose para exigir políticas serias para atender la crisis climática. 💪🔥🌎.

Thank you, @Janefonda for your courage and determination in front of the Capitol to protest against climate change. You are an inspiration. I stand behind you! #JaneFonda #JaneFondaIsAInspiration.

@Janefonda claims she has been a “climate scientist for decades”. Greta Thunberg, who has a couple years of high school to complete, is still Chief Scientist though. It’s great insight into what these Zombies consider “science”.

@julesjustme @Janefonda has always #HATED America so hearing #HanoiJane spew ignorance remarks isn’t anything new. She should have been sent packing when her traitorous views were made public decades ago.


Volevo precisare a tutti i sinistri, facciamocalzearete e gretini vari che #JaneFonda NON è stata arrestata per aver manifestato contro il climate change, ma perché si è rifiutata di spostarsi dai gradini del Congresso dove è VIETATO sostare per motivi di sicurezza. Punto..

Starting now: my fifth annual Women’s Conference and Forum in Arlington. Watch our conversation about feminism and fighting for equality with @Janefonda and other specials guests here:.

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Essere arrestati a 81 anni a una manifestazione, Jane Fonda ha coronato il sogno di qualsiasi rivoluzionario. #JaneFonda.

Tekopyhä Greta-kultti on uponnut Hollywoodin turhamaisimpaan kärkeen. Mielipiteitä lauotaan ennen ja jälkeen yksityisjetin tripin. Hyvä, kun edes muistavat mistä kyse. @Janefonda.

#JaneFonda I poveretti che fanno battutine chi sono e soprattutto cosa hanno realizzato nella vita, a parte sproloquiare sui social? 🤣.

#JaneFonda ha avuto tutto dalla vita. Tutto. Due premi #Oscar, 5 nomination, fama e successo. Ha 81 anni, adesso. Potrebbe godersi la vecchiaia, la bella vita, il suo lavoro di produttrice. E invece si è fatta arrestare durante le proteste per il clima..

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@Tiff_FitzHenry @Janefonda has been lovely and she supports the RAPE TREATMENT CENTER on 16th St in Santa Monica. What do you do Tiffany besides send fellow my ritual abuse and mind control survivors emails telling them you want to obliterate me while trying to USE THEM?.

Earlier today, at least 16 climate activists, including @Janefonda, were arrested at the first #FireDrillFriday action at Capitol Hill. Join Jane Fonda & many more climate activists every Friday at 11am in DC to demand strong climate leadership to confront the #climatecrisis!.

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[email protected]! You are my shero and inspiration. Thank you for your tireless work to make this world a better place..

So @Janefonda was just arrested at the Capitol. She shared with us how @GretaThunberg drew the 81-year-old activist back to civil disobedience ..

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