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Updated: January 15th, 2022 10:39 PM IST

Really inspiration aside, which year isn’t? Man City just beat us for the first time this year😔 #mancitychelsea

#mancitychelsea Twitter

Good luck to the Villa make us proud tonight Proudly Friend of Aston Villa tonight #mancitychelsea #ManCity

Chelsea break my Hearth 😪 But Nigeria 🇳🇬 Don dey amend am thanks to Chukwuse goal 😂 Nigeria 🇳🇬 dey ball abeg 📍 #mancitychelsea #AFCON2021

MANCHESTER CITY v CHELSEA 1-0 | Thomas Tuchel post match press conference NOT true, I was not critical of the chances that we missed! 📽️ #MciChe #mancitychelsea

Pep clearly still struggling with after effects of Covid in the post match interview, seemed a little breathless at times and a bit of a cough going on #ManCity #mancitychelsea

#mancitychelsea #مانشستر_سيتي_تشيلسي السيتي و فوز على خصمه الوحيد بهدف دي بروين و ألي يساوي مئة هدف 💙

#mancitychelsea Foto,#mancitychelsea Twitter Tendenze : Top Tweets

Glory belongs to God🙏.Congrats to the boys @ was not our day,heads up onto the next one.#AllonGod #mancitychelsea 💙

#mancitychelsea Foto,#mancitychelsea Twitter Tendenze : Top Tweets

#ManCityChelsea-1-0 Отлично! В одну калитку, с огромным запасом прочности победил Сити. Челси в своём репертуаре: припарковали глухой автобус; матч снова показал, насколько Тухель переоценённый и средний тренер, а уж в сравнении с Гвардиолой он вообще будет на 2-3 головы ниже

Lomjitha we Chelsea is not a good lover bandla!! 🤣🤣 He will tweet the whole evening venting out his anger #mancitychelsea

Really inspiration aside, which year isn’t? Man City just beat us for the first time this year😔 #mancitychelsea

Respect to Pep Guardiola & what he has turned @ManCity to. They are dominating the league & by quite a distance. They are strolling to the title, yet again!🤦 #mancitychelsea

This Chelsea Game pain me Sha. Lukaku fucked us up again. Weldon @ngolokante #EPL #mancitychelsea

C’est beau de regarder Manchester city jouer on dirait ils sont plus nombreux que leurs adversaires tellement qu’ils occupent bien 🤩 le terrain 😍🤩 guardiola ça s’est pas que du tactique 😅 y’a autre chose #mancitychelsea #PremierLeague

Guardiola has turned premier league to farmers league😂😂😂😂😂 #ManCity #mancitychelsea

Congratulations 🎉 @ManCity for winning the @premierleague Its done and dusted already. #mancitychelsea #Manche

#ManCityChelsea: successo della squadra di #Guardiola e dominio in testa alla classifica

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