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Remember that Jared Kushner ditched a national testing plan for COVID-19 because he thought only blue states would be affected. What an absolute scumbag.

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Macalister Clark
Macalister Clark ()

@Jared_Carrabis I guess I only hate @Jared_Carrabis when we play the Red Sox. #GrowTheGame

connor adams
Connor adams ()

@Jared_Carrabis Lewis, Kelenic, Julio Rodriguez, Haniger is going to be a ridiculous outfield

Reet 💕
Reet 💕 ()

@LittleWillowD Yes. I have never seen such a stalkish and witch hunt kind of behavior from Misha or Jensen stans. Yes, there are bad beans in every fandom of an actor but a large majority of Jared stans are legit creepy. They have screencapped my tweets & shared on tumblr, called me b*tch.

Jonathan Soto
Jonathan Soto ()

@jmp4101 @Jared_Carrabis Bruh the rays are 3 games back of first place and half a game of second 😂

Issac Gonzales
Issac Gonzales ()

@PlzCallMeMarcy @Jared_Carrabis Exactly dodgers fans making excuses about injuries but before the season they so called has the deepest team in baseball 😂😂

Agencia Andina
Agencia Andina ()

Jared y Scarlet: los gemelos prematuros salvados en el hospital Rebagliati El equipo médico logró salvar la vida de los pequeños –diagnosticados con síndrome de dificultad respiratoria al nacer– y de su madre.

Jared Foto,Jared Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
Jared Leeper
Jared Leeper ()

Great thread to ease any anxious minds about big bad scary variants

GameOn513 ()

@Jared_Carrabis Careful not to upset Baez, he will think you are disrespecting the game lol

Jared Tims
Jared Tims ()

Currently disputing how tall Edwin Yon Roster says 6-5 I think he’s closer to 6-8

Jared Foto,Jared Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
Adam Rank
Adam Rank ()

My NFC North QB Power Rankings (if Rodgers leaves) 1. Justin Fields 2. Kirk Cousins 3. Andy Dalton 4. Nick Foles 5. Jordan Love 6. Kellen Mond 7. Jared Goff

tami SAM DAY
Tami SAM DAY ()

o jared entrando nos trends por dar parabéns ao sam com aquela foto fedorenta sério gente ele é brincalhão assim mesmo viu

Jared Foto,Jared Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
Mark Fahey
Mark Fahey ()

Half WOB Jared Walsh, Jameson Taillon, Tim Anderson, Matt Harvey, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, George Springer, Nico Hoerner, Michael Conforto, Nolan Arenado, Travis Shaw, Manny Machado

cas || feathers era
Cas || feathers era ()

i’m not a fan of jared but ngl i can sense the shade of this tweet

Ema misses Jared 🖤🦌
Ema misses Jared 🖤🦌 ()

E comunque è meraviglioso vedere come splende Jared in questo periodo, mi da un senso di pace vederlo stare così bene che non si può nemmeno spiegare ❤️

Loki god of lies💚🐍
Loki god of lies💚🐍 ()

tantas fotos do Sam sorrindo ele pega o trauma do fandom, jared pq você é assim??? isso me deu gatilho de pânico cara

Hendrix Still Rides
Hendrix Still Rides ()

@CityofSantaRosa Jared Huffman Mike McGuire And Jim Wood Have Also Failed California Women Victims Of Violence Justice And The North Coast Miserably

Jared Foto,Jared Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

the fact that so much stuff is trending for jared and sam but we didn’t plan it or anything like it just happens 😭

Stephanie. ()

if someone told me i could k!ll two people, past or present, and get away with it, i would k!ll jared leto twice.

thay | 📺: she-ra³
Thay | 📺: she-ra³ ()

o jared não pode falar NADA da série que ele protagonizou por ANOS que as doente vão encher a porra do saco

To SPNFamily with Love
To SPNFamily with Love ()

...accept each other even though we are different, especially because we are different. - Jared

Amandaa៹⁷🧈 | emy dayy!!
Amandaa៹⁷🧈 | emy dayy!! ()

Se até o Jared zoa da peruca, quem sou eu pra não zoar?? (até hj eu tenho trauma dessa peruca) KKKKKK

Melanie Winchester
Melanie Winchester ()

@jarpad Look at our favorite Winchester, as strong and resilient as ever. Life put him through the ringer, but he always kept fighting & found peace when he was done. #HappyBirthdaySamWinchester & thank you, Jared, for Sam, for loving & fighting for him, for making him all that he is.

Jared ()

okay so taylor, bc tied together with a smile got me through an ed. Like that song is literally like having taylor there supporting you as a friend and it’s just so special

Jonathan Mishory
Jonathan Mishory ()

@stack_janton99 Subway’s marketing department has been completely lost since Jared went to jail.

💞 Mokiness
💞 Mokiness ()

@jarpad OMG. You would pick this.😂 Never change that wonderful sense of humor Jared. This whole scene is so sad & heartbreaking. But what a clear distinction you have given us between Sam & you. Yet, both wonderfully generous & kind with hearts of gold. Beautiful inside & out. Thank you

Jared Peek
Jared Peek ()

@BravesOnBally So Acuña blasts a home run and the home announcers complain about him for the next 5 minutes? Celebrate the game.

Jorge Tiznado
Jorge Tiznado ()

@Garrettchris52 @RamsNFL Better be ready to put in work or else off to Detroit, Jared needs company 😂

declan (zach wilson enjoyer)
Declan (zach wilson enjoyer) ()

Just realized something In Superbad Fogle gets a fake ID named “McLovin” and Seth says he looks like a future pedophile, who else is a pedophile? Jared Fogle, who wasn’t a pedo yet when it came out.

BrooklynDad_Defiant! ()

Remember that Jared Kushner ditched a national testing plan for COVID-19 because he thought only blue states would be affected. What an absolute scumbag.

Citizens for Ethics
Citizens for Ethics ()

A judge in Maryland ruled that an apartment company co-owned by Jared Kushner repeatedly violated state consumer protection laws by collecting debts without required licenses, charging tenants improper fees and misrepresenting the condition of rental units

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