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Great 3 days in South Africa with @marc_coma and the all Hilux Team. A lot to learn, a lot to discover but feeling positive. @TOYOTA_GR.

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Domenica scorsa daniel p4 in italia. Ora in italia marc p1 e fabio p2. BOH RAGA NON RICORDAVO CHE MI PIACESSE COSÌ TANTO L’ITALIA.

Great 3 days in South Africa with @marc_coma and the all Hilux Team. A lot to learn, a lot to discover but feeling positive. @TOYOTA_GR.

@alo_oficial is a dirty man today, but luckily he is alive and fine. I think @marc_coma looks and feels dirtier, he even boasts a dirty smile too. We are having fun at the #Lichtenburg400, no formalities, everybody is chilled❤️.

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FIBA World Cup: NBA champ Marc Gasol on verge of rare title double #FIBAWC.


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Les juges rouges de la MACRONIE volent du secours de @RichardFerrand et condamne à tout va les opposition .. BALKANI - LEPEN -FILLON 🛑🛑📣📣😡😡😡😡.

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Why does young Marc Maron look like an angry Rick Moranis.

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Yamaha Dominasi FP2 MotoGP San Marino 2019: Valentino Rossi Takjub, Marc Marquez Berusaha Konsisten lewat @tribunpontianak.

הִנֵּ֚ה לֹ֣א יָ֖נוּם וְלֹ֣א יִישָׁ֑ן שׁ֜וֹמֵ֗ר יִשְׂרָאֵֽל תְּהִלִּים 121:4 Behold the Guardian of Israel will neither slumber nor sleep Psalms 121:4.

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@marc_mclovin What are we eating ?? Soy burgers or pulled pork or nothing burgers.

More Miraculous Ladybug rambling but I would ship Kim and Ondine (the mermaid girl) more if we actually SAW more of Ondine beyond the one episode she shows up in (Even Marc gets more screentime than this girl) That said Kim and Max is such blessed Jock/Nerd besties shipping.

@GuSTaVauMJRI Theres a pretty amazing story featuring his Kinda of playboy personalitie, Mister Knight, its called Scarlet Its a raid the base type of story where Marc makes his way trough a bulding full of thugs to save a little girl named Scarlet Look for it if you can, its pretty good.

@Powerschnute @Buchperlenblog Wenn man es gewohnt ist, dann ist es normal. Aber der Durchschnitt, der vielleicht 4 Bücher im Jahr liest (😉😉😉😂😂😂), kann so eine Quote nicht schaffen (ich übrigens auch nicht - vielleicht die Hälfte) 😬.

„...Joseph Haydn, der Marc-André ter Stegen der Wiener Klassik, schuf Werke, in denen die Kontraste der “.

Ontdekkingen in Marc Chagall-schilderijen Stedelijk Museum.

@AaronCA81 No me digas eso, que vaya tela la última falta que le han pitado a Marc.

@dondestestu Fallamos mucho,Lula,Marc ...gente que nunca lo nos ayudan a nos ó en españa al menos una prórroga más o igual una mandarina nos la da 😜.

Pues se confirma lo que se dejó caer desde Francia: Marc Coma será el navegante del Comandante Alonso en su aventura sobre la arena. No acaban de confirmar su participación en el pero todo pinta que acabará siendo así.

Si hubieran dado de 3 y no de 2 el triple de Marc como debería ser la prórroga no se tendría que estar jugando..

Grand Prix Misano MotoGP FP1 : Fabio Quartararo prend les commandes devant Marc Marquez - Media Service.

14 segundos para España empatar o ganar. Mills ha metido 2TL. Otra falta rigurosa a Marc.

„Diese Länderspielreise war ein harter Schlag für mich“.

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@noironyintended No creativity in midfield. No defence against Maddison, Ricardo et al. Marc Albrighton is going to look like David Beckham by the end of the weekend.

‘I’m a new Marc’: Revitalized Diakiese excited for Lando Vannata test at UFC Copenhagen.

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Warren says Americans want access and Sanders praises Canada? In Canada patients have to WAIT 20 WEEKS to see a specialist after getting a referral..

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