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Remember back in #Lockdown when I tweeted what was going on in the night sky and tried to keep you entertained and sane. Well, keep following and get others to follow just in case we do it all over again. #Lockdown2

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Helen De Block
Helen De Block ()

Risicobeheer= 😡😠🤬

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Luc Adriaans
Luc Adriaans ()

Op naar #Lockdown2 , ze hebben het voor elkaar! Alles om de Noodwet er door te gaan drukken!

Dinos-aure ()

Δεχομεθα απειλες απο ζαιους και αρνητες μασκες....Παμε για 2000 like ... #κορονοιος #Lockdown2

Ernest The Cute King Charles Cavalier
Ernest The Cute King Charles Cavalier ()

Still in iso with cuddles a day keeps us going #Lockdown2 #HumpDayMotivation

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Sachin Tyagi
Sachin Tyagi ()

जय श्री गणेश। सुप्रभात मित्रों। 56,40,496 कोरोना केस और 90,021 मौतें।कोरोना के विश्वगुरु बनकर ही रहेंगे हम? #Lockdown2

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Παύλος Παπαδημητρίου
Παύλος Παπαδημητρίου ()

#Lockdown2 #COVID19 Ζητώ χίλια θα συγγνωμη μπορεί κάποιος (συνάδελφος η υγειονομικός) να μας πει εγγυημένα (εγγυημένα ομως όχι ράδιο αρβύλα!)πόσα κρεβάτια ειναι διαθέσιμα στις ΜΕΘ της χώρας για νοσηλεία ασθενών με Covid?Μας γυρνάνε τα μάτια μ αυτά που γράφονται δεξιά-αριστερά!

Greg Constable
Greg Constable ()

Forget toilet roll and pasta, this time around I am panic buying red wine and cheese 🍷🧀 #Lockdown2

Nick Macey
Nick Macey ()

The uk is facing #Lockdown2 , but let’s address what really matters: cakes knocked on the floor in the #gbbo technical challenge

AkisPetretzikis ()

Αν δεν βγω για LIVE μην ανησυχείτε ακόμα..... εγώ θα δώσω την έναρξη! #Lockdown2

RidiculouslyRichbyAlana ()

GIVE AWAY PICK-ME-UP 💜 Just been watching the news and instead of dwelling on it, I’m going to make one person’s day a little bit better, with fifteen slices of free ! #Lockdown2 #BeKind 💕

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pasok orthodoxo tou andrea
Pasok orthodoxo tou andrea ()

#Lockdown2 αυτή τη φορά με πλήρη ευθύνη της κυβέρνησης Μητσοτάκη. #ΝΔ_αλητες

Rick Millar
Rick Millar ()

Suppose with #lockdown2 I should do something productive rather than eat and drink way too Nah fuck it, here’s to an extra two stone and another X on my clothes!!

Megalosgazmas ()

Δεν ξέρω για το #Lockdown2 αλλά το τρίτο θα γίνει στο νεκροταφείο

Eretikos ()

Κορονοϊός… σε 60 σχολεία! 159 κρούσματα σε παιδιά μέσα σε μια εβδομάδα #Lockdown2 #Covid_19 μέσω @

✨Jo✨ ()

Watching @GMB We built hospitals especially to treat covid patients. There should be no reason to close hospitals, stop essential cancer treatments and vital operations for others. #Covid_19 #Lockdown2

Voula Kexagia
Voula Kexagia ()

Έπειτα από παιδικά λάθη, αστοχίες, κραυγαλεες αντιφάσεις και τραγικες παραλείψεις μας πρετοιμαζουν για δεύτερο lockdown. Η πιο εύκολη λύση με κόστος κυρίως για τους πολίτες: τους κλείνεις ολους μέσα και ησυχάζεις... Για λιγο! #Lockdown2

Mister Tory | ENG & FR
Mister Tory | ENG & FR ()

(Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will encourage Britons on Tuesday to go back to working from home if they can to contain the spread of coronavirus, The Telegraph reported late on Monday. #pubs #lockdown2

Σοφία ⁷ ♡
Σοφία ⁷ ♡ ()

I never use insta but I am sometimes check it mainly the stories & the amount of peers that were like wear ur masks all summer & wash ur hands r the same ones doing up the most at uni rn no social distance or nothing yikes when we in lockdown2 it’s ima @/ing every one of em

Vaskef ()

κυρία Παγώνη...στο πιο δυσκολότερο σημείο; υπερβολή #simera #lockdown2

Rosemary913 ()

#Lockdown2 The Red Sky Prophecy/Night Of the Red Sky via @Rosemary913

Rosemary913 ()

#Lockdown2 Two Canadian bishops condemns priest’s prophecies via @Rosemary913

Rosemary913 ()

#Lockdown2 UPDATE: Europe Next-England, Israel Issue National Lock down: The last Crop Circle Shows the Earth Second Lock Down via @Rosemary913

Rosemary913 ()


Psychic Ryan Gooding
Psychic Ryan Gooding ()

I really do not understand how closing a pub at 10pm can make any difference! #Lockdown2

Bren ()

The government have full on teased us , they’ve taken us out for a meal and a cocktail and then told us ,it’s not working and it’s all our fault 🤷🏼‍♀️ #Lockdown2


if there’s a lockdown2 us uni students will have to carry on as normal & do all our work online while paying £9,000 & having fuck all close to the experience we payed students are being completely forgotten about in all this shit! Robbed of our money and our youth. 😤

Samuel Bailey
Samuel Bailey ()

Me entering lockdown 1 VS me entering lockdown 2 #Lockdown2

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Solskjaers red army
Solskjaers red army ()

England is a fcking shithole. Why can’t we just be stricter and get this virus under control? We’re going in the wrong direction #Covid_19 #Lockdown2

VirtualAstro ()

Remember back in #Lockdown when I tweeted what was going on in the night sky and tried to keep you entertained and sane. Well, keep following and get others to follow just in case we do it all over again. #Lockdown2

Dr Nisreen Alwan 🌻
Dr Nisreen Alwan 🌻 ()

#Lockdown2 with open schools unlikely to reduce spread as lockdown1. Closing schools again would be devastating. Facemasks not used/promoted in all shared indoor spaces &testing in shambles. Only thing in my hands is keep shouting: wear masks& ventilate schools well. Frustrating.

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