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It should disturb every one of us that Twitter has elected to enable someone like @trustednerd, and to make an ideologically-driven lie an incontrovertible truth, writes Meghan Murphy.

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@RealMattCouch She’s right up there but the all time dumbest is Cathy Areu! The “Liberal Sherpa”! Jessica keeps the crown for the vilest!.

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@audrey_pnc Fait juste un balayage si tu veux changer, parce que, un carré ça va te choquer, nan ?.

@MorecoO Jessica Lange é uma mulher madura e inteligente, o suficiente para saber que Coven é uma temporada sem noção e totalmente teen, o que desviou drasticamente do que AHS vinha seguindo. Asylum continua sendo a melhor temporada..

@Roberto83559155 @DanielL96708915 Era la famosa Jessica, ya tiene mucho que dejó la Meche, yo fui cliente de ella y con ella pedí por primera vez el anal, me lo dejó en 200 era barrera y se dejaba dar con todo.


@Jessica_jinro 分かる、適正価格としては受け入れられるけど高いから即決できない….

@run96a 最強すぎる♡ 全然全然 いっぱいたべて?♡ もちろんだよ♡.

... might just be a little overkill? jessica would never get away with her behaviour as president? you can get up in front of the school and swear every other word and expect to be allowed leadership and sway in the school system?.

Cuando encuentran el cuerpo de pero el siguiente episodio es sobre el autodescubrimiento de jessica #13ReasonsWhy.

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🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️Cansados del trabajo rutinario dos jóvenes mexicanos emprendieron el viaje de sus vidas. Aldo y Jessica recorrieron 13 países en una bicicleta de bambú.

Had a dream last night that I met Matty and I’m so sad I couldn’t get back to sleep to finish it ahahaha.

My go-to Practices for Centering and Clarity | Jessica F. Walker.

Día 4: @OscarRuizC me retó a subir 1 portada de un disco que me guste sin explicación alguna, 1 por día por 1 semana y cada día ir retando a alguien más. Esta es la mía de hoy y reto a @Othmell.

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so is jessica just gonna take advantage of justin every time she’s upset now or what-.

@MiiaajMia Je viens de la voir aussi putain elle a dégagée Carla et Kevin comme une grosse pute !!!!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️putain elle qui disait que Carla était sa petite sœur 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮.

Raga ho sognato che ero in un albergo in mezzo a una tempesta e Bem Barnes mi diceva che mi amava (??????) e io preoccupata andavo a fare una passeggiata con una mia amica e trovavo in una barca Jude Law con Jessica DeGow e RDJ che mi teneva la mano (???).

A história da Hannah, Clay, Alex, Jéssica, Tyler, é real pelo mundo existe muitos passando pelo mesmo..

@JGibson66 Hi Jessica, we are currently experiencing an unexpected outage with Tuition Express. Our technical team is actively working to resolve. We apologize for any disruption this morning..

@snarlpurr Smfh, people can be heartless af in this world. I hope you and your family gets the justice y’all deserve. My condolences and prayers to you and your family Jessica..

@jessicaqt_ first impression : Friendly Mahinhin ur nickname in my head : Jessica you are my : Internet Friend tbh : Tara kita us KSKKSSKSKSK ♥️ AND ANG GANDA MUE HUEHUE.

@Yuki__Jessica ゆきちゃんだけやそう言ってくれるの 2弾ロディは雑魚感増したしニックは正面向いたただのイケメンやでなあwww.


Jessica Toh co-founded @themediashopgp in 2009, after spending 8 years developing B2B and B2C strategies for technology giants such as Samsung and HP at CNET #TheIndieAwards.

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@jessica_nsk Да! Знаешь есть тест братьев мотовских? Игра такая, там надо отмечать регионы. Мы с друзьями на бутылку вина играли и я выиграла!.

It should disturb every one of us that Twitter has elected to enable someone like @trustednerd, and to make an ideologically-driven lie an incontrovertible truth, writes Meghan Murphy.

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