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I will be lowering the flags on all Federal Buildings and National Monuments to half-staff over the next three days in memory of the Americans we have lost to the

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Imran Khan ()

I want our nation to observe this Eid in a different manner from the usual celebratory style. First, let us think of & pray for all those families who have been deprived of their loved ones by the plane crash tragedy & all those who have lost their lives to COVID19.

TrendsKey ()

Battlegrounds of the corona crunch: The suburbs where the most Australians have lost their jobs in the wake of the pandemic are revealed

Andreas michael ()

@piersmorgan A lot of excuses are made For example the company has lost a lot of money. We need to make sacrifises to keep the doors open

Thelittlesthomebrew ()

Ok, that’s the one. Found the supermarket beer I’d have paid a lot more for and still thoroughly enjoyed. - Drinking a Lost Cosmonauts by @northbrewco @ Untappd at Home —

Brennan Bhoy ()

@ianwylie @Bhoy67Lisboa Disgusting and double standards people have lost loved ones can’t even go to their funeral s and this idiot and his party thinks this is fine. Let’s hope this damages the party even more

Michael Lapinski ()

DAY 3: A movie with five words in the title. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK was the first movie I saw on VHS, thanks to my uncle George toting his portable VCR to my Gramma’s house on Easter.

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フラワ従者/紫水晶 ()

何故ならば霊基一覧は、プレイヤーの情報ではなくゲーム内の情報を表示している設定だから。 1.武蔵がストーリーの展開でdata lostにかわり 2.モリアーティの幕間で主人公の記憶が操作されて、プロフィール6が適当な内容になっている

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Marvel🏝Equestrian🏔 ()

@jeepequestrian I can not imagine. I’ve definitely had to give a few good stabs to horses at times and I’ve NEVER broken the skin or even lost hair. If you can’t ride with spurs and not let them touch until you need to, you shouldn’t ride with spurs

Judy ()

@EricTrump Pretty sick individual that thinks all touching is sexual. I see a man whispering to a young girl and pulling them into a picture. I’m sure Biden has a soft spot for girls since he lost his daughter and wife.

Zidge ()

Bruh I went 1-1 in pro battle and lost 58 how is this somehow worse ranking than x rank

Vinay Gupta ()

@ratkins It does make sense. RISC was always better. Intel held on for decades because of the installed base, but the fight was lost decades ago. And Apple had already done the 68xxx to x86 transition, so they aren’t inherently scared of one OS on multiple processors. Rock on

LP Voutique ()

Are you ready for Summer 2020? Quarantine or not, you don’t want to miss these #LOST pieces. ______________________________________ Mesh hoop shorts with a front drawstring for a comfortable fit. Styled with Our…

Saudi 24 News ()

It has lost a third of its value … sugar “melts” in the spiral of corona

Suki van Dijk ()

@washingtonpost @grammar3708 He’s not only wrong, he’s deliberately lying. Lives will be lost.

LostUparun ()

@Alirsx12 リプ失礼します! この度、主催されるゲリラの確定枠を頂けないかと思い、リプをさせてもらいました! チーム名→Lost 代表ID→@yukkuriArthur コピペ用→yukkuriArthur 貴重な1枠! ぜひ!ご検討の程よろしくお願いします!

Carol Archibald ()

@jilevin What happened to THIS WANNABE WHITE MAN? Joe Biden is fine, please don’t use this crap to draw attention to your pandering self Ok? LEAVE WELL ALONE. Go do your job, and stop hanging on to Trump as your daddy!!This would not stop me from VOTING FOR BIDEN! SO GET LOST!

Tyson Freitas ()

@TheNotoriousMMA you had two belts with a combined ring time of 0:00 as champion. you fought lightweights at WW. you lost to khabib, the greatest 155. you are comparing yourself to people who have more consecutive title defenses than you have wins in the ufc. you are in no ones goat conversation

Calum Paul Hodgson ()

So @DPJHodges has lost his mind on TV which I’m sure will help the governments line of defence today

Cynthia Yanez ()

Ms. Lindsey has lost her spine. @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump

Jerome Raguso ()

@rollintyre So pretty RIP please don’t tell me It was the virus. I’m so tired of this I lost 12 members of family and friends

Andrew ()

And now he’s lost all credibility by sinking to personal attacks on a fellow journalists and putting words in their mouth - what an absolute chopper.

Downlands Geography ()

Year 9: linking back to our fast fashion study - a thought into how the current pandemic is affecting the clothing industry. 👔👚👖👟

Spike ()

@JackPosobiec Her marbles were lost the day she went with the butch cut. She was rejected by a man and she has been angry ever since.

Han ()

And then proceeded to tell me how Sarah lost her phone so she might be dead. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Scott McMurray ()

@ShinnyShinyKey He lost his argument when he started shouting and calling him Dom which makes me thinking theres too much familiarity there.

阿米尔 [metsuboujinrai.net] ()

Sasuke is a lost cause. Only vessel driven by revenge, dah settle revenge dia nak buat apa? Bercucuk tanam? Buat Grab? Jadi CEO GLC pintu belakang?

MThai ()

อัปเดต #เครื่องบินตก #Pakistan - 22 พ.ค.63 - เบื้องต้นพบร่างผู้เสียชีวิตแล้วราว 30 ราย - พบผู้รอดชีวิต 6 ราย เป็นชาย 4 หญิง 2 ราย โดยมีจำนวน 3 รายอาการหนัก - นักบินติดต่อฉุกเฉินกับหอบังคับการบิน May Day โดยระบุว่า We lost the engine ก่อนเครื่องตก

Rahul Gandhi ()

I’m sorry to hear about the air crash in Pakistan in which many lives have been lost. News of survivors is a ray of hope & I pray that there are many miraculous stories of survival tonight. My deepest condolences to the families of those who have perished.

Eric Trump ()

Sad to see all the revenue being lost by NY restaurants — just miles away, CT has reopened and NYers are literally flocking across state lines in droves to escape confinement at the detriment of their home state. Countless jobs & businesses being lost — its time to reopen NY.

Donald J. Trump ()

I will be lowering the flags on all Federal Buildings and National Monuments to half-staff over the next three days in memory of the Americans we have lost to the

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