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⏱️ INEOS 1:59 Challenge | 📈 For context, @EliudKipchoge ran that first 10km in 28:20. That’s one second quicker than his 2017 sub two-hour marathon attempt in Monza. 5km - 14:10 10km - 28:20 (+14:10) 📺 Watch live:.

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Natori takes final ever pole for Dallara F317 in #EFOpen qualifying at Monza Quali 2 (Top 5) 1 Teppei Natori 🇯🇵 Carlin 1 2 Liam Lawson 🇳🇿 Motopark 1 3 Marino Sato 🇯🇵 Motopark 1 4 Christian Hahn 🇧🇷 Carlin 1 5 Jack Doohan 🇦🇺 Double R 1.

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The end of Charles’ front wing fell off with such force it ripped off Lewis’ mirror. Prior to that, they didn’t even issue him the black & orange flag. You’re right, “this let them race” rhetoric is very dangerous as seen in Monza..

@Hamfosi44 @NobleF1 First time in my life i saw a fine for an unsafe release in the race.(for Leclerc in Germany).Or a black and white flag for a serious offence racing offence. they forget this black and white flag at Monza?.😂😂😂😂😂.

…. ⏱ LAST RACE DAY of the season 2019 here at @Autodromo_Monza ! 🏁🖤 Let‘s go for it🤜🤛 @ Autodromo Nazionale di Monza.

🇮🇹 Good morning from Monza for the final qualifying session of the 2019 @GT_Open season. It’s the turn of Aston Martin Racing Academy Driver @OWilkoRacing to show what he can #VantageGT3 Tune in at local time:.

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#EFO #Monza Team mates @BillyMonger and @nicolai_kj jump up to p2 and p3 as the times drop quickly.

@egevefa Arabanin gelistirildigi ortada zaten ben monza sonucunun piste bagli oldugunu dusunmustum fakat oyle degilmis.

@Nir_Kahn It usually pops up in some of the highlight reels. It’s not a great angle, but worked well at Monza. Also, that camera is discontinued so I hope they have spares!.

@Loic_GG C’est un athlète il fait des courses il bat des records Comme Breaking 2 à Monza précédemment il a été conditionné pour faire cette expérience et performance. Il ne faut pas le voir comme un record classique et cesser de comparer c’est un exploit c’est tout.

Rasanya kali ni @EliudKipchoge dapat team pacer yg btol2 fluid tak macam dekat Monza. Run ni time nk starting Tu mmg mcm malas dan berat sgt tapi bila nak sampai FL tu. Perasaan dia x boleh nk ckp. First HM tau2 kluar air mata bila sampai kt 🏁. #NoHumanIsLimited.

@Cougie Not sure how many but seriously impressive project management .. They learnt a lot from the Monza event.

Monza, 2017. Kipchoge, Tadese y Desisa. El primero lo conocemos. El segundo 5 veces campeón de Medio Maratón. El último el actual campeón del mundo de Maratón. Cómo es tán fácil como algunos dicen, deberían de haberse logrado.

@Bottlaeric Le meilleur de tous les temps ! Je me rappelle de sa première tentative à Monza, c’était déjà ouf mais la ... 😱😱.

@ainurohman Motong hampir 46 detik dari rekor terakhirnya pas di Monza, mas 😱😱.

@nealmcquaid @EliudKipchoge Improvement from Monza to Vienna 45 seconds over 2 years. Have to take out for a sub-2 race. Big ask without pacemakers etc, but never say never, there were multiple sub-4 miles once Bannister broke the spell..

Me atrevería a decir que el tiene próxima su fecha de caducidad. Kipchoge dijo que lo que le dio confianza para ese récord fue haber hecho lo que hizo en Monza, ver que se puede. Lo que impresiona de hoy es su confianza, tenacidad y fortaleza mental..

So here’s where I am this weekend - the pitlane at Monza, just ahead of TCR Europe Qualifying.

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やばい。8000回転オーバーで回して安定してて9000回転くらいへミスって叩き込んでも壊れない。速い。 745HP Subaru Impreza EMBARRASS Porsches on Track! - OnBoard @ Monza + @YouTubeさんから.

@L_Lundqvist76 seals pole at Monza, coming out on top of a frantic slipstreaming battle. #EFOpen.

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@SteveCollyer3 Did you watch the Breaking2 challenge in Monza? It was also assisted, with all those fancy shoes from Nike. What followed? A world marathon record in Berlin Marathon with those same shoes. Brace yourself for another marathon record.

🏁 Q1 - driver 1 Darren P7 ⏱️ 1 lap 7/12 #GTOpen #Monza.

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@ballyhea14 Oh I know, I know - contrived conditions and all that. Remember the Monza attempt too. Still think if you subtract the packaging it’s still a superhuman feat.

⏱️ INEOS 1:59 Challenge | 📈 For context, @EliudKipchoge ran that first 10km in 28:20. That’s one second quicker than his 2017 sub two-hour marathon attempt in Monza. 5km - 14:10 10km - 28:20 (+14:10) 📺 Watch live:.

Monza, sospese due insegnanti dell’asilo accusate di maltrattamenti sui bambini.

Maltrattavano bimbi, interdette due maestre di una materna in provincia di #Monza #ANSA.

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