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“I have never seen such chaos. I’ve never seen a government that has treated parliament with such contempt. The Prime Minister is tearing up our constitution and ignoring votes every day of the week” – Margaret Beckett MP on #Ridge.

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Your PTYPE duration in the Mid-Atlantic of each of the Snow-Sleet-Ice onset periods is tied to the surge of the developing mid-level flow. You have a as yet un-developed southern ridge, not-departed upper level low, not-yet-departed lead Monday system. Timing will fluctuate..

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Driving to Ditney Ridge Baptist in Norris City, Illinois! Preaching both AM and PM. This morning: “One Flew over the Cuckoos’ Church”, Galatians 6: 9-18.

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Out west for our Wed/Thursday system we have the developing upper level low. Your southern stream energy still coming along. Our developing Mid-Level ridge for the east/south. Eventual Gulf taps as the ridge heads east and opens the return flow back up. Infant stages in all..

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Very interesting to talk to General Lord Dannatt about returning IS fighters & jihadi brides on #Ridge today.

Andy Burnham: I don’t believe that in order for some people to do well, other people have to sleep in doorways. - The need for safe affordable housing should be a human right in UK law. @AndyBurnhamGM #Ridge #Marr.

“I have never seen such chaos. I’ve never seen a government that has treated parliament with such contempt. The Prime Minister is tearing up our constitution and ignoring votes every day of the week” – Margaret Beckett MP on #Ridge.

@WeatherRdp Not so much in this case as the SE ridge of high pressure that you would normally see strengthen and bring mild air into Quebec actually remains weak and farther south..

From glorifying suicide & self harm, to facilitating access to drugs like Xanax or promoting unscientific anti-vaccination messages - social media is fuelling a public health crisis. As well ending NHS cuts, it’s time for tough decisive action. #Ridge.

@RidgeOnSunday @trussliz #Ridge I agree with Liz But cabinet - irrespective of whether male or female are not compliant They are complicit in the cheating, the lies, the electoral crimes, the fraud, the fantasy and the racist xenophobia of brexit All for self and power.

We are in the emergency zone of Brexit. CBI director @cbicarolyn tells #Ridge businesses are discussing job cuts over the possibility of a no-deal #Brexit. Follow live political updates and reactions here:.

Politicians are playing fast and loose with the peace process in Northern Ireland. Former prime minister Tony Blair tells #Ridge a no-deal #Brexit would be devastating for NI. He says no one could responsibly propose a no-deal Brexit:.

If May allows another referendum the question will be her deal or no deal and Blair knows it. #ridge.

Tony Blair on #Ridge showing how completely out of touch he is. Still spinning for the fantasy of the second referendum..

Tony Blair: You can have soft Brexit or hard Brexit but you have to decide. If you leave without clarity, you leave without closure. The argument goes on. To leave without knowing which it is - as the PM wants - would be an incredibly foolish thing for the country to do. #Ridge.

#ridge Mr war crime Blair on sky news this morning , please read below , you fool.

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Tony Blair should not even raise his ugly head in public, let alone thinking he still has a public role on the periphery of politics. We have already rejected staying, you war criminal. #Ridge.

What next for Tony Blair? Another media appearance? #Ridge.

Tony Blair talking about knowing where you r going before taking an action. This is the man who took us to war on a lie without any clue about what to do! #Ridge.

#ridge just called @trussliz as a star of social media,i must admit she has good comedic value but nothing else.

@SkyNews giving a war criminal a platform to talk shite again especially about Labour and all his little Blairites #Ridge.

Tony Blair on #Ridge: I thought Jeremy Corbyn’s letter was helpful in a sense. The underlying point in it is that you have to decide what type of Brexit you want before you leave. Watch live now:.

I listened to some excellent music yesterday afternoon, and produced (with an emergency update 15 minutes ago)... My blog: 48 days to go - do we want to be alone? #ridge #marr.

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Oh yes; Tony Blair. The man who was only too happy to play “fast and loose” with the Iraq war, based on lies and deceit from #warcriminal @campbellclaret. Not an ounce of self-awareness from the pair of them. #Ridge.

Impact? Affect. Impact is being used so often these it’s losing its impact. #ridge.

Interviewed Tony Blair today on a wide variety of issues including Brexit, anti-semitism and the Middle you can watch it on tomorrow’s @RidgeOnSunday 9am @SkyNews #Ridge.

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